Saturday, November 22, 2014

Friday 21.11: Active recovery

Friday. Active recovery.

Pre-Christmas party at work, what a blast! There's a total of 50 people at our sales unit, out of about 45 were present at the party, huge hit rate and it was a great time from the first minute. This was a rest day for me crossfit-wise.

We went to play "elephant football" after work. That means a sport which resembles soccer but is played with a huge gym ball, not with a regular football. That means to say there's not that much skills involved as you can't control the ball that well. Basic thing is that you somehow try to convey the ball to the other side of the field and score a goal. Today was the first day of real snow in Finland and the weather was pretty interesting. That made the sport even more awesome in my opinion. One of my coaches used to say back in the days that "there are no bad weather, there is just bad clothing". Word.

After football we headed back to work for party premises for sauna and dinner. We also have table tennis arena with two tables that were running full throttle for several hours. We played a tournament and there was probably someone playing throughout the evening. Food was good, company was great and everyone seemed to have a blast. Great success!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thursday 20.11: Shoulder-to-overhead

Thursday. S2O, triples (max 90kg). Metcon, 3rds of: 2min amrap of push press (60kg), 2min rest. Result, 57 reps.

Earlier this week I felt like it would be time for a day off. However, today I felt actually great in my body, and my legs had also recovered well. It's like my legs have been put to a real test. They are taking a hit on a daily basis so it's been tough times for them. Now I feel great and it was a session focusing primarily on shoulder strength.

  • 40kg: 3 shoulder press, 3 push press, 3 push jerk, 3 push jerk behind the neck
  • 50kg: 3 shoulder press, 3 push press, 3 push jerk, 3 push jerk behind the neck
  • 60kg: 3 push press, 3 push jerk
  • 70kg: 3 push press, 3 push jerk
  • 75kg: 3 push press, 3 push jerk
  • 80kg: 3 push press
  • 85kg: 3 split jerk
  • 90kg: 3 split jerk
My intention was to build it up to a heavy triple. There were a lot of eagerness in the beginning so I did some complex stuff. Different styles of getting the bar from rack position to overhead. Mostly from front rack but some behind the neck (btn) too. Gradually I built it up to 90kg for a split jerk triple.

It's freaking awesome to being able to do things again without having to think about them too much. There's no pain in my wrist but I'm not going to try hspu's and push-ups just yet. Their time will come still. Lightest weights went up as shoulder presses too, that was one heck of a complex pushing / jerking the barbell up several times in a row.

At 60kg I dropped shoulder press and behind the neck jerks from my workouts. Decided it's gonna be more efficient this way. It's quite common for me to find it a little shaky on the heavier push jerks. Today my focus was on getting below to really move faster. Don't know how that turned out though =)


Metcon. Result, 57 reps
  • 3 rounds of:
  • 2 min amrap of push press, 60kg
  • 2min rest
This is great. I've done this similar way before just to work on muscle-endurance. This is stolen from the Champ himself. I'm happy I once saw the workout. This time m shoulders were not in perfect condition towards the end tof 3 of all lifts started to feel heavy. There was not doubt at any given moment of the workout whether I would complete the reps or not.

My result was probably something like 23 - 18 - 16. So from the first round it dropped each round but I was more interested in burning my shoulders, having good intensity and enjoying my time.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday 19.11: Snatch Balance, Pull-ups, Ohs, Run

Wednesday. Barbell, snatch balance (max 60kg). Metcon, 3rds of: 15 pull-ups, 10 ohs (40kg), 400m run. Time, about 10.20

Evening at work and morning at gym. That was the game plan for today. I felt the urge to get my hands on snatch balance. That was spectacular. I had no rush at all, just kept working on my technique on snatch balance. My metcon was supposed to be something else but it felt like a great idea to do overhead squats as a continuance to snatch balance.

