Saturday, March 18, 2017

Early March

First half of March. I've been training at home plus couple of other sessions at a nearby crossfit affiliate, located just next to my workplace. I've done early morning sessions there, landing at the box at around 7:15. That's very early to me but I've managed that well. It takes some time to drive there so I'm fully awake anyway at that time. In the weekends I usually workout before noon, and the normal weekday sessions take place after work in the afternoon.


Saturday 4.3

Amrap 6 minutes. Result, 127 reps (7 rounds + 1 wall ball)

  • 12 wall ball shots
  • 6 hang power clean @ 50kg

Very intense start for the day. No rest, just grind.


  • Power snatch 5x5 @ 50kg
Took these with a dead stop at the floor.

Wod. Time, 12.09
  • 8 rounds of:
  • 10 push press @ 40kg
  • 200m row
This was also very intense. Kept the rowing with good pace, and once finished pulling I moved directly to the barbell, and pumped it up and down for 10 reps.

Sunday 5.3

Benchmark workout Gator. Time, 14.09. Compare to 27.1.2015

  • 8 round of:
  • 5 front squat @ 85kg
  • 26 push-ups
Was supposed to do this rx'd, i.e. with ring push-ups. However, I only had a short time window here so there was no warm-up, just hop on and start moving. Thats why I went with regular push-ups. This went pretty well. Squats unbroken, and on the push-ups I planned my breaks from the very first round, and got them executed quite efficiently.

Monday 6.3


  • Overhead squat, build up to a heavy single (50, 60, 70, 80kg)
  • Overhead squat 4x10 reps @ 60kg
Went to the crossfit box I've visited couple of times lately, and went to work on this weakness called overhead squat. It's getting a lot better though. First build up, then build some volume on this element.


  • 4 sets of:
  • 2 rope climbs
  • 2 power cleans @ 80kg
  • 10 burpee box jump overs
  • Rest as needed between sets
Heavy breathing to say the least. Perfect combination for this type of intervals.


  • 4 sets of:
  • 20 ghd sit-ups
  • Work:Rest ratio 1:1 (45 seconds)
Some accessory core work in the end. Last sets burned nicely.

Tuesday 7.3


  • Touch'n'go squat clean 5x5 @ 80kg
Haven't done much tng cleans at home but today I focused on those. It's kind of like a negative rep as I bring the barbell down every time. That's because I can't smash the weights all around. Doing 5 reps feels thus like 6-7 reps.

  • 4 rounds of:
  • 12 pull-ups
  • 12 kettlebell swings @ 32kg
  • 12 wall ball shots

My core was so smashed due to those ghd sit-ups yesterday that I literally couldn't do pull-ups. Sick but that's true. It hurt so much on my abdominals.

Wednesday 8.3


  • Overhead squat singles, with 10sec pause in the bottom position
  • 40, 50, 50, 60, 60, 60, 60, 60, 60kg
More ohs to improve mobility and overhead strength / stability

Lower body smash.

  • 2 rounds of:
  • 20 back squat @ 40kg + 20 air squat
  • 15 front squat @ 40kg + 20 air squat
  • 10 overhead squat @ 40kg + 20 air squat
My legs were killing me at the end of this shit. Looks easy on paper but it sure wasn't. All squats. Weighted barbell squats were completed unbroken, then right after racking the barbell I continued with bodyweight squats. After each set of air squats I took a breathing moment and shook my legs before continuing. Didn't have a timer running on this one.

Thursday 9.3


  • Clean and jerk singles (60, 70, 80, 85, 90, 95kg)
Had the possibility to drop weights at the Box so I went heavy on the jerks. Heaviest overhead weight I've done in ages.


  • Clean singles 95, 100, 105, 110kg
  • Squat clean singles 3x3 @ 100kg

Why not build up to a heavy clean as well. I'm very happy on this weight. I have no problem standing up whatever weights I clean. It's more about do I dare to drop under the barbell when pulling it.


