Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tuesday 22.7: Row, Snatch, Hspu, T2b and Burpees

Tuesday. Metcon, 7 rds of: 250m row, 3 hang power snatch (40kg), 6 hspu, 9 t2b, 12 burpees. Time 24.17.

Today's session was difficult to come up with. My right calf is somehow sore still from cramping on Sunday. Yesterday was all about presses and pull-ups in different variations and weights. Today's workout was supposed to be a little easier at least considering the pace on which I was thinking about moving ahead.

Metcon. Time 24.17
  • 7 rounds of:
  • 250m row
  • 3 hang power snatch, 40kg
  • 6 handstand push-ups
  • 9 toes-to-bar
  • 12 burpees
I thought about just putting the clock running but not concentrate it at all, just forget about it and work with these movements with your own pace. You know, just do the work with 70% effort. Well, I started working, did the movements as written and at some point I realized it was indeed a metcon and my heart rate was through the roof at times. Especially after those burpees. Kept a pretty steady pace throughout these rounds, at around 3:30 plus/minus something.

The goal was to keep moving for the entire long workout. Not gas out at any point. Everything went unbroken. That was no surprise to me as the reps were moderate for each station. It doesn't mean it didn't hurt at times. I'm feeling good that snatches felt light, hspu's went touch'n'go style almost every rep, and t2b's were the easiest for me.

Burpees sucked in this workout. As they should too! That's what they are created for =) I have a love / hate relationship with burpees. Probably quite the ordinary story among crossfitters. Such a beautifully simple movement and still, it takes you to dark places when having a high-rep burpee-workout. I battled them through unbroken, paced it though the end a little slower but still managed to keep my body moving constantly.

This workout was somehow great in its own nature. All movements were thought out so that I can move through them without stopping at any point. My focus was not to get the best possible score in the beginning but it changed somewhat during the process of this 24min workout. Originally I thought about possibly taking breaks and then continue but once I started the workout I did it in a regular style and tried to keep up with my round times the further the workout continued.

It was a bit difficult though to move through this workout as my right calf was hard as a rock. It cramped again as I came down from the wall on hspu's on the first round. Then it was tough all the way. I had to do burpees with one leg for couple of rounds as it was a little too sensitive for the jolt with the ground. Got to stretch it out for proper recovery.

The Games start tomorrow for individuals but Masters have already begun. Go and check the live stream at Games.crossfit.com for further information. Now it begins guys, are you ready?!!!!!!!!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday 21.7: Mainsite workout of presses and pull-ups

Monday. Mainsite workout from yesterday. Max reps of shoulder presses in a descending weight ladder and pull-up variations.

Better leave this lower body chill out for a while, my right calf went to cramp during yesterday's workout in the last two rounds and has not recovered since so it's been a limbing day =) Anyway, that's not an excuse to skip the gym so I went there and reckoned the main site's workout from yesterday would turn out perfect for me. And it certainly did. Got to mention that Pauliina continued her burpee project and smashed couple of tens them again. I'm extremely proud of her!

Workout. Total of 54 shoulder presses and 57 different pull-ups
  • Max reps shoulder press, 60kg (result 6 reps)
  • Max reps L-pull-up (result 10 reps)
  • Max reps shoulder press, 50kg (result 10 reps)
  • Max reps strict pull-up (result 12 reps)
  • Max reps shoulder press, 40kg (result 16 reps)
  • Max reps chest-to-bar pull-up (result 15 reps)
  • Max reps shoulder press, 30kg (result 22 reps)
  • Max reps pull-up (result 20 reps)
The weights were described as in pounds, I wasn't so precise them. They should have been 135, 115, 95 and 65lbs. I rounded them up to the nearest ten kilos. Started at 60kg and dropped 10kg after each set. On the pull-ups the style changed every round, starting from L-pull-ups coming down to regular pull-ups.

This looked easier on paper than the feeling in my body was during and after the workout. It was not a timed workout. The main point was to put max effort to the table and see how many reps you can nail in every press / pull-up set. My shoulders and arms in general were burning like crazy, already in the 50kg presses. My entire body was shaking, legs included, when I pressed the bar up for max reps. It was a sick feeling to have it as whole-body feeling even though this was targeted to upper body mostly. I guess I gave it my all in this condition as my body was shivering all the way.

