Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday 30.8: Power clean, Row

Sunday. Metcon, 20 power clean (80kg), 300m row, 20 power clean (70kg), 300m row, 20 power clean (60kg), 300m row. Time, 12.20.

We spent the day in downtown Helsinki again because it's still summery. We were supposed to walk there but the weather changed in a second. Anyway, I went to the gym in the evening for a bad ass metcon. Short and intense. In the beginning I took power clean singles up to 100kg.

Metcon. Result, 12.20. Compare to 9.8.2014
  • 20 power clean, 80kg
  • 300m row
  • 20 power clean, 70kg
  • 300m row
  • 20 power clean, 60kg
  • 300m row
One year ago I did this same version with the modification that there were also 50kg and 40kg cleans involved. This time it was shorter and much more intense. My game plan was also different because it was a shorter one. Last time I did 80kg cleans as singles from the very beginning. This time I got a triple and then doubles up to 11 reps. From then on it was singles up to 20 reps. This must have cut some time off the final time compared to last time.

On the 70's it was 5-5-4-4-3 reps. Got to say it was contradictory feeling. As the bar got 10kg lighter it felt a lot lighter. It was an incredible change every round. Then on the other hand, as the bar was not that heavy anymore, you are supposed to move it faster and for bigger sets.

Recap of cleans

The last round was at 60 kilos. Same thing as with the previous round. It was much easier to move the barbell around because 10 kilos had been cut off the weight. Forearms were about to burst out of pain and numbness at this point though. Rowing was okay the entire time. I did it 1:45 pace in the beginning and then closer to 1:50 in the second round. It was about 1:40-1:42 in the last set of rowing.

This means to say I went faster on the Concept2 than last time, and also the cleans seemed to go quicker. Especially the 80kg cleans. I'm happy about how well I was able to push myself on this one.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday 29.8: Gymnastics wod, Partner wod

Saturday. 20 burpee mu's for time. Time, 9.27. Partner wod, 15min amrap of lunges, pull-ups and db thrusters (2x15kg). Result, 5 rds + 3 thruster.

We had a nice day with my wife in the city. Just walked around and enjoyed Helsinki. Weather was beautiful so we just hang around and spent some quality time. In the evening we went to the gym to take care of our fitness. It was one gymnastics metcon to kick off the session and then another one

Metcon. Time, 9.27. Compare to 22.4.2015

  • 20 burpee muscle-ups for time
It's not many times that I've done muscle-ups in a workout so each and every one of these is a pleasure. I've done this once before couple of months ago. This was fun from the very beginning. Because I really haven't done that many muscle-up workouts it's always difficult to know how to pace myself.

Didn't have any idea how much it took me last time I did this one so there was nothing to compare the time to. I tapped the round times after every 5 reps. First reps took me 1:35, reps 6-10 were done in 3:09 so that was a lot slower one. Third portion was 2:31 and the last 5 reps were completed in 2:11.

To my eyes that means I gave too much slack in the process. Really difficult to know at this point how fast / slow one must go with this movement. I don't wanna burn myself on this because then it takes time to recover. The muscle-ups started to feel better towards the end because I really tried to keep good tension in the entire body on the swing.

Partner wod. Result, 5 rounds + 3 thruster

  • 15min amrap
  • One athlete must do 2x20m walking lunges, bodyweight, all the time
  • Once the other one does lunges, the other does:
  • 10 pull-ups and the rest of time dumbbell thrusters (2x15kg db's)

This was fun, to throw down with my baby. The point was that the other one was doing lunges all the time. Pauliina started the lunges so in the mean while I did 10 pull-ups and then dumbbell thrusters (2x15kg db's) as an amrap for the remaining time while she was lunging. When she finished those, we changed the lunge game, and it was her time to do the couplet.

Recap of partner wod

Pull-ups were the easiest part of this one, could have probably added a bit. But on the other hand, the purpose was to get dirty with the thrusters. And those got ugly towards the end of each set. The dumbbells were 15kg's each so it wasn't super heavy but the ultimate point was to do plenty of them during the time frame. Got to say this goal was reached pretty well.