  • Every minute on the minute x 10 minutes
  • 3 squat cleans @ 90kg
Clean all day.

  • Every minute on the minute x 10 minutes
  • Odd min, 10 handstand push-ups
  • Even min, 15 box jumps
Got both done unbroken. Hspu's started to get challenging towards the end.

Friday 10.3

  • 6 sets of:
  • 1 push press + 2 push jerk
  • Barbell @ 80kg
Pretty nice to throw around 80kg barbell like this.

  • 5 rounds of:
  • 7 handstand push-ups
  • 14 goblet squat @ 24kg
  • 21 sandbag squats
My back got smashed yesterday so this was not the easiest of workouts I've done in my life. Hspu's were alright but squats started to burn my back tremendously. Had to take this one easily.

  • 50 ring dips
Went 5x10 in the end to strengthen my upper body.

Saturday 11.3

  • Snatch singles, 10 reps @ 60kg
This was some sort of victory for me to pull this "heavy" from ground. I know this weight is ridiculous for most people but snatch has always been a difficult movement for me. Feels like the restrictions in mobility do make this more challenging. It's encouraging though that it's getting better.

Workout. Result, 5rds + 1 clean
  • Run up and down the street
  • 5 power clean @ 70kg
  • 10 pull-ups
Great workout. This just ripped my right palm on the pull-ups.

Sunday 12.3

Barbell cycling.
  • Thrusters, 3x10 reps @ 65kg
Nice! Thrusters are the king, every time.

  • Every 2:00, for 12 minutes (6 sets)
  • Front squat triples @ 110kg
Got these done with good attitude.

  • Row 600-400-200m
  • Toes-to-bar's 20-15-10 reps
  • Push jerk 16-12-8 @ 50kg
This was intense stuff. I pushed myself on every station. Jerks were unbroken. Not quite sure how the tb2's were, I might have dropped from the pull-up bar on some occasions.

Monday 13.3

Complex. Result, 85kg
  • 2 power clean
  • 2 front squat
  • 2 jerk
  • Start at @ 40kg, add 5kg per set, build up to a heavy set
I've done this complex couple of times in my life. Works every time very well. Video shows the last set @ 85kg.

  • Touch'n'go squat clean
  • 5x3 @ 90kg
Last time I did 90kg squat cleans as emom. This time it was touch'n'go style sets. Felt smooth on these every set.

Workout. Result, 8.13
  • 3 rounds of:
  • 5 rope climbs
  • 20 box jumps
Quite a combo. First time putting these pals together. It was good. Heavy breathing. Upper and lower body were both exhausted after this.

Evening workout.
  • Dumbbell work, curls and presses
  • Light back squats
  • Weighted pistol squats with dumbbells
Wife wanted some company so I went training with her outdoors. Some stuff that usually gets neglected somewhat. Weighted pistols were exotic.

Tuesday 14.3

  • 5 sets of:
  • 5 power clean @ 60kg
  • 5 front squat @ 60kg
  • 5 push jerk @ 60kg
  • 10 burpee
Holy lungs. Below you'll see one round. It was about one minute per set. Recovery period was not determined but I'd say it was probably one set per every 4 minutes. Entire body was on fire after these sets. Lungs, legs, shoulders. Efficient.

  • Deadlift (3x60, 110, 130, 150, 170kg, 2x180kg)
Decided to go after these in the spur of the moment. It was to see that the barbell still comes up from the floor quite well. There was a dead stop at the floor between each rep. That was a game changer compared to going touch'n'go. This boosted my confidence further.

  • Handstand push-ups 3x15 reps
Quick sets to get some skills done too. First set might have been 16 reps but anyway.

