Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wednesday 17.12: Push jerk, Pull-ups

Wednesday. Technique, push jerk (50-70kg). Metcon, 10-1 push jerk (50kg), 2-20 t2b. Time, 13.28. Mobility.

I had plenty of time to hassle in the morning. I dropped Pauliina to work earlier than normally, around 8 o'clock. This was the perfect opportunity to hang around for hours at the Box and torture my body. However, this human being was already hammered pretty bad so I took plenty of time for mobility in the beginning. That was a good call because everything felt kind of sore. That really helped.

  • Push jerk 5x40, 50, 60, 70, 60kg
  • Push jerk with a pause 4x60, 60, 60kg
I didn't put the sets written anywhere so this comes from memory. This was pretty close at least. Kept the weights light for a good purpose. I simply wasn't up to heavy lifting today. Instead, I tried to concentrate in moving the barbell faster. Not sure how perfectly I succeeded. But one thing is for sure. I should extend my hips more effectively. That was my focus point but it wasn't easy. You can see it from the clip, especially from the slo-mo version.

First there were normal push jerks with weights around 50kg and 70kg, light stuff but it was good for today. Then I thought about doing same movement with a pause in the dip position. Both elements felt alright today. Shoulders were a bit tight and my lats were tight too due to the pull-ups from Monday's hero workout Josh. I did foam roll them in the warm-up but couldn't quite get them to relax.

James Hobart rocking it back in 2011 =) Box jump standards have evolved a bit from those days

Metcon. Time, 13.28
  • 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 push jerk, 50kg
  • 2-4-6-8-10-12-14-16-18-20, toes-to-bar
This was a modification of "Jake the Snake" which was first introduced on Ben Bergeron's site That was 70kg jerks and t2b's were actually pull-ups. Looked like nasty stuff when he crushed it. That stayed in my memory and this was some sort of variation of it. Because my body wasn't fresh I came down to 50kg on the jerks which turned out to be too light. The only tough rounds were rounds 9 and 8 reps. First one was, well the first one, so it was easy. And from 7 reps on it wasn't that many jerks to be done anyway.

It was somewhat surprising those t2b's were as challenging as they were. There was a total of 110 toes-to-bar and 55 jerks. I got the core element done unbroken up to the round of 10 reps. 12's were 8-4. From then on it was a misery. 14's were 6-4-4. Next one 4-3-3 and then mostly doubles. In the latest rounds there were singles among as well. It was just too much to handle linking bigger sets. But luckily dropping down from the pull-up bar is not an issue time wise because you can go back pretty quickly.

This was okay for a workout but as a bad ass metcon it left me a lot of good breathing in the tank. Because of all those drops from pull-up bar it didn't burn my lungs that much. Breathing was under control all the way but core was in flames at around 12 t2b's on.


  • Foam rolling
  • Resistance band
  • Lacrosse ball
  • Sots press
I really needed time for this. This was a clear focus area this Wednesday. In the beginning and in the end, lots of mobility work to release tensions in my body. Foam roll is classic stuff, everyday material currently. I did different styles of stretching for lower and upper body with the resistance band. It's been long time since I used lacrosse ball to target the painful spots in upper back so today was time to get back on track with that. Sots press with a barbell is also something I've paid attention to lately. Not 20kg bar but pvc pipe and then we also have a small bar that weighs about 5-10kg. It's very encouraging to realize I'm able to do that movement in general, even with the lightweight stick. Before Smolov that was not possible.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday 16.12: Squats, Box, Hspu

Tuesday. Strength, front squat 4x9 (100kg). Metcon, 5rds of: 5 back squat (100kg), 8 box, 11 hspu. Time, 13.13.

Second "management day" in a row this week. That meant a lot of sitting still and listening to different people talking stuff. In other words, my ass was numb already in the midway. Maybe not the ideal approach to a squat day but a man's got to do what a man's got to do. And that is to squat! Metcon afterwards was heavy.

  • Front squat 4x9 (across 100kg)
All sets at 100kg. First time ever doing this many front squats at 100kg. Those started to feel nasty after 5-6 reps. As it was of course supposed to be. I thought these would be easier but man did they start to become a pain in the ass. I felt it after first set that this is not gonna be that easy.

Got them done so that I completed 4-5 reps (depending on the set) t'n'g, then caught breath on top before knocking 1-2 reps at a time. This was tough stuff. I had to grind through the last reps and my shoulders were taking hit with the legs. It was almost more challenging on the shoulders than lower body. I'm happy on the form I was able to maintain.