Got 20 thrusters on the first round, 15 reps on the next 2 rounds. Fourth round was 12 and the last full round was 15 again. Only had time for 3 additional reps when the buzzer called it quits. This was quality time at its best doing partner wod with my wife.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday 28.8: Clean and jerk, Deadlift, Partner wod

Friday. Emom x 9-10min: 5 c&j @ 60kg. Deadlift 3x10 (max 140kg). Partner wod, 16min amrap. One athlete rows 500m constantly, the other performs 20 burpee, 15 s2o (70kg), 10 pistols.

We had some after work party taking place this Friday. Okay not a huge all night celebration but some sauna, table tennis, food, and bowling. We still had time to hit the gym with my main man Toni. It was a tight schedule so we decided to keep the training session intense from the very beginning. We had lots of work ahead of us so there was no room for slack time. And it definitely was a fast pace session.

Barbell conditioning.
  • Every minute on the minute x 9-10 minutes:
  • 5 clean and jerk @ 60kg
It was great to have some quality time with Toni. It's always cool to have a partner throw down with you so I had lots of energy and body was fresh so it didn't take long before I had a barbell in front of me with 60kg load. Clean and jerks, emom style at the classic weight.

In the beginning the load felt good, and the bar moved fast. In this endorphin boost it was like nothing. The enthusiasm faded away little by little and the bar got heavier =) In the end I'm not quite sure if it was a total of 9 or 10 minutes. Anyway, a good bunch of reps with this benchmark weight load. I'm happy how smoothly the barbell listened to my commands.


Friday pulls.
  • Deadlift 3x10 reps (120, 130, 140kg)
We had to move pretty quickly to pull from the ground. Toni had some predetermined program for this as 3x8 at a certain percentage work. I needed to get high rep sets in the system. Hadn't thought of the weights at all. To be honest, I was quite devastated after clean and jerks. It got very intense in the end so lots of energy was consumed there.

Still, these deads felt great. But the weights were not huge. I just took the first set at 120kg. That was kind of light so I kept adding 10kg for each set, last one standing at 140kg. I have tried 20-rep max maybe a year ago, and I remember pulling 130kg on that one. Maybe 10's would be ideal at around 150kg when being fresh.

Partner workout. Result, 3 rounds + 20 burpees
  • 16min amrap of:
  • 20 burpee
  • 15 shoulder-to-overhead, 70kg
  • 10 pistol squat
  • One athlete must row for 500m constantly
Toni had a master plan to finish the session. It looked like a lot of fun on paper. And it was. But we had a little brainfart with the reps. It turned out that Toni did almost all the burpees, and I did jerks and pistols were distributed evenly. The idea was that either of us would have to sit on the rower all the time, changing turns after every 500 meters. The other one is completing the amrap as such. And when we changed on the rower, the other one continued right where the other one stayed on the amrap.

So Toni started, and did 20 burpees. You probably know it's not very nice to do jerks right after a good number of burpees. So he basically did a double and a single, then it was time to change roles. I finished them and got the pistols done all except one. On the next round it was basically the same ideology. Toni did all the burpees, and 3 jerks. I got to the same situation, had 6 pistols when Toni shouted he has 50 meters left. He clearly was eager to smash some pistol squats so I let him finish it.

On the third round he got through all burpees but one, so I had all the jerks to myself. Doing 15 jerks isn't that light anymore so my time was basically consumed there. Toni got the pistols to himself and once again the burpees. He did 79 burpees, I had 1. He did 6 jerks, I did 39 reps. Pistols were 15/15 for both. Good workout but we could have changed the number of reps, to maybe smaller pieces. Then those would have divided more evenly among us. Most likely at least. Now Toni got a good conditioning piece with rowing and burpees. I got a good jerk workout and muscles burned a lot in the upper body. Different kind of stimulus for both of us.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Thursday 27.8: Ohs, Rowing Nancy

Thursday. Emom x 10min, odd min 12 kb swing, even min 15 ghd. OHS singles, build up (up to 80kg). Rowing Nancy, time 14.30 (PR).

Today's workout of the day was great. Nancy is one tough lady! I've had a date with her couple of times before and she's mean every time. Prior to that wod I did some overhead squat singles. Didn't quite go the way I planned but it was cool to do those after a long break.

