Sunday, August 9, 2020

Wednesday 5.8: Kbs, Sled pull + Badminton

Wednesday. AM. Wod, 6 rds of: 25 kbs @ 32kg, 20m sled pull. PM: Badminton 1h

Body was kind of hammered. Somehow all the work put in lately and short rest periods accumulated and it was almost time for a recovery day. However, the weather was perffect and as I watched the park next to our back yard, there was no other option but to grab a kettlebell and do something. I bought a rope for our kids some weeks ago, and realized it fits my sled perfectly. I haven't used that sled practically at all in a long time. Mostly because the diameter is of wrong size. Normal weights do not fit through the upside bar. But I have 10kg plates that do fit, plus it's "handy" to place some dumbbells on board.

  • 6 rounds of:
  • 25 kettlebell swings @ 32kg
  • 20m sled pull, standing
So the goal was to do a big set of kb swings each round, then burn forearms a little more with this standing rope climb. I mostly did unbroken sets on the kb, 4-5 rounds. I remember having to drop it at least on the last round at around 17-18 reps. Or maybe "having" is not the right answer. I just dropped. No excuses.

The rope pull seemed like a great movement. I have done that with a longer rope some years ago when I had the Rogue version of the rope. Anyway, good combination of movements. In the evening I had another conditioning piece in the form of badminton with Tuomas.

Tuesday 4.8: Run, Clean, Hspu, Air squats

Tuesday. Wod, 6 rounds of: 10 hang power clean @ 60kg, 15 hspu, 30 air squats. Time, 17.20.

It was an active day even though I recorded only one metcon for the day. I had to take my car to an annual service check. The place is about 3km away from our place so I ran back and forth during the day. Once in the morning, and once in the afternoon. In addition to that, I went walking around Klaukkala with the family twice during the day, went grocery shopping in the evening and squeezed this metcon during lunch hour.

Workout. Time, 17.20
  • 6 rounds of:
  • 10 hang power clean @ 60kg
  • 15 handstand push-ups
  • 30 air squats

This was a great metcon. Something that can be pushed through unbroken but so that it would be mental towards the end. It's difficult to say what was the most difficult point in this one. Maybe hspu's were the element that became the most challenging to keep smashing unbroken. But maybe it was the overall fatigue that little by little crawled in. I'm not sure if the last set of hspu's was unbroken or not. At least other than that it was. Cleans and squats were. Great combination of movements.

Monday 3.8: Row, Squat + Badminton

Monday. AM: Wod, 4 rounds of: 25 cal row 8 back squat @ 80kg. PM: Badminton 1h

It was about time to get some crossfit under my belt. Total of 7 days with total rest of pure crossfit stuff is a lot. That has probably happened like never. But for sure I felt tired after all those days so it definitely wasn't a rest week. But something positive happened to me as my left knee that has bothered me for quite some time, started feeling better on towards the end of the week. That enabled me to do some squats today.

  • 4 rounds of:
  • 25 cal row
  • 8 back squat @ 80kg
I had a looming headache building up in the beginning of the session but I thought it might go away after I get some body moving. Well, it didn't. Just got worse by the round. After 3 rounds it was quite nasty, especially every time I put the barbell back on the rack and the tension released, it was like a tsunami of blood bursting in to my head and giving a nasty pain. After 4 rounds it was intolerable and had to call it quits.

I felt miserable for some time and had no other option but to go to get a nap. Thank god it was possible. Not a self-evident thing nowadays with 3 little kids. Finally, couple of kids came crawling beside me which was super cute. After I woke up, feeling was like from another planet. I was ready for the rest of the day.

  • 1 hour of badminton
In the evening I was like a super man already. It's so rare to get a nap in my system that it definitely makes a difference. Evening was pure conditioning as we went for a badminton session for 60 minutes. The level of our skills is growing by the week so it's getting better and better, and you have to work more to get the points. That makes a good sweaty session and equals to a long conditioning piece.

Monday 27.7 - Sunday 2.8: Decorating

Week 31. This week was quite a hassle as we decided to redo our terrace. Beforehand the terrace ran on two sides of our house. The main terrace is on our back yard, including the outdoor dinner table for 8 persons, 3 person sofa and lots of room to hang around and space for kids to play around. The other terrace is what we call the sauna terrace as there is another entrance from the utility room which goes straight to our shower and sauna.