L-pull-ups are something I rarely do. To be honest I've done them just couple of times in my life so I didn't know what to expect from them. In my opinion they went pretty well. Got two-digit numbers and that satisfied my hunger. On strict pull-ups I was looking to get somewhere around 15 reps but my strength started bailing me after couple of reps and I couldn't find a good rhythm. Those presses prior to this one definitely had its' effect. Then on the other hand C2B's went very well. Having done them clearly shows in this number (15 reps). At this point my upper body was numb and I still got 15 reps done so I'm happy. Last set of regular pull-ups was not cool either because shoulders and arms had taken so much hit.

It was a very good strength type of workout. As this one was not a timed workout, I took my rest times between attempts and heart rate was high only occasionally but for a very short period of time. These mainsite workouts seem to always kick ass!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday 20.7: Clean emom, 20min amrap

Sunday. Strength, every 30 seconds, perform 1 hang squat clean (70-85kg), for 8min. Metcon, 20min amrap of: 3 power clean (70kg), 6 ring dip, 9 box jumps, 27 double unders. Result 496 reps.

My legs are shaking. Lots of pressure on them the last two days. I had determined to do some more leg work today and I couldn't persuade myself out of it so I had to hit it as planned. Tomorrow was supposed to be back squat day but it's not gonna happen. Have to change the game plan. But today's workouts were great, both the strength part and the metcon which was actually taken from the main site, crossfit.com couple days ago. There was also something extra good happening at the gym as Pauliina tried some crossfit stuff in the form of burpees, box jumps and clean technique. That was spectacular!!!

Strength. Emom
  • Every 30 seconds, perform 1 hang squat clean, for a total of 8 minutes
  • Reps at: 1x70, 2x75, 6x80, 7x85kg
Even though those legs were sore already when walking at the gym I got them warmed up pretty well and they were able to take more hit in this strength section. I find squat cleans very useful and important movement for a number of reasons so I want to keep them on my programming constantly. My 1RM taken from floor is 112.5kg. And if you saw the post I put on during that last PR day you probably also noticed I pulled the bar as high on the failed 115kg attempt as I did on the lighter ones. So we figured with Joni who was training with me that day that maybe I should be doing high hang squat cleans with heavier loads so that I would be forced to get under the bar quickly. Because that was exactly the reason I didn't take it home on the 115kg attempt. Have to get under the bar more quickly. There is enough strength to pull the bar high enough.

That was the reason for today's high hang squat cleans. I did them emom style, one rep every 30 seconds. I didn't determine the loads beforehand but went by feeling. The first one was too light so I added 5kg more. Those 75's were too light as well so I went to 80kg. Took couple of them before making it to 85kg. I got them all done pretty well. I have once hang cleaned 90kg, but mostly it's been around 80kg. Considering that these weights were very good for me.

My hang cleans are mostly from pocket, i.e. from high hang position. Mostly when you say high hang, people tend to lower the bar to just above knees from where they take advantage of the second pull and the upward motion's momentum. For some reason I have always cleaned high hang reps from the pocket. I could probably clean more weight from low hang but this is the way I'm used to do my thang.

Metcon. Result 496 reps (11 rounds + 1 clean)
  • 3 power clean, 70kg
  • 6 ring dip
  • 9 box jump, 61cm
  • 27 double under
This was posted on the main site just couple of days ago, on the 16th of July. The difference was the cleans. It was rx'd at 84kg and they were to be cleaned as hang power cleans. Hmm, that's too heavy stuff for me so I scaled it to 70kg power cleans. That was proper weight indeed. It was a 20 min amrap so there was a lot of work ahead of me.

I know how my body works and what I'm capable of. It's much easier nowadays to pace myself and not burst out of the gates because I know pretty well how this human being operates. It's hard to say what part of the workout was toughest. Those power cleans started to weigh much more than just regular 70kg cleans. I did them touch'n'go every round unbroken so even though they weren't easy they certainly were nasty.

Luckily there were only 6 ring dips after the cleans. Otherwise I might have had to break them down at some point. Now I got them done 6 per set on one attempt all the way. There were no doubt at any point I wouldn't do them ub but I took a short breathing session after the cleans before jumping on the rings.

Box jumps seem to be my thing. I do them a lot. Jumping up and down causes breathing to go heavier and legs a bit soft but it's always manageable to do them. I think I mastered them well today every round.