  • Every minute on the minute x 10 minutes
  • Odd minutes, 12 kettlebell swing, 24kg
  • Even minutes, 15 ghd sit-ups
After my regular warm-up routines I did a short workout in emom style to activate the entire body. Legs, core and shoulders all got their share and I felt ready after this one. Kettlebell was the heaviest I found from the place, and it was light for sure. Didn't matter, this was only for warm-up purposes. Ghd's felt also light all the way. Still, this was a good way to get pumped up.

  • Overhead squat singles, build up (50, 60, 70, 80, 85kg failed)
There were basically just couple of reps on overhead squats as they were singles and my max lift is at 90kg. That means to say the limit comes pretty quickly. I haven't had heavy stuff over my head in a while and that really felt like it too. I wasn't that confident pressing the barbell up in the sky. However, once I got it there, the descent and ascend from the bottom felt pretty solid up to 80kg.

On the 85kg I somehow didn't find the path down there. Tried it twice in that same lift but it got desperate. Hopefully my elbows stay good now as they are healed so I could do presses and jerks much more. That would create confidence in having the bar overhead.

Rowing Nancy. Time, 14.30 (PR). Compare to 30.10.2014
  • 5 rounds of:
  • 400m row
  • 15 overhead squat, 43kg
Uuh, this is a perfect workout. I've done normal Nancy maybe twice before and rowing Nancy once last year. You have a link couple of rows above to that blog post. This was almost a half a minute PR on the benchmark workout. I was definitely not super confident of hitting a new record but I decided to give it a shot. Plan was to row modestly, and then complete the overhead squats unbroken each round. I've been able to do that before so that game me confidence. On the other hand, I also remember they being very nasty so that was not a confidence booster =)

After the first round my legs were burning so that brought some thoughts in my head that maybe this is not going to that easy after all (like I ever even thought of that). I decided to put those thoughts somewhere else and keep grinding. Rowing was something like sub 1:50 for some time, and towards the end it was about 1:50 on average.

Ohs were unbroken every round and I'm very proud of that. Shoulders were great but my legs were in flames for most of the workout. They got so jammed up in the middle of the workout that I had to beat them with my hands to get some blood flowing and to flush them. Don't know if that made any difference but it was great to go unbroken. This time I also had 43kg on the bar. Okay, that's just a tiny addition to the weight but still, it's nice to get this done in shorter time domain with slightly heavier bar =)

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wednesday 26.8: Snatch, Clean, Squat, Hspu

Wednesday. Hang snatch 7x3 @ 40kg. Emom x 10min: 1 hang squat snatch (50kg). Metcon, 13min amrap of, 2-4-6-8… of: hang power clean (60kg), front squat (60kg), hspu. Result, 146 reps.

I went to work at noon so I had a good two hours of training time ahead of me early in the morning. Got to say mornings are not my favorite time for real. Nothing was sore, felt good all the way but somehow I felt much more stiff and fatigue than normally. Especially weights were heavier than normally.


  • Hang snatch 7x3 @ 40kg
That was also the reason why I just couldn't put more weight on the bar. Felt a bit off with even this one =) It took a lot of time to get at least somewhat comfortable with the barbell. As you can see from the video below it wasn't very smooth. It was also difficult to get below parallel. I've noticed that when I widen my feet on the land, my hips can't get low enough. But those legs go wide naturally so I'll try to keep them closer together, with about the same width as in the clean. All my squats (front, back and overhead) have a narrow stance so that's what I'm targeting on this one too.



  • Every minute on the minute x 10 minutes
  • 1 hang snatch (3x45, 7x50kg)
After throwing that barbell in the air for some time I eventually started feeling better with it. I'm not saying it looked any better but it got lighter in the course of action. That encouraged me to throw in another snatch workout. Emom style singles from hang position. Purpose was to go squat snatch but that didn't actualize in the way I was looking for. But there were decent ones too. Got to just keep on snatching more!

First part of the metcon

Metcon. Result, 146 reps (6 front squat on the round of 14's)

  • 13min amrap, 2-4-6-8… of:
  • Hang power clean, 60kg
  • Front squat, 60kg
  • Handstand push-up
This was one qualification event in a Finnish throwdown called Karjalan Kovin, one of the biggest competitions in Finland. It caught my eye when I first saw that one so today it finally ended up on my program. 13 minutes of bar work and hspu's. Idea was to start with 2 reps of each, then 4, then 6, always adding 2 more reps after each round, until the time cap gets you.