  • Snatch balance, sets of 1-3 reps at 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 60, 60, 60, 60
I really think this might be the key to success on snatch. Coach Burgener seems to think that way too. I got to step up my game with the snatch. 10-year old kids lift more on snatch than I do. I'll add snatch balance to my warm-ups to some extent and olympic lifts must be a regular thing in my programming. I've neglected snatches in all forms for way too long. My mobility has neither been on a level where I could do squat snatches so that has had its effect. Now that shouldn't be that big of a prob anymore. It has to get better still but it's already taken huge steps forward.

This time I took couple of snatch grip presses / jerks, then mostly triples of snatch balance. Focusing on trying to find the correct path down in the hole. Plus I focused on getting below parallel. It was good job when I held the bar back enough. At times I was probably too nervous and pushed the barbell in front a little which created problems in stabilizing the bar overhead in the squat position.

All in all, I'm very satisfied to this practice. I've never probably gotten an accepted rep on snatch balance. And the heaviest no-repped attempt has been at 50kg. Why they have not been okay reps is the depth on squat. This time that was good in majority of the reps, some definitely stayed above parallel though.


Metcon. Time, about 10.20
  • 3 rounds of:
  • 15 pull-up
  • 10 overhead squat, 40kg
  • 400m run
This was fun in its own way. There's been tons of pull-ups lately. Actually there's been about 400-500 this month and about the same amount on the last weeks of October. Okay, I promised myself I'll put them back to where they belong but it's also because there have been restrictions on things I've been able to perform.

Anyway, I love pushing through those pull-ups on a regular basis. Plus it was cool to do overhead squats. Because there was running included I had my nano's on. Still, it felt natural to complete those ohs reps below parallel without having mobility issues. This means to say something positive has happened after squatting my ass off on the Smolov program. Hip mobility has improved a lot and some good things have happened on the shoulder / back section too.

I didn't rush with this workout. It was more like to just grind the reps in the books. Go unbroken on pull-ups and overhead squats. I didn't time this so precisely but on the video I count it was approximately 10.20. Good moving around in general. I liked this session!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tuesday 18.11: Squats, Cleans

Tuesday. Strength, back squat (max 135kg). Clean triples (max 95kg).

Back to squatting. There were some questions in the air as my ass was sore and hamstrings were tight. All because of Sunday's metcon of wall balls and lunges. I took some extra doze of magnesium yesterday to recover and foam rolled my legs enough to get back in action this Tuesday. This time I left metcons alone and concentrated in barbell work.

  • Back squat 3x100, 3x112.5, 4x127.5, 4x135, 3x135, 3x135, 4x130kg
  • Squat clean triples (40, 60, 70, 80, 90, 95kg)
These squats were a bit on the heavy side for today's shape. Having sore legs in the first place wasn't probably the most ideal situation to go squatting. I was looking to fight for 5's with 135kg in the end but damned that barbell was heavy at 135kg. I was able to go for 4-3-3 reps with that weight. 

On the last set I decided to take one step down to finish strong. And it sure was, that was light as a feather. Well, maybe a little exaggerated but you get the point. There was some psychological element involved by dropping down 5kg. The weight felt like it was 120kg.

Next focus was on squat cleans. Yesterday I took some power cleans in the metcon but squat cleans are a totally different ball game. Wrist must be in a little more flexed position so I wanted to see how it feels like. It's been okay yesterday and today so I was confident of hitting couple of cleans. I took couple of triples, building up to moderate heavy weights.

Those cleans felt awesome all the way, no pain at all! I was super stoked over this. My legs were spaghetti but the cleans were light for me. I'm definitely trying to take it easy on the wrists but still I want to start handling the barbell quickly. Let's see how much patience I really have.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday 17.11: Push jerk, Clean, Pull-ups, Du's

Monday. Barbell, 7x3 push jerk (max 70kg). Metcon, 6rds of: 5 power clean (60kg), 20 du's, 10 pull-ups, 20 du's. Time, 12.22

God damn my legs hurt. Don't remember when they were this sore. Squat days don't make that kind of effect anymore as I squat that often. But yesterday's combo of wall balls and lunges was brutal. On the bright side my wrist felt okay this morning so I took a shot and went after push jerks and then cleans in the metcon. Great stuff!