The plan was to update the visual effect of the entire terrace. That's about 80-90 square meters which is rather large terrace in general. Purpose was also to expand it in couple of spots, and lift about 1/3 of the terrace's floor (=sauna terrace) which used to be about 30 centimeres lower than the main terrace.

It took us exactly 7 days and 70 hours during that week. We are very satisfied to the outcome of the operation. It's at least as good as we envisioned it beforehand. I can already now see that the entire family seems to be happy about the change, and everyone has started to spend more time outdoors at the "main terrace", "sauna terrace" or "sun deck".

Couple of pictures of the outcome.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Sunday 26.7: Squat, Tb2, Box step-ups

Sunday. For 6 rounds of: 10 back squat @ 60kg, 15 t2b. For 4 rounds of: 8 box step-ups @ 2x25kg db

On Sunday I once again spent the day outdoors at home doing different kinds of yard work, cutting bushes, shoveling stuff and cleaning up. It took me all day to finish my goals. Still, I needed to get the barbell on my back for some squats. I was hoping to hit a bit heavier weights but left knee is still feeling it so I went light on these.

  • 6 rounds of:
  • 10 back squat @ 60kg
  • 15 toes-to-bar's
I just needed to move. No stress over the clock. Just did the work, focused on good movement patterns. Back squats were light. I have been neglecting heavy squats due to this knee issue lately so I'm missing good ol' squats to take place.

T2b's for 15 reps per set was definitely doable. Hands / Palms got a bit sore for some unknown reason but I still knocked these unbroken. This was a good activation. Not hard core metcon nor strength session. Just work being put in.

  • 4 sets of:
  • 8 single leg box step-ups @ 2x25kg dumbbells in front rack position
Some accessory work to strengthen lower body. It's kind of uncomfortable to have those dumbbells in front rack position so that definitely had its effect on those step-ups. I had the box at 50cm height so not the regular 60cm. I did these so that I alternated each after every rep. That means 4 per each leg.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Saturday 25.7: Intervals

Saturday. Intervals, every 4:00 for 32min: 30 cal row, 6 hpc @ 2x25kg db, 6 press @ 2x25kg db

I spent the morning with our twins as Pauliina was organizing baby shower type of action to one of her friends. We were supposed to hit the track and field with these little dudes but weather threw a curveball as it started to rain. Luckily we got a friend meet with dads and kids. After we got the twins for a nap, it was my time to shine at the gym.

Here's one extra round after the workout 

  • Every 4:00, for 32min (8 intervals)
  • 30 cal row
  • 6 hang power clean @ 2x25kg dumbbells
  • 6 push press @ 2x25kg dumbbells
Damn my legs and arms are still a bit shaky. This got to the core of humanity. Focus was to do strong strokes, recover on the way back and then hit another strong stroke. That 30 calories was about 400 meters, at least as I checked it on the first interval. I wanted that row to hurt instead of pacing it through. Making the dumbbell work suck a little more.

On paper the number of reps on the dumbbells was small but I knew it's gonna hurt. And it did. After rowing it was repulsive to grab the dumbbells. So after I brought them down I needed to catch my breath for a while after every sprint. And there was enough rest time to recover for the next interval. If not, it would have become an amrap or something alike. This combination turned out to be perfect for me.

Friday 24.7: Upper body smash

Friday. Wod, 10 to 1 reps of: push press @ 60kg and rope pulls. Accessory: curls, strict press and push-ups.

I bought a 4.5m rope from which arrived today. Mainly for the kids to play with. Goal is to hang it on the pull-up bar so they can swing back and forth with that one. Emma likes to do all kinds of hanging, swinging and climbing type of stuff, and has had her hands on a rope multiple times in different places. I once had a 7.6m long rope from Rogue but I maintained that poorly outdoors and it got wet for too long time. Result was that it started to grow mold and I had to cast it away. Plus, I also don't have high enough place to have an actual rope climb station so this short one will do for now. I wanted to try it out also so it was essential piece of my workout.

  • 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 of:
  • Push press @ 60kg
  • Rope pulls
Oh man, the grip burn was unreal on this one. This sucked big time. In the long run it would be cool to being able to do legless L-sit climbs. That's pretty much the only way to do some sort of rope climbs on a pull-up bar. This time I tied the rope over my Yoke's horizontal bar and started each rope pull from the floor, and ended sitting back on the floor after pulling myself to a full standing position. I can't describe properly the nasty feeling on my forearms. It just felt like those went numb and it was like the barbell might fall from my hands had I grabbed it too early.