Wednesday 15.3

Amrap 30 minutes. Result, 5 rounds (finished at 31min)
  • Run up and down the street with sandbag
  • Run up and down the street
  • 20 shoulder-to-overhead @ 40kg
There's some incline on the road which makes the first leg of the trip a notch easier but coming back home feels heavier when running upwards. I had a sandbag on my back on the first run, then dropped the bag and went the same route again with just bodyweight. On the first round I did the s2o's as push jerks, then remaining rounds were all push presses.

Thursday 16.3

Workout. Time, 18.28
  • 3 rounds of:
  • Run around the block (incline run)
  • 20 ring dips
  • 20 toes-to-bar
The weather has been beautiful as the sun is shining, and spring is obviously coming. Had to go running second day in a row. Went a little longer run this time, then quite a good number of reps on these bodyweight movements. I did as big sets on both movements, they were quite identical.

Saturday 18.3

  • Every 2:00, for 12 minutes
  • 1 power clean
  • 2 hang squat clean
  • 2 push jerk
  • 6min @ 75kg, 6min @ 80kg
First 3 sets @ 75kg, the latter 3 sets @ 80kg. No problemo, went smoothly. Clock was running, one set every 2 minutes. Jerks are the most challenging piece on every set.

  • 15 rope climbs
I got my rope adjusted on the nearby tree which makes the height of the climb somewhere around 5 meters. That's more than at the Box I've been training occasionally lately. Damn these got to me. I did 3-3-3 in the beginning, then a double, and singles to finish with 15 reps in total. My biceps were pumped after everything was said and done.

Friday, March 3, 2017

End of February

End of February. Lots of crossfit has taken place again

Friday 18.2

1. Oly
  • Hang squat clean triples
  • 7 sets @ 80kg
Felt super good on these. Took me about 10 minutes to finish them so there wasn't much time to recover.

2. Workout. Result, 221 reps (6 rounds + 5 wall ball)
  • Amrap 12 min
  • 15 wall ball
  • 12 lunges with sandbag
  • 9 hang power snatch @ 30kg
Huh, this turned out to be cruel stuff. I'm happy that I was able to move pretty smoothly throughout the workout. Unbroken each movement. Legs were burning a lot towards the end. Breathing was heavy quite soon after starting it.

Saturday 19.2

1. Workout
  • Amrap 30
  • 10 handstand push-ups
  • 15 goblet squat @ 32kg kettlebell
  • 20 box jump overs (don't touch the box)
  • 25 cal row
I took this with slower pace. Only focus was to do the movements controlled, unbroken and with dedication. Those box jump overs are tough. I have a Rogue bench over which I jump without ever touching the bench. Rowing was somewhere around 1.55/500m pace. Goblet squats burned legs pretty good with that kettlebell

Sunday 20.2

1. Overhead
  • Overhead squat with pause, singles (40, 50, 60, 65, 70, 73kg)
I've been longing for these guys. Took singles with a pause. All the way up to 73kg. That wasn't the max effort but I was satisfied with having this come up nicely. I don't dare to drop the weight so I'm building confidence on this movement so that there's no chance of missing the lift on my way down. Having a more narrow grip has helped a lot on this movement.

2. Oly
  • Power clean doubles (60, 70, 80, 85, 90kg)
My one rep max power clean is a notch over 100kg so these were rather heavy in the end. Came up good anyway.

3. Workout
  • 7 rounds of
  • 4 power clean @ 80kg
  • 25 sit-ups
  • 15 push press @ 2x15kg dumbbells
This was a good day as I had a chance to put three pieces together in one training session. This is a rarity nowadays with a little kiddo in the house :) Power cleans were definitely the thing in this workout. I can't drop the barbell at any time so I have to lower it carefully. That makes every single rep tougher. There's that negative movement included in each rep.