Beforehand I was thinking about the double unders and how big the number of reps would turn out eventually. 27 reps is not bad for a couple of times but this was more than just couple of times. Total of 11+ rounds was my result and I'm more than happy to write that I got them unbroken on each round! Don't know if that's a great success story but it feels awesome to nail through the workout without having to stop at any station for any reason at any given point.

My round times were consistent and that is always my goal for a workout this long. 20 minutes of constant moving around is a long time. I had my breaks in the transitions between movements but when I started working I did everything unstoppable.

And hey, have you guys realized the Crossfit Games begin in 3 days!!! How sick is that. There's gonna be a rivalry we haven't seen before. There are so many candidates for those podium spots in both men and women that it's hard to understand. Rich Froning, the 3-time champion. Scott Panchik who was close to Rich in every workout at the Regionals. Jason Khalipa, a former champ and second place last year. Let's add couple of more names to the list: Ben Smith, Josh Bridges, Dan Bailey, Neal Maddox, Chris Spealler, and rookie Matt Fraser who crushed the Regionals. Plus of course our very own Jonne Koski, the bad ass from Finland who won the European Regionals this year. By the way, he's been mentored by The Champ, Mikko Salo.

On the women's side last year's champion, British Sam Briggs couldn't make it to the Games but 2-time champ Annie Thorisdottir from Iceland is making a comeback after skipping last year due to injury. Also Julie Foucher is making her comeback and is aiming to the podium. There are tons of ladies reaching for that number one spot: CLB a.k.a Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Alessandra Pichelli, Talayna Fortunato, 7-time Games athlete Rebecca Voigt and naturally Valerie Voboril as well. Last year Garrett Fisher made it 5th as a rookie, how does his rookie sister Lauren Fisher make it? The set-up on both men and women is sick, I can't wait to see the fittest of fittest compete against each other!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Saturday 19.7: Handstand, C&J, Metcon

Saturday. Skills, handstand. Strength, complex of 1 clean + 3 jerks (max 90kg). Metcon, 21-15-9-6-3 of: hspu, front squat (70kg), bar-facing burpees.

We had an amazing day with my lovely fiancé in downtown Helsinki. We put on our "tourist glasses" on and wondered around the city like we were in a foreign country. Tried to absorb everything inside and astonished all details of our magnificent capital of Finland. It was simply awesome to walk around the city. Helsinki is a place where you can really walk to anywhere. Very much different from the american style cities where you mostly need car to move around. At least from where I've traveled. Don't get me wrong, I love the States, it's my favorite travel destination, hands down! In the evening I went to the gym to bully my body big time.

  • Handstand
Haven't done much handstand in Haaga, mostly outdoors or in places like Liikuntamylly or Eltsu. Now the gym was empty and even though the there's not much room I decided to give it a shot. My skills have gotten much better and the tiny space didn't bother me. There was some pressure to stay still and not move around. Maybe that was a good thing and I was able to handle my skills pretty well.

  • Complex of:
  • 1 clean + 3 jerk
  • Sets @ 60, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90kg
I wanted to put some weight overhead. Thought it would be a good idea to take the bar from ground anyway. I kind of get my hands on the bar better when I clean it from ground compared to grabbing it from a rack. My hands go around it more naturally when I do the front squat, bounce the bar up and catch it airborne over my shoulders. Funny but that seems to be the case. It's more natural for me.

Recap of the training day

My goal was to go as heavy as possible in touch'n'go style. It felt very good on almost all sets. There were maybe two reps where I jerked it too much forward instead of upwards but the tng style worked well for me. The last set that I got as planned was 85kg. On the 90kg I had to re-rack the bar in the front rack position before completing the last rep. Anyway the first two reps went touch'n'go on that set too.

  • 21-15-9-6-3 of:
  • Handstand push-ups
  • Front squat, 70kg (from ground)
  • Bar-facing burpees
This was a pain cave! I'm telling you I was so deep in some dark place that I was thinking about dropping crossfit. But as it always happens, you just push through and keep thinking about happy thoughts until you reach what you came to the Box for. And once you nail that last rep, get a grip of life again, you feel like a king and are ready for another challenge. That is crossfit. You overcome the barriers thrown in front of you. Period.