Barbell. Light technique work
  • Push jerk 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 (50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 65, 60kg)
I was so eager to go heavy with the barbell. I took the first reps very carefully but my hand allowed me to go further. I had the wrist wraps as tight as they could be to give a proper protection. Thought it would be smart to stay light in the beginning as this was the first time putting bar overhead in two weeks. Okay, last Friday we did light work with Toni as a pair workout. Other than that this was the comeback workout for overhead strength.

I loved every second of this. I've been longing this a lot. It was very difficult to stay light as it felt like the bar was moving under my command pretty well. Towards the end I was more and more thinking about dropping faster under the barbell.

Push jerks

Metcon. Time 12.22
  • 6 rounds of:
  • 5 power clean, 60kg
  • 20 double unders
  • 10 pull-ups
  • 20 double unders
Another element that has been missing from my metcons lately: cleans. Freaking awesome to getting them back! It's funny how the barbell got heavier after working a lot with only bodyweight lately. Even though I've had metcons all the time and the intensity has been at a good level but barbells in metcons are a great thing to add on a steady basis.

Today my body was way too smashed on the legs which resulted pretty much everything feeling heavy. So my performance in this workout wasn't ideal on any of the movements. Cleans felt heavy, I had misses on double unders and pull-ups had to be broken after probably 3 rounds. Time on this workout was not on the essence, just needed to work through the reps.

That doesn't bother me that much. Main thing was that my wrist felt better and I was able to do cleans and jerks. Hopefully this is a turn to better and I can keep these in the program in the future.


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday 16.11: Wall balls and Lunges

Sunday. Metcon, 50-40-30-20-10 of: wall ball (9kg), walking lunges. Time, 12.57.

I had planned to go for some overhead strength action at the gym in the early afternoon. However, the weather was perfect for outdoor training. Sun was shining, it was crispy as it should be at this time of the year and it was all dry outside. I wore some long sleeves and took my wall ball with me and then we headed to a nearby place where there are good surroundings for metcons.

Metcon. Time 12.57

  • 50-40-30-20-10 of:
  • Wall ball shots, 9kg
  • Walking lunges

I was open-minded for the workout. Only thing that was in my mind was wall ball. Yesterday it was weight vest time, and today wall balls. Had to turn to Pauliina and discuss what would be a good element in her opinion to accompany wall ball shots.

After throwing ideas for a while it formed to walking lunges and the rep scheme was brutal for me. Thanks Pauliina for this great workout! A total of 150 reps of wall balls and lunges in a descending ladder, coming down 10 reps after each set, starting at 50 reps.

Probably not a surprise to anyone that when you do Karen with this kind of a twist, legs are gonna take a big hit. We went there at noon and now at 6 in the evening I can still feel the burn in my thighs. Wall ball seems to be a perfect movement in all possible ways. Usually my shoulders bail on me earlier but today legs were screaming too. Normally my legs can take the burn well. The combination of these two made it more miserable for lower body too.

I got the wb's done on 32-18 in the first round. Second set was most likely 15-15-10. I'd suppose the round of 30's was 15-15. Set of 20 was done in two sets 10-10 and the last one unbroken. I felt the need to cut these sets because muscles were getting fatigued.

The parking lot was 14 steps wide when completed as walking lunges so I went back and forth for that distance. Basically it was about 2 times each way on the first round. Those turns were the times when I got to let my legs recover and get the tension off. Smaller sets (30-20-10) could be done in one back-and-forth set.

At least for me lunges make legs burn a lot. Usually in metcons there are quite a number of them at a time. Changing it directly to wall ball shots was not easy on legs. Had to shake them a little before grabbing the ball.

This was a great workout that could be completed outdoors. I enjoyed it tremendously, quality family time. I was able to workout and Pauliina likes to work with the camera =) Couldn't be better

Saturday 15.11: Row, Box, Burpees with weight vest

Saturday. Metcon, 20min amrap of: 500m row, 10 box, 10 burpee. Wear a weighted vest (9kg) throughout the workout. Result, 5rds + 200m row.