Hard to say which element was the toughest, each had their thing in the mix. I broke the cleans the most. Rounds of 2-4-6 were unbroken and combined immediately with the squats. Round of 8's was basically also unbroken. I did 7 reps, and put the bar down because I wanted to recover for the squats. Round of 10's started to beat me up good time. It was 6-3 before the final single and front squats. 12's was 6-5, and then the last power clean before hitting the squats.

Second part of the metcon

Squats really burned my legs. That was no surprise. It was pretty obvious it's gonna hurt a lot. 60kg barbell is going to feel a lot more at certain point. They also brought flames on my lower back. That was probably the most painful thing in this one, and prevented me to drop ass to grass. I went unbroken with the squats up to the round of 10's. At 12's I did 8-4, and then moved on to the hspu's. They were 8-1-1-2. I lost some balance there so it cut to smaller pieces in the end. Other than that they rolled well and were probably the "easiest" part of this. Very good and holistic workout! And tough.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Tuesday 25.8: Front squat, Pull-ups, Row, Box

Tuesday. Front squat, build up to a heavy single (PR 138kg). Metcon, 15min amrap of: 12 pull-ups, 300m row, 12 box. Result, 5 rds + 300m row.

Damned it was a tough day at work. We had the longest seminar ever, and had to sit for almost the entire day, for 8 hours. That doesn't do good to human beings. After foam rolling and mobilizing the body I felt okay to get going with heavier front squats. This has been in the back of my head for 3 days now so it was great to get a chance to go for them.

  • Front squat, build up to a heavy single (100, 110, 120, 130, 135, PR 138kg)
Plan was simply to build up, and see how far away I could get today. I reckoned a new record might be available because of all the Smolov squats lately. There were couple of reps at 60 and 80kg, then just singles from 100 kilos on. Those were light up to 120kg. My posture stayed good on these reps and back was in an upright position.

The first heavier one was at 130kg but I felt like that the form looked similar in this one too. Elbows were pointing to the right direction too. Pretty solid lift in my opinion. The next one was my old 1RM at 135kg. I believe I've made that lift 2-3 times in my life but never more than that. There my elbows dropped a little right when I started the ascend from the bottom. That was a tight lift but once I got pass that certain point it was just about standing up. The bottom position, and the turn of direction is the toughest moment.

Before the last rep I did the same thing as when I updated the records on back squat. Piled up 20kg more weight on the bar, stood up with it and counted for 5+ seconds just to feel the weight on my front rack. Psychological game. The descend was slow as hell but at least controlled. That might have eaten up some of the energy but the turnaround back up was alright. In the middle of the ascend my elbows started bailing out and dropping too much. Thus, the lift wasn't as beautiful as I'd like to see but hey, PR is a PR and I'll take it with pleasure!

Squat recap

Metcon. Result, 5 rounds + 300m row
  • 15min amrap of:
  • 12 pull-ups
  • 300m row
  • 12 box
Pauliina hit this one with me. It's been a lot of fun doing same workouts with my wife. And I got to say she's been kicking some ass big time! Rower was a walking distance away from the pull-up rack / box so I used that for recovery. The main inspiration for this one was pull-ups. And I wanted to get heart rate up so rowing and box jumps were great buddies to accompany pull-ups.

I'm happy that I've been able to put pull-ups in my program consistently without any problems. There's been a good bunch of those already in the past month. Those were unbroken today in each of the 6 rounds. That totaled 72 reps. Rowing was 1:45 pace in the beginning and towards the end it was closer to 1:48 pace. The elements were put to this order so that right after rowing you got to go box jumping and burn your legs. Then upper body gets a little rest so I could knock down the pull-ups unbroken. This was a good workout for sure.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday 24.8: Rest day

Monday. Rest day.

Simply didn't have any energy today. Plus I wanna give a little recovery for my elbows. I suppose they are a bit inflamed. Yesterday was a good one with all the focus on lower body. That means to say my legs are beaten up right now. So there were couple of reasons why to stay at home this Monday.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunday 23.8: Du's, Pistols, Ghd, Lunges

Sunday. Emom x 21min. 1st min: 30 du, 2nd min: 10 pistols, 3rd min: 12 ghd. Emom x 15min: 20m lunges with a 10kg vest.