This workout was something similar to the Regionals' workout. I did something like this once before because the Regionals workout looked cool when I first saw it. Those handstand push-ups are always a battle. Not that bad when you do something like 5 reps per round in a workout but these high rep rounds are killers for shoulders. Today I got them done okay but my shoulders were burning big time. On the first round I did maybe 10-5-4-3. On the round of 15's it was probably 5-4-3-3, round of 9's was 5-2-2 and then 3-3 and unbroken the last round.

If hspu's made my shoulders go numb, front squats were destined to make my legs spaghetti. 70kg front squat isn't bad when you do couple of reps. But hey c'mon, 21-15 sets are not cool with this weight. On the first set I got them 11-5-5, the second set was 9-6 and then it was unbroken on the remaining sets. They felt grueling on my lower body. I had a week's pause on squatting (and barbell work in general) and my legs were a misery all day today as I squatted yesterday. I figured more squatting would help. A man's logic… Let's see how they feel tomorrow =)

So the first two movements made my strength leave my body and bar-facing burpees were left to destroy my engine. They made me breath like a maniac. I kind of love and hate those burpees. No doubt they are a pain in the ass but they also bring you the mind-blowing feeling afterwards as you realize you can hit them and don't let the workout beat you. Bar-facing burpees are way tougher than normal burpees. If you haven't done them, try them and you know what I'm talking about.

World class breakfast in Don's Kitchen (okay, Wifey's Kitchen)

Great day in general! Loved the day with Pauliina earlier and then I survived the evening training at the gym too. It was also great to get some handstand action done too.

Enjoy the summer!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday 18.7: Squats, 7min metcon

Friday. Strength, back squats 5x3 (across 100kg). Metcon, 7min of. 2-2, 4-4, 6-6 etc, squat clean (70kg) and ring dips. Result, 60 reps.

We got back home last night from Spain. It was a great trip, no doubt about it. Always great to go on holiday. It was a night flight, we departed somewhere around midnight so it wasn't the best of sleep deposited in this body. Got to bed around 8.00 in the morning and slept for 4 hours until noon. In the evening I was exhausted but still determined to hit the gym and get some workout done. I decided to try muscle-up, just to remind my body what it feels like. Then some light back squats because after the american trip my hip flexors got inflamed due to heavy pause squatting after a long flight. In the end I took a short metcon of cleans and dips, inspired by Toni.


  • Back squat 3-3-3-3-3 (across @ 100kg)

Squats are something I always long after if I can't get access to a barbell. I also think a man should be squatting 2-3 times a week to keep the legs strong and improve them. Without squatting that's too difficult. So first session after landing in Finland involved some squats. As I wrote, they were lighter in nature, just triples at 100kg. They caused no problem whatsoever. It felt good to have them and definitely gotta keep 'em in the schedule frequently. Below you'll see most of the sets.

Metcon. Result, 60 reps.

  • 7 min ladder
  • 2-2, 4-4, 6-6… of:
  • Squat clean, 70kg
  • Ring dip

I got this from Toni. It looked good on paper immediately and I put it away in my notes right away. Yesterday in the airplane I had time to think about the following days' programming and this popped in to my eye. Decided to give it a go. My energy levels were not through the ceilings so I took it a little easier than I have potential to. I was a bit careful on those hip flexors too because I didn't want to duplicate the problem that happened in the end of May.

This was anyway a good workout. I liked it a lot. Ring dips are not my favorite movement but they are coming better together nowadays as I've done them quite a number. They are not such scary stuff anymore when I put them as part of a metcon. Squat cleans were moderate weight. I'll clean 110+ kilos on a good day so this weight seemed good for today after practically not touching a bar in a week. It's always different to train with bodyweight and barbells.

It was awesome to get back in action for real. I'll keep working myself towards a better athlete tomorrow. This was a good opener for regular training!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

We-Thu 16-17.7: Beach metcons

Wednesday-Thursday. Beach workout on both days.

Our apartment is right on the beach and it's a tradition to cast the folding chairs and sun umbrella's in place early in the morning. Kind of build up our camp right on the ocean line. For 2 days in a row we have thrown workouts with Kari right after having done our responsibilities. Running and bodyweight movements have taken place.

Wednesday metcon.
  • 10 rounds of:
  • 100m shuttle run at the beach
  • 10 burpees

Great one! We decided to run in the sand, a little variation to a hard ground. We ran so close to the ocean that I was soaking wet as the water splashed all over me. It's a bit more taxing to run in soft sand and also those burpees felt different as legs and hands sunk in to the sand. This was a great wod and it was mind-blowing to take a recovery swim right after!