Quality time with my fiancé. We didn't have any planned action to go for this weekend so we utilized the opportunity to sleep late, eat a humongous breakfast of healthy smoothie and californian style omelette with spinach, turkey and avocados. Then we headed to "Jumbo" mall for some shopping, and Pauliina ended up finding the wedding ring of her dreams, great! In the evening we drove to the gym for another throwdown.

Metcon. Result, 5 rounds + 200m row

  • 20 min amrap of:
  • 500m row
  • 10 box
  • 10 burpee
  • Wear weighted vest (9kg) throughout the workout

Yesterday we had a great pair workout with Toni and it really feels in my body. Don't know it it was the push press or ring push-ups or the combination of them and high rep pull-ups but my shoulders and triceps are killing me. It feels great! I've been longing to have a barbell up overhead and yesterday I finally got to do it. I'm resting from squats so I really had no plans for today. At some point I thought about throwing wall ball outdoors but then we headed to the gym anyway.

I decided to get my weight vest with me after a long break of training with it. Smooth move, I liked it a lot. Brutal stuff, it makes training more harsh. I've got it from Pauliina about 2 years ago, love her! This was the first time it was on me while rowing or jumping on a box. Burpees are familiar with this equipment on.

What I had in mind was a longer metcon. I basically wanted to breath heavy and keep moving for a while, building engine. Rowing was somehow a little different with a vest. Breathing was more burdensome than normally. It was like my lungs weighed more. Or something, hard to describe.

Anyway, I got the machine moving pretty well after all. It was about 1:45 pace for 500m in most of the sets. Towards the end it was closer to 1:50 but it never went over that. This was by far the most challenging part of the workout. There was a total of 2.7km of rowing.

Box jumps were completed on the same height as regular jumps. With a vest on I decided to step down after each rep to prevent too hard impact on lower body. I kept moving on constantly which means to say I didn't rest or recover at any point, but jumped right up after stepping down.

Burpees are always a pleasure. No matter whether you have a vest or not. I wanted to have those because I know they make me breath heavily and get the adrenaline up. Luckily though, there were just 10 reps of them. The vest started to unravel on burpees as it was swinging back and forth as I dropped down chest to floor.

This combo of movements was exactly what I was looking for. After finishing the last 200m on the rower, I was definitely done and over this one! Good heavy breather as was the objective of this one.

I'm having high hopes of being able to push the barbell overhead somehow. Let's see how that turns out tomorrow.


Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday 14.11: Squats, Pair workout

Friday. Strength, back squat triples (max 135kg). Pair workout with Toni, 5rds of: 20 shoulder-to-overhead (50kg), 30 pull-ups, 40 ring push-ups. Time, 20.30.

We went to the gym early this afternoon. I had the privilege of working out with Toni, great man and a great athlete. We don't have the opportunities to train that much together so every time I see him work with a barbell, his technique seems to have improved since last time. Today I was admiring his push jerks and split jerks in a similar way, great speed! I got my squats in the beginning, then I talked Toni into throwing down for a pair workout.

  • Back squat, 3x100, 112.5, 127.5, 135, 135, 135, 135kg
Today I had planned on climbing up to heavy weights. Due to this damned wrist I have put a lot of work on lower body this week and yesterday there were plenty of pistol squats and rowing to get these legs smashed. Maybe that's why they weren't that fresh for extreme squatting. In the end, I'm very satisfied to this squat session! The only thing I was left thinking was that my last set was supposed to be hard core: 142.5kg (95%). We talked it over with Toni that maybe it's better to push it through with 135 anyway.

First sets were light and good warm-up sets. First real set was 127.5kg. However, that brought no problems at all but I felt the next set might be rough. And it was. I got a total of 4 sets at 135kg for triples which is 90% of my one rep max. Those were expectably heavy and Toni had to assist the last rep in either the first or second set, probably the first. My legs were chicken legs at that point and I realized it was some mental weakness. One pal was talking positive things to me about the loads I was able to lift so I decided to put some more aggression on the barbell. This resulted in getting the remaining sets done on my own. They were heavy but I got them!