Today we went to the beach to enjoy the hot summer day. It was a great weekend in general. Lots of relaxation and good times with the family. We also went to see a friend who just got their firstborn couple of days ago. He was such an adorable little kiddo =) In the evening I went to the gym. Got to keep my elbows relaxed now, they are sore as hell.

  • Every minute on the minute x 21 minutes
  • 1st min: 30 double unders
  • 2nd min: 10 pistol squats (5/5)
  • 3rd min: 12 ghd sit-ups
Story in short. Double unders sucked big time. Couldn't find the rhythm at any moment. One set was unbroken, the rest were troubled. Pistol squats went straight, 5 left and then 5 right. Ghd's were easy. Tried also ones with medball to get more resistance. Those felt awkward. Not heavy but the motion was somehow strange and it didn't feel good in my lower back so I did only one set with that ball.

  • Every minute on the minute x 15 minutes
  • 20m walking lunges with a 10kg vest
I still wanted to get something done, and weighted lunges came to mind. I had a barbell in my back for a test drive but that put too much stress on my elbows so I came up with the vest. 10kg extra weight. The grass matt is 20 meters long so I walked it back and forth for 15 minutes. That was a great quad burner.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Saturday 22.8: Rope, Sled

Saturday.  Metcon, 15min amrap of: 2 rope climb, sled pull.

It turned out to be a rather surprise workout. My plan was to hit front squats but we went to Klaukkala so that meant an outdoor workout at its best

  • 15min amrap of:
  • 2 rope climb
  • Sled pull

The distance of the sled pull was about 40 meters one way so it totalled 80 meters. First piece was a decline and coming back was an incline. That means to say the latger piece of the sled pull was much tougher. Plus of course legs got more tired on the comeback. Don't know how much the sled weighed. We put all the plates Kari has. I guess that's pretty much 40+ kilos. And the sled is 20-30kg itself.

First round

It's been time since I had my hands on the rope. This is one of the rare places where I have found a good spot to place the rope hang. There's a perfect tree branch at a good height, something like 5 meters. This climbing thing felt much better than I had hopes for. That means I didn't have to recover that much begween the climbs. Felt like I had a good rhythm going on there. Sled was a lot worse on the body. It totally murdered my legs. Especially on the incline. Got a very good workout out of this!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday 21.8: Back squat, Deadlift, Box, Sled

Friday. Back squat, build up to a heavy single (PR 152kg). Deadlift, build up to a heavy single (200kg). Intervals, every 4:00, perform all out sprint of: 10 deads (110kg), 20 box, 2x20m shuttle sled push (55kg + sled).

At the end of hard core squatting in the Smolov phase, it was only natural to try one rep max for back squat. Today was the day. Turned out I got the prize I was looking for in the form of a personal record kaboom! Then couple of heavier deadlifts, and tough interval action which burned my legs bit time.

  • Back squat, build up to a heavy single (110, 120, 130, 140, 145, 150, PR 152kg)
  • Deadlift, build up to a heavy single (140, 170, 190, 200kg)
My back was still a bit tight from all the heavy squatting lately. Legs were great, and hips felt also awesome, and ready to pump it. My mobility in the beginning was longer and more extensive for a reason. I wanted to nail these. There was classical foam rolling, dynamic stretching and rubber band work to get joints ready for bigger loads.

Took 60 / 90kg lifts for couple of reps, then purely singles starting from 110kg, and then went up in 10kg jumps up to 140kg. That was the first weight that felt kinda heavy. The previous ones were easy ones. Up to 145kg I took them casually, and with confidence.

From then on I did a lot of mental work. Plus I did something awkward. I put 150kg on the barbell, and then added 10kg plates on both ends of it to make it 170kg. Stepped up with it to make it feel heavy on my back. Held it for couple of seconds, and dropped it back on the rack. Then removed the 10's and went after 150kg. Of course not right away because I wanted to the legs to feel fresh. I've only lifted 150kg once in my entire life so getting that up was almost like a record breaking lift for me.

The reason behind visiting 170kg was psychological. After that 150kg felt much lighter in my back. Turned out to be a good idea. Got 150kg but it was heavy though. This was my goal of the day. I'm pretty sure I would not have gotten this load up before Smolov. Maybe 145kg but not 150kg.