Thursday metcon.
  • 5 rounds of:
  • 200m shuttle run at the beach
  • 24 lunges
  • 24 push-ups

Same schedule, same guys and same state of mind. Do some work! We doubled the length of the run and changed burpees to lunges and push-ups. Something like a Loredo workout. I was able to keep a steady pace all the way, didn't stop at any point and got everything knocked unbroken.

And right after finishing those five rounds I dived in to the ocean. The nature really offers its best in these surroundings! It's been great to see Kari hit a wokrout for the last 4 days in a row. He's been working hard and it's gonna pay dividends in the future.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Tuesday 15.7: Run, Push-ups

Tuesday. Run 5k, push-ups.

We were supposed to have a relaxing day at the beach but after breakfast Kari suggested we'd take a run before heading to the ocean. It didn't sound too bad and I don't remember turning down that many training opportunities in the past. This was not going to be an exception.

So we put our sneakers on and headed outdoors. Sun was already up, humidity was high too and it was a little different run in about 30 degrees heat. Our pace was moderate so heart rate stayed low the entire time. This run was not gonna be high intensity in nature. We ran 2.5km along the beach, then stopped to awe to scenes and do some push-ups. Then it was time to head back and complete 100 push-ups at the end of the stretch.

Nice and easy recovery day after yesterday's hardcore action. In the evening we're heading to a cruise, ending up in the nearby town where we are going to spend the evening dining.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Su-Mo 13-14.7: Handstand + CF Fuengirola

Sunday-Monday. Handstand + Crossfit Fuengirola.

  • Handstand

Sunday was a day at the beach and I focused on sunbathing and handstand skills. It's pretty awesome to throw yourself upside down at such a beautiful scenery if you ask me. And it's been quite encouraging to understand I can do handstand and handstand walk on a sandy platform where tce ground is very uneven under my hands.

Monday. Training at Crossfit Fuengirola. Today was another try to get myself inside the local Box. Kari suggested we'd run there so we agreed to do that together for starters. It was awesome to have him with me at the affiliate. The workout included kettlebell action in the beginning, then some light strength work and finally a killer workout.

  • Run 3.5km, then
  • 2rds of:
  • 30sec 1-arm swing, right
  • 30sec 1-arm swing, left
  • 30sec 1-arm clean, right
  • 30sec 1-arm clean, left
  • 30sec kb swing
  • 30sec rest

  • Deadlift 2x8
  • Bench 2x8

I did these with light weights. They were supposed to be between 55-65% of max. Had 110kg for deads and 60kg for bench. Way lighter to what I'm used to.

  • 5rds of:
  • 200m run
  • 10 pullups
  • 20 hspu
  • 30 squats
  • 40 du

I saw this written on the wall and said to the coach it's gonna be brutal on shoulders. And it definitely was. The biggest amount of hspu's I've done in training session has been at around 50-60reps. Today the whiteboard said 100 reps. I figured what the heck, let's do it!

It was no surprise it was a nightmare on ly shoulders. All other movements were okay, had no problems with them. But those hspu's... First round was still doable, the desperation hit at the end of second round as I realized there was still 60 reps looming ahead of me.

But somehow I crawled to the finish line in this encouraging environment of crossfit athletes. I felt very welcomed from the first step I took inside this Box. Great community to say the least, respect. And thanks to Kari as well for tagging along and giving good uptalk. Can you imagine he went running alongside me on every round :)

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday 12.7: Run + Double unders

Saturday. Run 7k. Skills, 500 du.

I contacted crossfit Fuengirola in advance to ask for a chance to do a workout with these local guys at their affiliate. They were instantly welcoming me and threw me back with some schedules. In the morning I put on my sneakers and went running down the street next to the beach. The Box is located at the end of the "paseo maritimo". I found the place right away and went to the front door with a big smile. Just to find the place was closed. Doup, that was a bummer. I had totally forgotten the schedules and just trusted my luck with the opening hours.