  • 4 rounds of:
  • 20 bicep curls @ empty barbell
  • 20 strict press @ empty barbell
This was copied straight from Noah Olsen. He told it's a great upper body pump to finish a training session. It definitely was so, especially on my shoulders. I did one round of each, then recovered a bit before going for the next round. Those last presses were challenging each round. Funny feeling with such a light barbell.

  • 150 push-ups
Some grunt work to finish the session. I did 25 reps on the first set, then mostly 15 reps per set to finish those 150 reps. Nothing beautiful, just pumping up and down to get more volume in.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Thursday 23.7: Row and burpees

Thursday. Wod, 10 rounds of: 20 cal row, 12 burpees. Time, 21min.

Woke up in the morning with the twins. Normal stuff but for some reason this time I was like being hit by a truck. Energy levels were at 0% and it was destined to become a rest day. Yesterday after training with Toni at Crossfit Kehä my in-laws came by because we were about to do some yard work with Kari, father-in-law. I threw shovel and axe throughout the day and was exhausted after getting to bed in the evening. It was pretty much work from morning to evening, either at the gym or at back yard. However, I got a chance for a nap and utilized that oppportunity. After I woke up, I was like a new man, and ready to anything. Took care of the little ones for couple of hours and in the evening stepped outdoors for a workout.

Wod. Time, 21 minutes
  • 10 rounds of:
  • 20 cal row
  • 12 burpees
Seemed like a good idea to focus on conditioning today.  I wrote this as a 20min amrap of those movements with the same rep scheme. But as the workout proceeded I figured to finish all 10 rounds to get some more action in the books.

It was very steady pace from first to last round. Kind of odd but the round times were mostly between 2:03 - 2:07. One round was 2:01 and one 2:11. My screen on the rower was set at the calories so I'm not sure at what my pace was during the workout but at some point I checked that it showed 1:50 pace per 500m.

On the burpees I just paced myself and kept moving. It was a simple workout. Right after rowing, walked to the gym matt and started moving. And after the last burpee, walked to the rower and began pulling the handle. That's why the round times were so close to each other. No need for extra breaks or rest periods.

Wednesday 22,7: Crossfit Kehä

Wednesday. Crossfit Kehä with Emma and Toni

Another awesome experience. I took Emma with me and headed to Crossfit Kehä with Toni. This time he also had his little fella with him. Onni is 3 years old whereas Emma is 4 years so they are rather close to each other and were able to train and play together. That allowed also the dads have some bro time together.

Barbell work.
  • For 10 minutes total work, as a team
  • 30 squat clean @ 60kg
  • 24 squat clean @ 70kg
  • 18 squat clean @ 80kg
  • Rest of time amrap @ 90kg
  • Result, 11 reps @ 90kg
Toni came up with these two first pieces from some competition, or qualification to a competition. Anyway, a lot of squat cleans to start the session with. It's a bummer I've had issues with my left knee. Or actually not the knee but the back side of that knee. When I squat it feels like there is some sort of pressure that doesn't feel great in there. Not painful but something not good anyway. The closest I can come up with is there's some sort of little inflammation there. It feels kind of tight when I go deep. That's the reason I haven't squatted in ages. Lunges are okay but squats haven't been a good idea.

Today I did more mobility in the beginning compared to a regular session at home. We were in no rush so I utilized that possibility. Squatting didn't feel great but it felt like it's not a problem today. After that 10 minute time cap the program said the next 10 minutes were dedicated to find 1RM in squat clean. I only took 95kg, 100kg and 105kg cleans, then called it a day on this one. My lifts usually look the same regardless how tired I am or how light / heavy the barbell is. This time I felt like I had to compensate the left knee's action with right side of the body so I didn't wanna go further with that one.

The actual barbell cycling went very well. We did all those reps as singles, at each weight. I was able to grab the barbell withing seconds after Toni dropped the barbell so I gotta be proud of the work put in.