Pair workout. Time, 20.30
  • 5 rounds of:
  • 20 shoulder-to-overhead, 50kg
  • 30 pull-ups
  • 40 ring push-ups
Toni had thought about concentrating only on light barbell work for technical purposes. I'm hoping this guy's back will heal soon so he can start lifting heavy bars again. He was easy to persuade for a pair workout. He had his back problems and I have my wrist issues so we talked it over for some time before we reached a consensus of what we are able to complete =)

This turned out to be shoulder-to-overhead with 50kg, pull-ups and push-ups on rings. I was very optimistic on push presses but still it was scary at the same time. I haven't pushed anything in about two weeks now. I tried it with empty bar and it felt painless. Then I threw 40kg on the bar just to see whether the weights would bring more pressure. It didn't. That feeling was awesome, so we decided to adjust the barbell at 50kg and go for some push jerks.

We agreed on the reps so that we both did 10 reps of jerks in the beginning. Later on in the workout it changed to 5's as our shoulders and triceps were burning too much. As you probably know, the pull-up station is close to a wall and it was too much for Toni to handle as he has used to do strong kipping pull-ups at Crossfit Vantaa where they have a great rig and plenty of room. That was a bit more difficult for that reason so we divided the reps so that Toni did 5's and I did 10's as this was my home turf. I went unbroken in the pull-ups which means to say there were 10x10 reps of pull-ups.

Push-ups are too painful but Toni suggested we'd try out them on the rings. That was a smart decision. In the first round we completed 20 reps in a row, then on the following rounds it was 10's, and a bit smaller sets in the last 1-2 rounds.

Originally we thought about this for 20min amrap but as the 5th round was so close to end we changed our minds in the last round to go a little further. We ended up doing 5 full rounds for time, at 20:30. It was a great feeling to train with Toni!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday 13.11: Kb, Pistols, Du's and Row

Thursday. Metcon, 20min amrap of: 10 kb press (20kg), 14 pistols, 30 du's, 300m row. Result, 6rds + 3 pistols.

Squat is pretty much the only barbell work I can do currently and you can't squat everyday (or do you hmm…) so today was all about bodyweight. I took a longer metcon involving classic stuff and then skills too. Great decision! It worked very well for the purposes and goals I had.

Metcon. Result, 6 rounds + 3 pistol squats (337 reps + 1.800m row)

  • 20 min amrap of:
  • 10 (5/5) kettlebell press, 20kg
  • 14 (7/7) pistol squats
  • 30 double unders
  • 300m row

What I really wanted to do was handstand push-ups. I had been dreaming about it for days. My right hand is still too sore if I try to flex it to 90 degrees on the wrist. That makes it impossible to nail hspu's. On the bottom position it's okay but being inverted with straight arms is way too painful. It's not a healthy pain for sure. Let the time heal this one. I can train other stuff in the meanwhile. I'm just missing some real barbell work and hspu's.

It felt natural that kb presses would be out of question but I tried it anyway as a substitute for hspu's. Surprisingly there was no pain at all in this movement so it got part of the workout. 20kg bell is the heaviest there is at the gym. My 2-pood baby was at home. Those presses were the easiest part of this metcon.

Pistol squats are perfect element in a metcon, hands down. They get heart beat up, requires strength and skills at the same time. Can't perform them without either of them. And it also indicates if the body is biased in either left or right side. Obviously my left leg is much stronger than the right one. Had no issues with left leg whereas right was more challenging strength-wise. I still got them all done as planned. These require more accuracy when performed with Nano's instead of weightlifting shoes because of the heel elevation.

Double unders felt okay. My shins were a bit sensitive for some reason, maybe there's been box jumps or double's every day this week. I had 3 misses on the sets, one in every other set. Mostly in the last reps of those sets. I'd say those were more like minor concentration flaws.

Basic dinner, side salad

On the rower I went sub 1.45 on the first rounds and then sub 1.50 pace later in the workout. I tried to save my legs here and pull more fiercely with upper body. That's not ideal style in the long run but this combination of elements made my legs burn. Especially those pistols were cruel. I'd like to burn my shoulders more. That is somehow brutally satisfying feeling. Maybe I'll try some light push press tomorrow because those kb presses felt okay.