I had jump rope with me in my backbag and the place had a good solid pavement outdoors so I decided to stay there and practice some skills. I did about 500 reps of double unders and in this humidity the sweating was continuous and abundant. I really wanted to open the front door and get my hands on a barbell for a good wod. Hopefully there's another good time slot when I can run there again and give it another shot. After double unders I headed back home which totalled 7km of running for the day. It was good to get some action in this body and heart rate up after a while.

Thu-Fri 10-11.7: Gymnastics

Thursday-Friday. Thu: handstand skills. Fri: T2B, push-ups, gymnastics.

It's great to have a holiday here in Spain. Nothing special in program except for relaxation. No time pressure to visit new places or drive around looking for attractions. I've spent numerous summers here when I was a little kiddo and the places are familiar already. Now it's time to chill out and enjoy the stay.

On Thursday we were at the beach sunbathing and I felt Wednesday's workout in my body so I decided to take it easy. Handstand was all I got my hands into. There's something awesome in handstanding at the beach when sky is clear, there's 30° and water is splashing to your hands while you're inverted. It's a bit different practicing this skill at the beach as the ground is a little inclined instead of a flat platform. Considering that I think my session went well!

On Friday we visited Malaga, nearby town to go shopping and enjoy the lively atmosphere of the city. Later in the evening I got a chance to play with a pull-up bar at the beach right in front of our casa. By the way, the bar is thick as a tree, not the easiest for the grip! I did some muscle-ups, pull-ups and played around some sort of calisthenics movements while hanging on the bar.

Also did 50 t2b and then 100 push-ups to finish the session. It wasn't the toughest I've done but it seems it's always harder to do workouts abroad for some reason. Maybe it's the nutrition or something in the energy levels but bodyweight feels heavier. Anyway, the point is taking it easier every now and then and relax :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wednesday 9.7: Ring mu's, 45min workout

Wednesday. Skills, ring muscle-ups. Workout, 3 rds of: 1 round of Hammer, 1k row, 1 round of DT, 1k row. Time 47.28.

Today I left work early to hit a workout on my own. Nobody else at the gym except Pauliina who came there about an hour after I had started. We're heading to Spain for a week in the evening. There was a good time slot to find some real muscle misery in the gym. I went after ring skills and a looooong workout.


  • Ring muscle-ups

I had no rush at all so I took my time to get properly warmed up, then hit couple of muscle-ups. Just singles this time, aimed to remind my body how it's done. Couple of reps without false grip and then couple in the end with false grip. No biggie, felt good!

Workout. Time 47.28

  • 3 rounds of:
  • 1 round of Hammer (5 power clean, 10 front squat, 5 push jerk, 20 pull-ups) 60kg
  • 1.000m row
  • 1 round of DT (12 deadlift, 9 hang power clean, 6 push jerk) 60kg
  • 1.000m row

Huh, not a funny one. I needed to have my hands on a barbell because I don't know when the next time will be. Will I find one in Spain or is it gonna be more like gymnastics and bodyweight movement there. I don't know the answer so I played it safe and worked with a bar quite a lot. Mixed in some rowing to make it more grueling.

Hero workout Hammer consists of power cleans, front squats, push jerks and pull-ups. I took one round of that set, and combined it with another her workout called DT. That one is originally completed with 70kg bar but that would have been too much for me to handle. Especially those hang power cleans. So I went with the same barbell all the way. DT is about deads, cleans and jerks. In between these two heroes I had a 1k row.

This is obviously not an all in effort for the entire time. It's more like finding your pace and try to stick with it. I decided to take the row at a steady pace, not going to gas myself out of the game, it was sub 2:00 / 500m pace. In the end that started to feel bad too =) There was a total of 6.000m row during this metcon.

In general I found it awesome to hit this kind of long workout compared to a 5-20min workouts. Constant variety. Anyway, see ya, we're going to enjoy the sun and vacation!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Tuesday 8.7: Gymnastics, Tempo squats, Diane

Tuesday. Gymnastics, C2B progressions. Strength, tempo squats, 5x2 (max 120kg). Metcon, Diane 21-15-9, deadlift (102.5kg), hspu. Time 8.06.

Squats, yammy! Started this training session with similar type of chest-to-bar progressions as I took on about a week ago. Then tempo squats / pause squats to make my legs stronger. Finally ended up doing a benchmark workout Diane.