Thursday 23.3

1. Every minute on the minute x 12 min
  • Squat clean singles
  • 1-4min @ 90kg
  • 5-8min @ 95kg
  • 9-12min @ 100kg
2. Every minute on the minute x 12 min
  • Front squat singles
  • 1-4min @ 110kg
  • 5-8min @ 115kg
  • 9-12min @ 120kg
3. Workout. Result, 216 reps (7 rounds + 1 wall ball)
  • Amrap 20 min
  • 5 clean and jerk @ 60kg
  • 15 wall ball shots
  • 10 toes-to-bar
We were in Tallinn, Estonia for three days on a business trip, and focused on quality time with family in the evenings. No chance of hitting workouts during that stay. Started my days early and there was program for every evening after work. Once we came back I had lots of energy to put on training. Okay, first two parts took the most out of me even though they weren't that brutal. But the 20min amrap was a man-killer. Especially those clean and jerks. Same thing here, I had to lower every rep carefully.

Friday 24.2

1. Every minute on the minute x 10 min

  • 3 push press @ 70kg

Haven't done much overhead lately because my right elbow was inflammated for some time. I have been healing that lately. Today it felt great so I went for push press strength.

2. CF Open 17.1 (kind of). Time, 17.20

  • 10 dumbbell snatch @ 25kg
  • 15 burpee box jump overs
  • 20 dumbbell snatch @ 25kg
  • 15 burpee box jump overs
  • 30 dumbbell snatch @ 25kg
  • 15 burpee box jump overs
  • 40 dumbbell snatch @ 25kg
  • 15 burpee box jump overs
  • 50 dumbbell snatch @ 25kg
  • 15 burpee box jump overs
Couple of things. The rx'd db weight was 50 lbs / 22.5kg. My dumbbells are 15kg and 25kg so naturally I went with the bigger one in this case. Secondly, I don't have an rx'd box so I had to be creative. I do have a Rogue bench which is lower than 60cm, don't know exactly the height. That would be too easy so I jumped over the bench with one jump without touching the bench at all.

For me, this feels heavier and slower than a regular burpee box. There is no chance to get that same smooth rhythm you get with a wooden box. Just bouncing back and forth. Here, the pace stops every time as the jump goes further away from the starting point.

This was a nasty mofo if you ask me. Burpee box jumps were paced from the very beginning, and I didn't stop at any time during those. You could call them unbroken in this sense. Snatches were ub on the round of 10 and 20 reps. On 30's it was 18-12. On 40's it was 18-12-10, and last round was 16-14- 12-8 reps.

Saturday 25.2

1. Overhead squats

  • Build up to a heavy 5-rep set (40, 50, 60, 65, 68, 70, 72kg)
This felt awesome. Must be one of the heaviest sets I have been able to overhead squat in my life. Narrower grip is the real deal. You'll see a video down there. I'll continue to work on this movement to teach my body.

2. Workout, not for time, 5 sets of:
  • 15 overhead squats @ 40kg
  • 15 pull-ups
Accessory stuff on ohs and pull-ups. Upper body felt this one for sure. Unbroken was the goal, got that. Didn't have a clock running, that was not the point on this one.

Sunday 26.2

1. Power snatch triples (40, 50, 55, 55, 55kg)

Antti came by to train with me. First some snatch technique, and then finished with something that turned out pretty ugly after all. Thought first that this is gonna be a nice Sunday walk but somewhere mid-workout the nature turned. Hspu's I had to cut after 4 rounds. The combination of jerks / hspu's, and squats / lunges combined together was rough.

2. Emom x 28 minutes

  • 1st min: 8 shoulder-to-overhead @ 60kg
  • 2nd min: 8 handstand push-ups
  • 3rd min: 8 front squat @ 60kg
  • 4th min: 24 jumping lunges

Monday 27.2

1. Wod
  • 5 rounds of:
  • 3 rope climb
  • 14 overhead walking lunges @ 2x12kg kettlebells
  • 15 ghd sit-ups
Two sessions. First one in the morning at StadiCrossfit which is located right next to my workplace. When I go there, I usually utilize things that are not possible to do at home. Or something that is easier to do in this place. Rope climb is a given. Don't have a box so that might be in the game too. Heavy barbell work is also common as you can drop the weights to the ground. Can't do that at home. Ghd's are great too.