Keep the veggies involved. We had salmon for dinner in addition to these

By the way, have you been watching weightlifting's world championships this week. They're doing some crazy shit in Almaty, Kazakhstan. We also have couple of Finnish lifters there so it makes it even more interesting. There are some beautiful lifts being completed by Chinese athletes. I'm not that familiar with the lifters but I'm enjoying every second I see professionals do their thing. You can watch the games live from here.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wednesday 12.11: Squats, C2b, Box jump overs

Wednesday. Strength, back squat (max 135kg). Metcon, 7min amrap of: 7 c2b, 14 box jump overs. Result, 7rds.

There's something great to have a barbell on my back and do some brutal work up and down. Today's last sets were heavy and I felt them in my legs. Another focus point in my current training are pull-ups. I'll try to add them on a regular basis in the sessions and today it was c2b's turn to appear in the metcon.


  • Back squat 4x90, 4x105, 4x120, 3x135, 4x135, 4x135kg
These were 60-70-80-90% of my 1RM. This was not my own creation but Smolov's. Smashing sets of multiple reps at 90% of max is not that easy. Especially as last time I made a mistake with 135kg and finished only one rep out of the 3 planned reps. This took place last Friday.

Completing sets at 60% was very light as it was supposed to be. It was definitely warm-up weights. Same with 105kg. Next set was 120kg and it felt fine all the way. The jump from 120 to 135 was a bit intimidating but in the end it turned out to be my thing. I nailed all of these sets without issues. The last 2 sets were definitely challenging but I got them done with a little growling.


Metcon. Result, 7 rounds (147 reps)

  • 7min amrap of:
  • 7 chest-to-bar pull-ups
  • 14 box jump overs

Pull-ups and box, what a great combo and makes an awesome workout. There was a twist in both of the elements. Pull-ups were chest-to-bar's and on box jumps were up and over style. Both are more taxing than regular ones. On pull-ups you just need to pull with more power. On box jumps turning sideways on each rep makes it somehow tougher.

I was wondering about the time domain and the specs of this workout until last minute. I'm very happy on how it turned out. I had decided on the elements beforehand, was just thinking about whether to involve a third element or not. It turned out to be a couplet.

I was almost certain I would have to start breaking the sets on the c2b's at some point. I was super stoked to get them done unbroken each round. Plus round times were extremely balanced, no big difference between them. Round 4-5 were couple of seconds slower so I had to speed up in the last 2 rounds.

Needless to say box jump overs were quite steady paced too because otherwise round times would have been equipped with bigger difference. Reps on both elements were great. Having more c2b's would have been bad stuff but those 7 were manageable. I wanted this metcon to be one where I could keep on moving constantly and it was. Good choice!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Tuesday 11.11: Row intervals, Du's, T2b's

Tuesday. Row intervals 8x400m with 2min rest between sets. Accessory work, 5rds: 40 du's, 20 t2b, not for time.

Rowing trend continues, this time with pure intervals. Concept2 is a terrific machine, bad ass gear and enables athletes to build huge engines. Afterwards I did some extra with double unders and toes-to-bar. No barbell today. I miss cleans and jerks big time!

Interval work.
  • Row 8x400m
  • 2min rest between sets
  • Additional 2min rest in the middle
It's been a long time since doing this type of intervals on the rower. It was cruel, can't argue about it. I gave it my all, especially in the first 4 sets. My times were consistently at around 1.17 in the first half. There were some demand on the rower by one of my training pals so I took an extra 2min pause in the middle of the intervals so he could work his magic too. But I'm telling you that was very warmly welcomed.

I put my heart into this one in the first half and got my legs jello. The last 200m were the toughest in these sprints. My pace was somewhere around 1.36 which means to say I threw pretty much all in. Can't pull much harder than that. At this point my legs were done.