Gymnastics. Compare to 29.6.2014
  • Chest-to-bar pull-up progressions
  • 7x7 reps, with 0:50 rest between sets
This is similar to the one I did on the last days of June with the exception that there was 1 rep more per set today compared to the first progression set. I've considered C2B's a weakness of mine but only because I haven't practiced them. Regular pull-ups are more like a strength and this difference between them has puzzled me so much that I decided to correct this flaw. I've done couple of strict c2b's in every training sessions for maybe 2-3 months now. It's about 95% probability that I've done those strict ones as a warm-up, no matter what's ahead of me in the actual workouts.

This movement is getting together pretty well nowadays. I don't consider it that difficult anymore. Earlier this year I felt like I have to do those repetitions as singles and I couldn't link reps at all. Didn't want it to stay like that so I made my moves. Increase the amount of reps, a lot.

  • Tempo squats, 5x2 (100, 105, 110, 115, 120kg)
  • 5 seconds down, 5 seconds hold in the bottom position, then up
Wanted to have some sort of pause squats for my legs but I wasn't sure how to make it in real life. I follow Chad Vaughn and his pal Mike Cerbus in Instagram and they seem to do a bunch of these for strengthening lower body. Vaughn is a 2-time olympian and a bad ass in all means when it comes to lifting weights.

I wasn't sure how many reps to do without resetting the bar in between, and I finally ended up doing doubles, with 5sec descending time and 5sec bottom hold position, before coming up as fast as possible. The weights were also a mystery me with these kind of squats. Had I done regular pause squats, I could have carried more weight because I can hold the package tight for a shorter time. But for as long time as these were, I gotta let loose the air and catch some more before standing back up.

The "negative" rep on my way down was as developing movement as getting back up. I really enjoyed tempo squats this time. Last time when I did pause squats my left hip flexor got inflamed for couple of days. Now I'm feeling better after today's session =)

Diane. Time 8.06. Compare to 20.2.2014
  • 21-15-9
  • Deadlift, 102.5kg
  • Handstand push-ups
This really got to me. Not the best day for me for sure. Deadlifts have never been this heavy in a metcon of 21-15-9. I should be able to knock them through unbroken but that wasn't the case this time. It's a light weight, about 50% of my max load and there is no excuse for dropping the bar unless it's intentional for saving gas for hspu's. Now I had to take extra breaks there and it cost me a PR in Diane.

There was about 30sec difference to my best result (7.34). I think I made it 14-7 on the deads, then 10-5 and finally 5-4. My back was in fire and I didn't want to hold on to the barbell so I had to drop it. Even though it feels it's just couple of seconds your hands are off the bar, it's more in real life. I've witnessed these occasions on video.

Don't know what to say about hspu's. I got them 11-5-5 on the first round, probably something like 5-5-3-2 on the second and finally 5-2-2 on the last one. Deads ate some of my energy from hspu's so I couldn't make them as efficiently as I'd want to.

All in all, this training session was great indeed. I got to practice on my C2B's in the beginning with about 50 reps. Those tempo squats were great in nature and even though I wasn't able to smash top time on Diane, it's still a kick ass workout and I enjoyed every second of it!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday 7.7: Running, Kb, T2b and wb

Monday. Pair workout with my bro, 5 rounds of: 400m run, kb swings, t2b's and wall balls.

It was third day in a row working outdoors. And it was as great as it could be. Working out with a brother is never a bad choice, quality family time! We went to Arabianranta, checking out the seaside neighborhoods where we used to live a while ago. There's monkey bars and I brought kettlebell and wall ball with me so that was enough equipment for an effective workout.

  • 5 rounds of:
  • One athlete: 400m run
  • Second athlete: 10 kettlebell swings + 10 toes-to-bar + amrap of wall balls
The point in the workout was that Sipa went running and during his run I had to complete 10 kb swings, 10 t2b's and then for the rest of the time it was an amrap of wall balls. The result per round was the number of wall ball repetitions completed. Those swings and t2b's were just compulsory stuff prior to wb's.


It turned out to be quite a gasser. Breathing got heavy in the early steps of the workout and settled down some time after the metcon was done. I thought I pressed the timer on when we started but once I went to stop it I noticed it had never even began, nice!

We ran in the park near the sea. The views in Arabianranta are beautiful. It was a pity we didn't have time to stop and awe but we just kept on fueling forward around the loop Sipa had determined us to run. I decided to ignore the heavy breathing and mentally just decided to keep up the pace I picked on in the beginning. That strategy proved to work this time. It felt nasty but I kept it.