I actually told one fellow trainer at the gym I got what I was looking for but I'm hungry for more. For a while I was wondering how the heck am I going to get that but then the same strategy came down as with the previous lift. Those 10kg plates appeared at the end of the barbell. Stepped up with 172kg, and held it for couple of seconds before re-racking the bar.

Lots of inner talk of being able to make it, then stepping to get the bar on my back. Huffing and puffing, get down, and grind it all the way up. Celebrate afterwards. I'm very happy of making this new PR of 152kg real.

After squats I took couple of heavier deadlift singles. There wasn't really much deadlift reps to be done today. I guess it was 5x60, 4x100kg, and then just singles leading up to 200kg. On the last two I felt like I wasn't able to maintain such a form as I'd like to. Especially the last one so I didn't put more weight on the bar. It's still awesome to hit 200kg any given training day.

Squats and deads

  • Every 4:00, perform all out sets of the following:
  • 10 deadlift, 110kg
  • 20 box jump
  • 2x20m shuttle sled push (55kg + sled)
Damned this was cruel. It was not classic emom stuff. The main purpose was to go hard on every single set. Not pace it out and save energy. No. Do every set as quick as possible, and rest for the remaining time. Once 4 minutes are full, go for another set.

The sled killed me. Deadlifts and box jumps unbroken of course. That was the purpose. Deads were light but it was perfect weight for this one at least today. Box jumps were surprisingly consuming in the end. But that sled… Huh, what a piece of equipment. It was intentionally light, just 55kg plates on top of what the sled weighs itself. I did not respect this one as much as it deserved. It was just pure evilness. My legs recovered on the first break but towards the end they were tired when starting the rounds 3 and 4. This was freaking great workout!


Thursday, August 20, 2015

Thursday 20.8: Skills day

Thursday. Skills day: Ring mu's, Bar mu's, Handstand walk.

This was intentionally a lighter day, and I concentrated purely on developing my skill base. Good bunch of muscle-ups and then handstand walk to crown the session. It was awesome to witness my lovely wife hit some bad ass crossfit metcon.


  • Ring muscle-ups
  • Bar muscle-up
  • Handstand walk

I took couple of sets of ring mu triples. These felt alright. Had one miss but other than that everything was good. My focus was to keep tension in the body throughout the motion. Both up and down. At the moment I'm happy on the form. In the evening I watched one of Carl Paoli's video clips where he teaches how to do muscle-ups with ease and I got to say it looks a bit lighter than my versions =) Well, that was no surprise but still I'm happy with these.

It was basically 15 reps on both elements. That was the most I dared to do. Don't know what's up with my palms but with a  big volume they tend to tear up. So this was the max I wanted to do. There was more energy that could have been used for more muscle-ups but this was a sensible call. Bar mu's were much easier as they always are.

My gym has the best possible platform for training handstand and handstand walk. The grass matt is 20 meters long so that's plenty for me, and there's almost always enough space to practice this specific skill. I took couple of reps / attempts here, and occasionally was able to walk pretty decent distances. 10 meter was the longest streak.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wednesday 19.8: Snatch, S2o, Pull-ups, Box

Wednesday. Emom x 8min: 2 hang squat snatch @ 50k. Intervals, every 2:00, for 14min, perform 5 s2o (50kg), 10 pull-ups, 15 box.

Today was actually planned to be a clean day but I took those extra cleans yesterday with a great end result so this left some room for snatches. It was an emom workout ahead of me, then quick intervals to get heart beat up and feel miserable (of course in a good way) =)

  • Every minute on the minute x 8 minutes
  • 2 hang squat snatch @ 50kg
It's been some time since snatching last time. Probably didn't do any of them during Smolov, at least not squat snatches. I'm looking to have better hip mobility for snatches in the future due to all the squatting lately. Today I didn't get these on camera. There were tons of people at the gym and I didn't dare to tape this emom with all the people at the weightlifting platforms.

I feel like hang snatches are better on the spot compared to pulling from the ground. The timing is better and I can hit the barbell on my hips rather than my thighs. Which usually happens when pulling all the way from the floor. These hang snatches were from above knee.