2. Amrap 15min. Result, 6 rounds
  • 300m row
  • 20 sandbag, groud-to-overhead
In the evening I got a chance to hit another session. It started with zero warm-up, just sat down and started rowing. Sandbag is self-made, for 25kg weight. There are no handles so had to do lots of gripping with fingers only. After the workout I couldn't straighten them for a while. Great wod.

3. Accessory
  • 4x15sec static hold every minute
I have parallettes at home but they have been laying in the storage for quite a long time unused. They were brutal. Much more brutal than how I remembered them. Morning's ghd sit-ups may have had an effect on these. I felt shaky from the very get-go

4. Tabata
  • Box step-ups
  • Shoulder press @ 2x7.5kg dumbbells
  • Bicep curl @ 7.5kg dumbbell
After I finished, Pauliina suggested we'd do some Tabata training together. It's not difficult to get me join a workout. It was created on the fly. Carried out indoors. Box step-ups, presses and bicep curls :) Nice finisher.

Tuesday 28.2

1. Workout, 5 rounds not for time of:
  • 3 back squat @ 130kg
  • 24 core twists, side-to-side @ 32kg kettlebell
Heavier squats and some work with kettlebell. Entire family was working outdoors. I can see our little girl is paying attention to what the parents are doing.

Thursday 2.3

1. Oly

  • Overhead squat singles (50, 60, 70, 75, 80, 85kg)
I'm very happy on these weights! Worked early morning at StadiCrossfit. That's why I dared to go heavy on these. As I can drop the bar if necessary. Working on this movement has paid off.

2. Emom x 10 minutes
  • Power clean and push jerk singles @ 85kg
Another barbell movement stuff. Liked it a lot.

3. Amrap 5 min. Result, 5 rounds
  • 2 rope climb
  • 2 clean and jerk @ 70kg
I've combined rope climbs and clean & jerks once before at this place. It was a blast so today it was a bit of a different type of workout. Double on both elements. Really burned the entire body.

4. Workout, 5 rounds not for time of:
  • 10 burpee box jumps
  • 10 goblet squats @ 28kg kettlebell
I just wanted to try those burpee box jumps because of that CF Open 17.1 where you had those mixed with dumbbell snatches. At home I jumped right over the bench. Those felt much tougher than these regular burpee box jumps. Felt smooth on these and found a rhythm to make them touch'n'go and bouncing back and forth.

Friday 3.3

1. Emom x 12 min

  • Odd min, 8/10 handstand push-ups
  • Even min, 14 pistol squats
This session took me 50 minutes. That means to say it was fast and intensive. 3x12 minute workouts. Started with 2min warm-up, then threw myself against the wall upside down. That's why I started with 8 reps and added it to 10 reps after two rounds. Remaining 4 rounds were 10 hspu's.

2. Every 90 seconds, for 12 min (8 sets)

  • 1 push jerk + 2 split jerk @ 75kg
Haven't done split jerks in ages. This piece's goal was to get back in the groove with those.

3. Amrap 12 min
  • 50 ft walking lunges @ 2x25kg dumbbells
  • 16 toes-to-bar
  • 8 power clean @ 2x25kg dumbbells
  • 50 ft walking lunges @ 2x25kg dumbbells
  • 16 toes-to-bar
  • 8 power clean @ 2x25kg dumbbells
  • 50 ft walking lunges @ 2x25kg dumbbells
  • 16 pull-ups
  • 8 power clean @ 2x25kg dumbbells
  • 50 ft walking lunges @ 2x25kg dumbbells
  • 16 pull-ups
  • 8 power clean @ 2x25kg dumbbells

This was a modification of the CF Open 17.2 which was released last night. It's not possible to do bar muscle-ups at home as my head would smash the roof. I changed them to regular pull-ups. And my dumbbells are a bit heavier than they should be.