Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday 31.7: clean & row

Tuesday. Two workouts for today. Morning consists of strength and wod. The afternoon exercise concentrates in rowing.

Strength: clean 5x5. Rest 5 min.
Wod: 5 clean + 20 burpee + 10 DU. 3 rounds. Time 7.58
Interval rowing, 4 x 500-750m

Morning training is over. So am I... The first part consisted of strength training. Some of the crossfit movements are a bit strange for me so I'm still learning. Especially weight lifting moves like cleans and snatches. I took off with merely the bar (20kg). 5 reps, 1-2 min rest, then add some kilos, repeated 5 times. The sets were 20 - 30 - 40 - 50 - 60kg. My technic is clearly evolving, still there is some job left to be done. With leighter weights, I can keep the package tigth and solid but in 60 kilos I can see that it comes a struggle and my technic kind of collapses. Then it's purely a matter of state of mind, you decide you are stronger than the bar and you can move it to the right position. So I won the bar this time. This is not my max, I know that but I need some more practice on the move.

Okay, after 5 min rest I took a metcon, created by myself. Three rounds consisting of 5 cleans (40kg), 20 burpees and 10 double unders. Cleans were not bad, I could have upped it to 50kg. However, the burpees and DU combination was brutal. My heart was racing as maniac. I could push through the burpees, not unbroken but almost. I can do those jump ropes in a double under - single under - double under - single under... - style. Now as my pulse was very fast, concentration faded a bit which caused me to perform something like 16 double under attempts to gain 10 reps. That means I used a lot of energy to a double unders which were not counted as reps, this is something I could have saved a lot of time in.

Afternoon metcon was all about rowing my ass off. It shortened the distance and hastened the speed. I made it pyramid style. First set was 500m second one 750, third one 750 and the last one 500m. I also did 5 x 10 toes-to-bar.

1. 500m, 1.50 min
2. 750m, 2.38 min (1.45 min / 500m)
3. 750m, 2.30 min (1.40 min / 500m)
4. 500m, 1.40 min

The first set was warming up, then I started to put more effort to the pulls. I tried a different style than normally. Usually I row so that my pull is rather quick and the return to starting position takes almost the same time. This leads to exhaustion in time. This time I put more effort on the pull, it was stronger and quicker and the return part took about twice the time compared to the pull. I read some elite crossfitters do it like this. No wonder, my results were faster than what I'm used to. I usually aim for speed somewhere around 1.50 min / 500 meters. This time my time was 1.40 - 1.45 min / 500 meters in the last three rounds. That difference is huge! I will concentrate in focusing more power to pulling and letting my body to recover for a second or two before the next fierce pull.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday 30.7: 400m + 50 squats

Monday. 400m run, 50 squats. 4 rounds. Time 11.00.

Can I be happy for the time? I don't know. If I check the archives of the crossfit community, I suppose it was a job well done. However, my big brother did it for 10.14 so I should definitely be able to beat his time :) I had two friends to complete the workout as well, the other one timed 11.58, the other one 13.35. Both fought it through nicely.

My warm-up wasn't good enough, I should have done more effort to get the muscles prepared for the workout. Same applies to what happened after the workout. My thighs are sore already now. This was a good reminder why it is extremely important to pay attention to muscle recovery throughout every training session. Let's hope the evening stretching helps them prepare for tomorrow.

I felt fast in the first round, I checked the time, which confirmed the feeling, 1.18min. I didn't have a wrist watch so I couldn't keep up how fast I'm running or squatting. That would have been awesome. I have understood that you get better results by doing a solid performance through the wod, not by putting everything you got in the beginning. When you put too much effort in the beginning, the load of the latter half grows tremendously. I suppose that's what happened. Hard to say as I couldn't follow the time simultaneously but it's quite obvious.

I know I can get the digits down by taking the run slightly more patiently and by performing squats unbroken. Now I did those like 25+25. In the last two rounds I recall doing them 20+15+15. Even though I didn't rest - just shook both legs once or twice to prevent them cramping - there is definitely time I can take away. Now as I think of it, the run was surprisingly pleasant so I should keep up the pace, about 1.30 per round and do the squats unbroken in one minute. That's the goal next time.