These were decent lifts. I believe I jumped a little too much in front and my legs went a bit too wide on catching the bar but other than that they were quite okay. One missed lift on the last or second last set. That's because the bar stayed front too much. The weight was not the issue though. I took a double right after that. Good to have some snatches in the books! I'm planning to hit these maybe twice a week in the future. I just need more practice on these.

Intervals. Each set was 54-55 seconds
  • Every 2:00, perform the following sequence:
  • 5 shoulder-to-overhead, 50kg
  • 10 pull-ups
  • 15 box jumps
  • Put all in effort on each interval, then rest for remainder of the 2 minutes
Great one! The weight should have easily been 60kg but elbows are not in full condition. Had to take it light. All the sets took me 54-55 seconds to complete. The idea was to put 100% effort ton each set. No need to shake hands or legs between movements because it was going to be a short interval. Rip through the jerks, then get rid of the barbell and hop on to the pull-up bar. Finally a good bunch of box jumps. Everything was naturally going to be unbroken. Otherwise the programming would have been a little off.

Rounds 3-7

My plan was to hit this for 10 minutes, that is 5 rounds. This started to kick in at about round 3, and I decided at the 4th round to continue up to a total of 7 rounds. Jerks were the easiest part of this one. Their purpose was just to fatigue the shoulder at least a bit so the pull-ups wouldn't be as easy. 60kg would have been a great weight for this. Combination of jerks at that weight plus pull-ups are a nasty combination, and always worth training for. My legs were on fire at the end of the intervals. These intervals where you have a pre-determined rest period are great.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tuesday 18.8: Clean and jerk, Clean, 21min emom

Tuesday. Clean and jerk (max 85kg). Clean singles (PR 116kg). Emom x 21min: 1st min 30 du, 2nd min 12 t2b, 3rd min 12 burpee.

I was eager to hit some clean and jerks. Those overhead movements are cool, and I'd like to do those often. Having a barbell overhead is somehow brutal and manly stuff, and gives me a lot of pleasure. I've had this nagging pain in my elbows for a long time. It's on and off kind of thing. It pops up every now and then, and it might also be away for a good time. That's not cool. Anyway, this day turned out to be a success after all.

Toni brought me a souvenir from a throwdown he went to see during the weekend: Voodoo Floss. Hopefully this brings some release on the elbows. Thanks man!


  • Clean and jerk singles (60, 70, 80, 5x85kg)
  • Clean singles (85, 90, 95, 100, 105, 110, 112, 114, PR 116kg)

My plan was to hit couple of singles, just to get the jerks going. And then see how 90kg+ lifts would feel like. I've been missing having barbell overhead for a heavy load. I took just singles, even with the lighter weights too. Then finished it off with 5-6 reps at 85 kilos. At this point my elbows didn't wanna take it anymore so I changed it to squat cleans.

I was definitely not aiming for max weight. Originally =) I took the 85kg bar, took it up, and put it down. Added 5kg and took another shot right away. Right after the rep, I added 5 more kilos, and took the clean. Repeated this routine up to 100kg. Basically without breaks.


It's awesome to be able to put three big plates on the barbell on the cleans. From then on, the game is on. That's not baby weight for me anymore. Having blue, yellow and green plates mean it's 110kg load. After that one I added 2kg after each rep. I figured doing 112kg would satisfy me enough. But it came up pretty well, and this was the first time I thought about hitting a record.

That felt tight so I just put 114kg on the bar. That rep's timing was a little off and I had to step it front a bit when standing up. At this point there was no turning back so it was 116kg next on the bar. Started pulling. Felt heavy but the bar came up well, and I found time to drop under the bar. Once it was on the front rack, there was no doubt of hitting the lift successfully. My legs can carry this kind of loads easily. It's more like a mental thing whether I dare to go under the bar or not. This time mental game was on the spot.



  • Every minute on the minute x 21 minutes
  • 1st min: 30 double under
  • 2nd min: 12 toes-to-bar
  • 3rd min: 12 burpee

My mind was happy after this one, and I almost left the gym without a metcon. Scribbled this one at the spot. Double unders were a no-brainer. I need to keep practicing them. T2b's are always a good choice. And burpees of course. These elements are just perfect. Couldn't imagine a situation where I would look back at a workout with these, and think they didn't serve good for their purpose.