Pair workout. Result, 13.35
  • As a team, complete 60-50-40-30 reps of:
  • Push jerk @ 50kg
  • Toes-to-bar's
This was interesting. We completed those push jerks pretty much in sets of 10 reps throughout the workout. We were able to maintain that pace. On the t2b's we started with the same plan. At some point we had to start breaking them up. Core was on fire and shoulders also got burned in the process. It was funny that first 4-5 reps on the jerks were rather easy but on the last 5+ reps the feeling escalated rapidly. Combined the hang on the bar plus pushing the bar put a lot of burden on shoulders.

  • Handstand practice
Since we were already in a perfect place to train, I decided to give it a shot and practice my handstand skills. I'm pretty satisfied on how it went. It is so rare that I throw myself upside down (if you don't count hspu's in) that it's very promising that I can stay in this position for some time, and also move forward even though it happens on a very slow pace. Confidence has boosted on this one.

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Tuesday 21.7: Pull-ups, Push-ups, Jumping lunges

Tuesday. Wod, 50-35-20 reps of: pull-ups, push-ups on parallettes and jumping lunges.

Today's main focus was purely on one thing. Breaking the current record of unbroken pull-ups. It stood at 41 reps from some years ago. I wasn't in a war zone mentality but managed to pull out a personal record anyway.

Wod. Compare to 26.2.2014
  • 50-35-20 reps of:
  • Pull-ups
  • Push-ups on parallettes
  • Jumping lunges
So I took some warm-up and mobility the same way I do every day before jumping on the pull-up bar. Nowadays the actual warm-up basically happens during the workout. For example today I didn't do a single pull-up prior to the workout itself. Well anyway, I jumped up and started moving. It took me sub one minute to complete those reps. It went pretty smoothly all the way up to 39 reps. Then I had to complete the remaining amount of reps as singles with a little pause in the bottom. My left hand's grip started to fail me and it was hard to hold on to the bar.

I'm very happy over this accomplishment. It was like hitting a wall once I came down. I mean it was tough to get those 7 more reps to finish the first round. Following with 50 push-ups on parallettes, and my upper body was blown. Finished the round with 50 jumping lunges, which by the way seems to be a bit underrated movement. That bit my quads a lot.

After the first set of push-ups I thought I ain't gonna do another pull-up / push-up. But lunges took the focus from upper body to lower body and somehow that recovery from upstairs gave me more energy to hit more pull/push movements. Did the set of 35 pull-ups as 20 - 10 - 5. And the last set was 20 unbroken pull-ups.

Monday, July 20, 2020

Sunday 19.7: Kettlebells

Sunday. Kettlebell work

Went to see my pops and stepmom for the day on Sunday. Järvenpää is the city I grew up and the town I call my home town. Spent 20 years there before moving to Helsinki / Espoo areas. Järvenpää has evolved a lot since those days and it's very pleasant town to spend summer days. Definitely recommendable to each and every one. Scenery is beautiful.

Originally there were text on the white board which said pull-ups / wall balls and burpees. I stepped outside and got fixated on the kettlebells. Started simulating in my head different versions of how I'd like to move those bells. Thought also about having two of those 2-poods in my hands simultaneously.

  • 7 rounds of:
  • 20 kettlebell swings @ 32kg
  • 14 kettlebell presses @ 32kg
  • 20 reverse lunges @ 32kg kettlebell
This turned out to be ugly. I also tried snatches. Movement pattern was good and smooth but there comes a little too much friction in my palms which were kind of sore. Or the calluses were on the verge of tearing up so I didn't wanna risk that. So I went with swings, presses and lunges. I didn't time this one but the main principle was to do everything unbroken and rest between movements if needed. And it was needed.

In the beginning I figured going for maybe 5 rounds but somewhere in the middle it turned to 7 total rounds. I also realized it's not gonna be smooth sailing 'til the end. It was probably the grip burn on the swings and rather heavy "not that stable" presses. Lunges started to bring overall burden but those were tolerable.

Saturday 18.7: Power cleans

Saturday. Power clean cycling

We spent most of the day at a beach. Rather exhausting day in total and it looked like it's difficult to get a training session in the books but I managed to squeeze in a quicky in the evening. We were supposed to go play some badminton after this but my playmate couldn't make it. This session was all about cleans.