After the workout, I practised something you could call a discomfort zone: handstand push-up (HSPU) and handstand. For some reason it's very fascinating to do them but for some unknown reason I haven't done them. Somehow I've been a bit scared to have the world upside down :) After practising today, it felt awesome! I'll have to take them in to the skills training regularly. I also did some double unders to remind my body how it's done. Muscle-ups seem to be far away from being realism. I've done some "jumping muscle-ups" to get the movements right in the end of it, I mean the wrist position and the dip by having a bar grip. Better than nothing but I really must get some assistance from someone who can do it to get it really going.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Mikko Salo documentary

Mikko Salo documentary
Documentary of the 2009 crossfit games champion Mikko Salo. This guy knows how to practice hard and what it demands to be "the fittest of the earth". Great way to spend a sunday afternoon: just relax and watch him do his best. Enjoy!

Sunday 29.7: Rest day

Sunday. Chilling out, eating well, letting my body recover from the week's bruises. Yesterday I was thinking about taking some tabata - style workout today for the midcore: abs and back muscles, possibly some squats. Let's see what the body craves for. At least I can't forget to do some stretching tonight.

Next week's training is going to be something like this. Monday and wednesday include running, Tuesday, friday and saturday strength + wod. Thursday probably easier day with recovery in mind. Sunday maybe skills training. I feel pretty relaxed at the moment so I'm looking forward to the upcoming training week!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday 28.7: 8 x 400m

Saturday. 8 x 400m, 90 sec rest between rounds. Time 21.52.

Wake up at 9.00, eat breakfast and hit the track. I took proper warm-up in 20 minutes. The idea is to run 400 meters, then rest for exactly 90 seconds. Repeat this 8 times (of course not the last 90 sec rest). Count the total time. Mine was 21.52. My math says I ran one lap in about 1min 25 sec on average. I'm satisfied with this. It was awkward that my results were getting faster in the last rounds.

Once again, it was a mental game. In the third round it felt it would never end. The first 4 rounds, my respiration was quite fast and had some difficulties due to that. After midway, the muscles started to burn as well. Last 4 laps, my thighs were in pain already after 150 meters. Damned, it was close I gave up after six laps. Somehow, I got an energy boost and my two last rounds were the fastest :) I felt divine after reaching the finishing line.

Tomorrow I'm going to have a rest day. I've been training quite hard this week.
Monday 800m run + push ups + boxes.
Tuesday two sets. First strength: squats. Metcon: L-pull-ups, burpees, KB. Second set: row interval.
Wednesday Bear complex and wod: deadlift+toes-to-bar.
Thursday. Rest day.
Friday. Fight gone bad. Strength: weighted pull-ups
Saturday. 8 x 400m

Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday 27.7: Fight Gone Bad

Friday. Fight Gone Bad. 3 rounds, 1 min rest between rounds. 10 min rest, 5x5 weighted pull-ups.

First round
  • Push press 35
  • Box jumps 40 
  • Wall ball 30 
  • Row 17
  • Sumo deadlift high pull 20
  • Total 142

Second round 
  • Push press 30
  • Box jumps 30 
  • Wall ball 17
  • Row 13
  • Sumo deadlift high pull 15
  • Total 105

Third round 
  • Push press 20
  • Box jumps 30 
  • Wall ball 20
  • Row 16
  • Sumo deadlift high pull 13
  • Total 99

Total of 346 points. This was the first time I hit this wod. It was exhausting, no surprise there. My shoulders were on fire. Man they were feeling tired As you can see from the three different rounds, the total points were going down through the rounds. One minute seems like an eternity when you do the exercise but when you have your one minute off, it feels like ten seconds. Rowing was somehow the station that was not so highly influenced by fatigue even though I thought it would be. Shoulders were burning after one round which affected the results in the following two rounds.