But how about the number of reps. That took me some time. Starting point with the du's was to have then mostly unbroken. On the first round I took 40 reps but had some misses so on the next round it was 30 reps and I stuck to that one till the end. Mostly unbroken, couple of misses including. But the biggest takeaway is that they felt great compared to the latest du sessions.

T2b's were unbroken. It took a toll on my grip and core in the end so the 12 rep sets were also a good choice for today. Burpees were the ugliest of these elements. Really made me breath towards the end. This was a good combination of movement, and finished the training session well.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday 17.8: Hspu emom, Rowing Helen

Monday. Emom x 5min: 8 hspu. Rowing Helen. Time, 9.55.

Day after Smolov. Great. My legs are quite tired to be honest but I loved to hit a regular training session. Some bodyweight skills in the beginning, and then a benchmark workout as a rowing version. That worked well for this Monday. Plus I had Pauliina with me doing Helen. That was pretty sick! She kicked Helen's butt big time.

  • Every minute on the minute x 5min:
  • 8 handstand push-up
I love this this movement. Great bodyweight element to work on shoulders, triceps and actually the entire body is tense during the reps. Got to be, otherwise it's not going to work well. This was emom style stuff. Complete 8 reps in a minute, then rest for the remainder of the minute. It got spicy pretty soon because of the short recovery, and this was the best I got this time. These are good portions to start a training session in my opinion. Doesn't take much time, and you still get a good bunch of reps in the bank.

Rowing Helen. Time, 9.55. Compare to 29.10.2014
  • 3 rounds of:
  • 400m row
  • 21 kettlebell swing, 20kg
  • 12 pull-up
It turned out I've done this once earlier about a year ago. Venue was different, a bit of a different set-up with more walking to be done around the gym. This place also had only 20kg bell. Okay another option would have been 28kg. Rx'd Helen is 400m run, 21 kb swing at 1.5 pood (=24kg), and 12 pull-ups. That I have done once, as one of the very first crossfit workouts ever, in 2012. Took my breath away big time then.

Today it did also. Maybe a bit of holding back a little. At least breathing-wise. My forearms were were shot from this combination. As rowing version there are three elements where grip is at stake. Rowing, and pull-ups are pulling movements and then kb swings need grip strength as well. The further the workout goes, more challenging the situation with the forearms go.

I completed this workout today in a similar way as last time. The only difference was probably the transitions. Rowing seemed to be the same pace. Sub 1:45 in the first round, and then sub 1:50 on the latter two rounds. Swings were unbroken, pull-ups were broken, don't quite remember the sets but it must have been the transition stages between stations that took my time.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sunday 16.8: Back squat

Sunday. Back squat 10x3 (138kg).

Yesterday was pretty much a rest day. We spent the weekend in Klaukkala with the in-laws. Great quality time with the family. There was some yard work to be done, real life crossfit, and some games that we played, but other than that it was all eating and chilling. Recovery at its best. Sunday evening I went to the gym for the final day of Smolov squat program.

  • Back squat 10x3 (138kg)
I did mental prep for days leading up to this day. This is very close to my one rep max of back squat. How happy am I for this stuff to be over! Really, it was brutal, and every session was heavy in its own way. Sunday triples were the heaviest of each day but they were also the shortest sets.

It's been 4-time squatting for weeks now. It has also forced me to think a bit more of the metcons in a sense that I needed to step back on the volume of metcons during this Smolov thing. I've been missing some bad ass metcons, and I think I have good ones in reserve for the upcoming weeks.

There are some takeaways from Smolov. I was mentally strong. Big thing. These sets were not easy. Another thing is that strength crawled in to this body somehow because my legs took this burden well. My legs felt fresh throughout the game and had no issues whatsoever with lower body. Lower back felt the burden in the long run but legs were fine.

Squats 10x3

I was somewhat surprised of not hitting ass to grass in every rep as that was the key gain last year when I did Smolov. That is something that needs to be thought thoroughly. Still, it feels like mobility took a big leap forward this time too. Didn't feel tight or pain in the hips at any time. Very loose actually, felt very good about that. Maybe it was my back that wasn't mobile enough. In front squats it feels way easier to go all the way down because it's easier to keep the back straight all the time.