Okay, I got my breathing and lungs back in no time but the burn in legs was beyond words. It was difficult to get full recovery so it was kinda stiff from here on, for the remaining 4 sets. It also got to my head that tomorrow's another squat session ahead of me and there should be something in the tank then as well. Pace slowed down to 1.40

  • 5 rounds of:
  • 40 double unders
  • 20 toes-to-bar
This was not for time at all. And it wasn't a metcon style effort by any means. I wanted to concentrate on both without rushing through. Got the double unders unbroken except for one mistake in the second round. Felt good on these. Better towards the end.

T2b's went unbroken for 2 rounds. Then I had to start cutting them. It burned my core so that I had to drop down from the pull-up bar in the third round. It was probably something like 12-8 on the 3rd round. Then on the 4th it was done in 4 sets and the last was 5 sets.

Those row intervals were great, no doubt!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday 10.11: Squats, Pull-ups, Box, Run

Monday. Strength, back squat 7x4 (max 120kg). Metcon, 4rds of: 20 pull-ups, 20 box, 400m run. Time, 14.45.

Squat day. This is some sort of continuation to Smolov, I'll try to follow it, without stressing about it too much. But I need to squat anyway and there seems to be a good guide on how to stick to heavy weights. On metcon main ingredient was pull-ups. As I've told before, I'll increase the amount of them, especially now as I have some issues with my wrist and all kinds of press movements are forbidden. Pulling seems to be okay.

  • Back squat 7x4 (100, 105, 120, 120, 120, 120, 120kg)
These weights were pre-determined. Last 5 of the 7 sets were 80% of my 1RM. First set 66% and second 70%. Felt light all the way. It was a great feeling of pushing through these sets without any issues. 120kg is no biggie anymore. Warm-up weights. The result of squatting a lot. I also wanna squat frequently to increase mobility in my hips. It's not long ago since it was a problem but through working on mobility it has improved a lot. And squatting 4 times a week definitely helped it way more.

Push jerk descending 10-1, and pull-ups ascending 2-20.
Here's James Hobart going for this "Jake the Snake"

Metcon. Time, 14.45
  • 4 rounds of:
  • 20 pull-ups
  • 20 box jump, 61cm
  • 400m run (and crosstrainer)
I live for intense workouts. I've had to think about the movements what I'm able to do now. This wrist is setting some boundaries what I can do and what are out of limits. I'd like to clean, and press stuff in the air, do hspu's and muscle-ups, ring dips, burpees and snatches. Even squats bring some pain as the hand is flexed so I need to be careful.

Pull-ups are great, there's no pain at all. Today's focus was on rocking high-number reps per round. Started with pull-ups, then box jumps, 20 reps both. The third element was running. I got to the treadmill on the first round and ran 15km/h pace. On the second round it felt like one person jumped on the treadmill on purpose so I hopped on crosstrainer as a substitute, and stuck with it for the 3 remaining rounds. Went up to 400m on that too, it took a bit more time which can be seen on the round times as well. Rower was occupied too so this was the best there was available :)

I'm super happy on the pull-ups. Got 3 rounds unbroken, boom! I knew one round is for sure, and hoped for another round ub too. Well, it was supposed to be because there weren't other movements to burden upper body that much. Felt great to get 80 reps in the books this way.

This metcon was good in nature. Box jumps got to my breathing in a good way. It would have been perfect with the pure running element but this was definitely a good one! By the way, did you watch the Crossfit Invitationals last night, I had a blast checking it out. Below is a recap of the action!

Sunday 9.11: Rest day

Sunday. Rest day

We slept late, and then headed to Klaukkala to spend the father's day and watched some ice hockey. Plus the winter is coming so it seemed like a good time to change the winter tires. But the main thing is that today was a rest day, nothing too consuming on body. The metcons lately have been intense and will continue to be in the upcoming week too. At least that's my plan. My hand is preventing me to touch the barbell a lot so I'll try to focus on intensity.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Saturday 8.11: Run, Lunges, Squats

Saturday. Metcon, 6rds of: 330m run, 24 lunges, 24 commandos, 24 squats.