After 10 min rest I engaged the strength training with weighted pull-ups, 5 x 5. Starting from 5kg, going up 10kg, 12.5kg, 15kg, 10kg. Felt good, also first time putting extra weight in pull-ups. I can see the development since starting doing pull-ups in spring time. That time I could make about 7-8 reps and that was pretty much it. Rep after rep muscles have gained enough strength to enable these exercises.

In the end I practiced double unders, I'm now getting to understand how to make those. I can do a DU - normal jump - DU - normal etc. I did also some toes-to-bars, 3 x 10. Stretching in the evening

Week 30

This week's training I have to post afterwards as it's already Thursday. I was resting the entire previous week due to some irregular beating of my heart. I didn't do any workouts Monday through Saturday. On Sunday I was at the gym doing some squats, deadlifts and push presses.

Monday. 800m run, 40 push-ups, 20 box jumps. 5 rounds. Time 26.20. Practising muscle-ups. Tabata hollow hold. Stretching in the evening.

I had two friends with me to run along. I had some doubts about running due to last week's problems so I kind of held back during the workout. However, afterwards it felt good and I had those bad thoughts in vain.

Tuesday, first workout. 5x5 back squats. Max 100kg. 5 min rest. WOD: 5 L-pull-ups, 20 burpee, 25 KB swing (16kg). 4 rounds. Time 10.36. Stretching in the evening.

Felt good. Still taking it easier than normally with the squats. Starting to feel pretty good though. I experimented this type of training from Mikko Salo's training programme: first weight lifting, then rest, then wod. I liked it and probably going to continue like this. This wod caused heavy breathing due to burpees. Kettlebell was too light I think. I have already ordered 20kg KB at my own expense. This 16kg was the heaviest at the gym.

Tuesday, second workout. Row 4 x 750m, 2 min rest between sets. Time 16.48. Practising double unders.

The first training session took place 10.00 in the morning so this afternoon workout was planned to be easier. My girlfriend went to the gym so I immediately tagged along. Rowing started nicely in every four sets. The last 250 meters were slower as fatigue struck. I'm going to increase the amount of rowing in the near future.

Wednesday. Bear complex. 5 rounds 20+25+30+35+20. 5 min rest. WOD: 5 Deadlift (80kg), 5 toes-to-bar. 5 rounds. Time 3.43. Stretching in the evening.

The first time ever to try out bear complex. Pretty tough I would say. Sound easy when you think about the weights I carried. However, for me they were enough, this time... Next time I'll raise. After short break I took on the deadlift and Toes-to-bar combination to strengthen the middle body. Nice combo, deadlift could have been maybe 90kg but due to the nature of the workout maybe it was better to be that 80kg. They were both movements where grip is essential which caused it slightly painful in the palms towards the end.

Thursday. Rest day.

Stretching in the evening. I feel like hitting the gym but I must think this rationally. I'm going to stretch today and take another workout tomorrow.

Starting up

This blog is going to concentrate in crossfit. I'm playing floorball during winter time so some of the posts are going to include other sporting as well. I've played floorball as a goal keeper for about ten years now, of which the last three in the national floorball league Salibandyliiga. Thus, it has pretty much taken all my spare time so I have concentrated all my time in sports to that specific type of sport. The next season I'll be playing in second division team which allows me to put more time and effort in Crossfit.

My brother has been persuading me to participate for over a year and finally he got his mind through. I started CF in April or May and I lost my heart to it immediately. The blog's purpose is to publish my workouts and bring up my ideas of training, this way I can also see the results of hard work my self too. When I'm working against the clock I'll post the time as well for you guys to see them. I'm trying to keep it as transparent as it can be.

For those who are not too familiar with the sport I suggest to visit www.crossfit.com to see what's going on. The workouts are usually quite short in time, 20 minutes or less and can consist of pretty much anything you can imagine. That is also the reason why motivation is easy to keep up. The one who wins the worldwide championship games - CrossFit Games - will be titled as "The Fittest of the Earth". Period.