Recap of training day

The other part of the workout was swings, core work on the pull-up bar and wall balls. There were only 10 reps on the first 2 stations so it was basically just pushing through. You can always complete 10 reps of any bodyweight movement. It's another thing to keep a steady pace on them during a workout. Today I managed this workout very well and the pace remained good.

First 10min of the workout

The result per round was obviously the amount of wall balls you were able to knock on the wall. By the way the wall wasn't as high as we wanted but it still hurt, naturally. I got 19 reps on the first round, 27 on the second, and 25 on each of the remaining 3 rounds. So it totaled 121 reps, in addition to those 50 swings and t2b's.

It was great to hit a workout with my bro in a perfect weather. It's getting hot in here, and the sky is clear blue. Spectacular! I'm still finding my way to the gym tomorrow. It's been 3 days in a row working outdoors and I miss my barbells. Have to get my hands around those things.

Here's some serious action from Competitorstraining.com, "Black and Blue"

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday 6.7: Run, Turkish get-ups, Medball cleans + Handstand

Sunday. AM: Metcon, 3 rounds of: 800m run, 10 TGU (12kg kb), 20 medball cleans. PM: Handstand skills.

Sun's out, guns out. Summer is here! Hopefully to stay for a while. It's been a cold summer this far so we're enjoying every bit of it! I definitely love working outdoors, there's something different than crawling in to a windowless cave and move a barbell. I need to get that in my system too, otherwise I feel I'm missing something. I need and want to work all aspects of fitness. General physical preparedness. That's called crossfit.

  • 3 rounds of:
  • 800m run
  • 10 turkish get-ups, 12kg kettlebell (5/5 per side)
  • 20 medball squat cleans, 9kg
My lower body has done some work lately and I felt it in my body. On the other hand my triceps still hurt from Thursday's 100 rep S2O workout. It's gotten worse by the day =) But I'm sensing tomorrow they'll be good already. So I was thinking for a while what to do today. Running - a weakness of mine - is never a bad choice. And once we had Pauliina's kettlebell with us, I decided to incorporate that to my workout in the form of turkish get-ups. I don't do it that often and the weight seemed to suit well to me. There was also a new fresh movement: medball cleans.

After brainstorming it for a while it turned out to be a 3-rounder of 800m running, 5 right hand tgu's and then 5 left hand tgu's, finishing it with 20 med ball squat cleans. Looks easy on paper but I'm telling you I was done after this one!

On the running I was able to keep up a steady pace. That's always mind comforting to realize you're not slowing down every round. Running got to my breathing for sure, other than that it felt surprisingly good. This was a run in the near park, not in a track, and the distance is not exact.

Those turkish get-ups are a rarity in my training sessions. Today I figured to give it a shot. I'm very slow on those. Or at least I think I am 'cause I haven't seen anyone else do them. At least not live. Had 12kg kettlebell in one arm, did 5 right hand reps first, then 5 on left hand. They were surprisingly nasty towards the end. It's light weight, I'm having hard time to believe it got to my shoulders =)

Medball cleans were something I haven't tried ever before. Probably because I haven't had a wall ball before. Well, now that problem is solved! Anyway, only 9kg ball but they got to the legs pretty darned well! Last 5 reps were painful in each set.

It was great training outdoors second day in a row. I tried to do various kinds of workouts that are impossible to go for in the gym. And I believe I managed very well! Awesome workouts, all three metcons.

Metcon recap

  • Handstand
  • Headstand
After we came back home I saw the sunny backyard from our balcony and was tempted to take my shirt off and, warm up my shoulders and legs, then hit it outdoors for some handstand and headstand training.

I practiced handstand, handstand walk and headstand. They went pretty good. Started with still handstand training. In my mental training it was supposed to be still pose but it turned out that I had to make a lot of corrective moves. But that's the way it is nowadays. Handstand is a skill that needs to be maintained constantly. This summer I haven't been doing it that much. Took the first steps last spring / summer, before that the skills were practically non-existing. Now it's getting somewhere.

Handstand recap

This summer has been a rainy one and it hasn't been that tempting to go outdoors to practice on a wet ground. In the end I took some headstand just for the fun of it. That's a skill I feel like there's no problems at all, I'm very comfy in that position.