We had a great day of action ahead of us. I sneaked outside for a bodyweight metcon early in the morning to get some heavy breathing done. This was something close to benchmark workout Loredo. That workout consists of running, lunges, push-ups and squats, I had to modify it a bit but the intensity was great. In the early afternoon we hit it to downtown where we met with Pauliina's parents. Destination was wedding fair "Save The Date" at Kaapelitehdas. We're getting married next summer so we went to check some stuff out. Later on we celebrated my birthday, Pauliina's graduation and tomorrow's father's day. We went to Loiste and Torni, some of Helsinki's highest placed restaurants / bars, and in the evening for a fine dining dinner. Great day with the family!


  • 6 rounds of:
  • 330m run
  • 24 lunges
  • 24 commandos
  • 24 air squats

This workout was good. I have enjoyed running lately. There's something great running outdoors in a metcon, really gets the breathing go heavy and the air is crisp this time of the year. Easy to breath. I took lunges and air squats to accompany the running so it was quite a lot lower body oriented.

I wanted to have push-ups with the other movements but after first round I realized my right wrist hurt too much. That's why I switched it to commandos, something Pauliina has introduced me with. This was the second time I did those in any workout. It was a great substitute for push-ups. It's kind of similar movement but the angle of wrist is different in these two movements so it didn't bring that much pressure on the hand.

My pace remained steady throughout the workout. Don't know the time but I took 2 clips on video and my camera automatically stops running after 10 minutes which means to say it was about 20+ minutes. The pace remained pretty solid. I'm pleased with this one for sure! Good Saturday workout outdoors. In addition to this workout, the day was a success! Food and company was delicious and great!


Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday 7.11: Squats, C2B, Box, Run

Friday. Barbell, back squat (max 135kg). Metcon, 5rds of: 8 c2b, 16 box, 400m run. Time 10.40.

We had a great surprise at work as we nailed one competition and got rewarded for a surprise party during the day. One of Finland's most famous celebrity chefs Hans Välimäki came to our work place and prepared us a 6-dish lunch in a gourmet style. We had a blast with Toni and enjoyed every crunch of his delicacies. In the afternoon I went squatting some and then hit a great metcon to seal the deal!

Lamb, freaking delicious!


  • Back squat, 3x90, 3x105, 4x120, 1x135, 5x120, 5x120kg

This was fourth day of squatting in 6 days so no wonder my legs were worn out. I've had to squat more because my wrist has given me headaches in the past week. The x-rays didn't bring any comfort in the mental side as there seemed to be nothing wrong. However, it's been feeling better today. It still hurts so that barbell work is pretty much out of question. I'd like to do cleans / snatches already but that wouldn't be the smartest thing.

Squatting felt good until a certain point. Those 120kg reps in the beginning felt good. Then, all of a sudden 135kg load was too much to handle. I was supposed to nail a triple with that weight but I was able to go for a single. That was strange. My legs weren't ready for this heavy stuff. I took 2 sets at 120kg after this.

Metcon. Time, 10.40

  • 5 rounds of:
  • 8 chest-to-bar pull-ups
  • 16 box jump, 61cm
  • 400m run (15km/h)

I needed to get more pull-ups done. These have been on the back of my head lately and I've increased the amount of them in my workouts. Today it was time for chest-to-bars. I'm very happy I got them done just like that without any issues, unbroken all the way. Then I doubled the amount to 16 reps on the box jumps. Got them done ub as well, they got me breathing heavy but it was manageable all the time. I like the combination of pull-ups and box jumps, in any possible way. It makes a good workout any day. I asked Joni for a third element in the metcon and it turned out to be running.

I had 250m in my mind but Joni converted it into 400m which was a good call. It brought more burden and especially in a treadmill where it takes some time to reach full speed. I set the speed at 15km/h all the time until the last 200m in the last round when Joni came to adjust it to 16km/h. He was a good booster today!

I'm very pleased on the round times. First round 2:42, then the 3 next rounds were around 2.55 and the last round was the fastest of them all. Running a bit faster had its effect in the end. I tried to minimize the transitions between movements to keep the pace legit throughout the workout. What I had in my mind was intensity. I got that.