  • 10 power clean @ 60kg
  • 10 power clean @ 70kg
  • 10 power clean @ 80kg
  • 30 power clean @ 90kg
As it might look like, it would have been natural to hit 10 reps at each weight, finishing at 100kg. In my "warm-up" I went to 100kg before starting the workout. Just singles and maybe doubles, climbing up. Then came down to 60kg and started chipping the bar away. I took 60kg and 70kg barbells touch'n'go style unbroken. On the 80kg I did them 4-3-3 reps. At 90kg it was 

Friday 17.7: Crossfit Kehä with Toni

Friday. Crossfit Kehä with Toni

Like you'd let a kid in to a candy store. This time I brought my oldest daughter with me as she is very sporty and likes to play around at Kehä as well as at our home gym. And basically where ever she can find the possibility to do so. Made her a path of boxes, plates and such. She also played with the rings, ropes, kettlebells and dumbbells. In the meanwhile, I got a chance to hit it with Toni.

Barbell work.
  • Every 30 seconds for 5min, perform 1 clean and jerk @ 70kg
  • Every 30 seconds for 4min, perform 1 clean and jerk @ 75kg
  • Every 30 seconds for 3min, perform 1 clean and jerk @ 80kg
This was completed as a solo piece. One lift every 30 seconds. We kept the weight the same for 5 minutes, then added some load and continued the same way for 4min, and finally the heaviest load for 3 minutes. I felt very stiff in the Morning and couldn't mobilize optimally so I had to stay conservative on the lifts to maintain good form. But lifting was rather smooth on those weights.

Pair wod.
  • 20 rounds as a team, alternating:
  • 1 rope climb
  • 3 power clean @ 80kg
  • 7 handstand push-ups
This was interval work. I started the workout, went through the first round of rope, cleans and hspu's, then it was Toni's turn to do his part. It took between 40 - 45 seconds on my part to complete one round. I checked the time in the beginning, in the middle and the last round, and it remained the same every time. To be precise it seemed to be something like 42 seconds mostly. Rounds were awkwardly similar to each other.

It was awesome to get my hands on a rope. It's been ages. I once had a 7.6m long version from Rogue but I kept it outdoors and it didn't like that treatment. Finally I had to ditch it. Anyway, I don't have a proper place to hang it so I have accepted the fact that I can't climb high at home. I recently bought a shorter one for the kids to play with, and am waiting for that one currently to arrive in the mail.

None of these movements were easiest / toughest but it was the overall burden that started to mount during those intervals. I was able to maintain the pace throughout the workout though.

  • Emom x 12min
  • Odd, ghd sit-ups
  • Even, skierg
This was the aftermath of the workout. The second piece was some sweaty business so we charged up for a while and then hit this gem. I went something like 20 ghd sit-ups per round, and didn't check the calories / meters on the skierg. Just hit it.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Thursday 16.7: Badminton

Thursday. 1h badminton

It's been a great week this far. We have been spending a lot of time on the road each day. Either at our own town or then somewhere in the rather near surroundings. With the kids constantly anyway. Good variety considering we spent 3-4 months at home due to korona virus and I was still working so there were not a lot of options but to stay home. Now it's a totally different ball game. Today we went to Korkeasaari Zoo. Here are couple of pictures from our trips lately.

Tuesday 14.7: Hspu

Tuesday. 1min on, 1min off, for 12 minutes: hspu.

We went for a full day travel to a beautiful city of Porvoo this Tuesday. The weather was promised to be great and the scenery in this old town is awesome.It's a tradition to go there once a year in the summer time. This time we had the in-laws with us. I was worn out from the trip after we got the twins to bed in the evening but somehow found a little bit of energy to go to my own gym outdoors.

  • 1min on, 1min off, for 12 minutes / 6 sets
  • Handstand push-ups
  • Result, 24 + 20 + 16+ 16+ 17 + 16 = Total of 109 reps
I thought I'd bench a little but that plan went to trash bin as my 4-year old wanted to do something on her own on that bench. No biggie, daddy figures something else out. Hspu's came to my head the first thing. This plan formed in the seconds to come. One minute of work, and one minute of rest. Same movement. I have never this workout on handstand push-ups.

First set was obviously the easiest. I didn't push myself to the extreme limit. That would not have been the smartest decision considering the reps to come and the short recoveries between sets. That recovery felt quite short, especially towards the end. But it was a good ratio for sure.

Number of reps dropped obviously and settled around 16 reps on the last 4 of them. Definitely not an easy one but I'm happy I was able to maintain some decent level of handstand push-ups through the course of the workout. And I'm very happy that I did go to the gym after a rough day. It usually pays off