Metcon. Time, 13.13
  • 5 rounds of:
  • 5 back squat, 100kg
  • 8 box
  • 11 handstand push-ups
This was totally different than normal metcon. Going for 100kg back squat is not that heavy for strength training but throw it into a metcon and it definitely is heavy. Squats, then box jumps and finally hspu's. For a total of 5 rounds. I completed this one with weightlifting shoes because of the squats so my box jumps were not as efficient as normally. I didn't try to bounce right back. I dropped down, and then with the same motion jumped back. Just bent my knees enough and got back up. But it was different than normal box jumps where I stay on the ground for just a fraction of a second.

Those back squats were doable all the way. It's hard to describe how they felt because the weight was okay but it didn't feel tempting to take it on my back rack. Had to take breaks between movements which took some time. Couldn't hop on to squats right after hspu's.

It's been rare to see hspu's in my workouts lately. Right wrist has been an issue for over a month now but now it feels like it doesn't bother me that much any more. It needs proper warm-up but then it's manageable. I got 2 rounds unbroken on hspu's. 3rd round was 7-4, so was the 4th and last round was 8-3. It was incredible to get those reps done, I enjoyed every single rep because I've been missing those a lot. And at some point I thought I'd never be able to do them again. Yes, I was in deep waters some time ago =)

This was a good variance to normal high intensity workouts. Intensity and heavy breathing were part of the elements of this workout but not in a same level as in a regular benchmark workouts for example.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Monday 15.12: OHS, Josh

Monday. Ohs 3x2 (70kg). Hero wod Josh, time 10.43.

Long day at work, after which I drove back home to my love, ate some dinner and then we headed to the gym with my baby. Program stood heavy overhead squat doubles and a hero workout I just recently  caught from somewhere. I've missed this one totally before. Maybe I have ignored it because overhead squats have been a problem earlier. But new tides have turned and I can rock them nowadays. Josh, here I come!

  • Overhead squat 3x2 (across 70kg)
My intention was to get some heavy ohs done before the actual workout in order to get the metcon weights feel light. Plus it's about time to hit some heavier reps every once in a while. Focus was on moving deep enough and find good balance on the movement. Had no problems carrying the weight on my shoulders. That was good news. It was too heavy for me to try drop it to back rack. I could have but it was a bit intimidating so I decided to drop it to the floor.

Ohs recap

Took some lighter sets at 40, 50, and also 60kg warm-up sets. Total of 5 sets at 40kg, going as deep as possible, like a pause squat depth. That felt great so I continued the same process on 50 and 60kg. On the sets of 70kg my depth was not rock bottom but still below parallel. It would be a good call to go as deep as possible each and every time I squat. Just like on back and front squats.

Josh. Time, 10.43

  • 21 overhead squat, 42.5kg
  • 42 pull-ups
  • 15 overhead squat, 42.5kg
  • 30 pull-ups
  • 9 overhead squat, 42.5kg
  • 18 pull-ups
Great workout! It was challenging on grip strength for sure! My forearms were killing me during the pull-ups. Strategy was to hit barbell movement without dropping the bar at any point. I knew that would be a bit of a challenge but I was able to make it. Goal achieved. I had no idea how long this wod would take time, I guessed something between 10-20 minutes. It ended up being correct, final time 10.43 =)

Ohs was the easier movement. Pull-ups were awful. On the set of 42 reps I cut it early on. It was 10-10-8-7-7 reps. Next round was something like 6-4-4-4-3-3-3-3, and the last one 6-3-3-2-2-2. That means to say it definitely wasn't easy to hold on to the pull-up bar and knock the reps on.

Go ahead and try the workout. Be aware to have some good tension in the forearms. Plus don't let the barbell drop at any point.

Josh recap

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Sunday 14.12: Front squats

Sunday. Front squat 10x3 (across 110kg).

It's day of the floorball world championships! Great day to watch some quality floorball. Finland is playing agains Sweden, it's a repeat from 2 years ago. That time Sweden crushed Finland but the 2 finals before that were ours to win. Now that the game is over I'll have to inform our beloved neighbor took the brightest medals back home. It was a great game though!!! Awesome fight. I went to do front squat triples in the afternoon. Quick squats and then sports from TV.

Milko Tokola, Finnish weighlifter

  • Front squat 10x3
  • All sets at 110kg

Lots of squat triples with 110kg. I was in a hurry to drive back to see the game so I sped these sets up. It took me only 20 minutes to push through all 10 sets. That means it was more like an emom training =) One set in every 2 minutes.

This weight felt rather heavy on front rack position as I stepped up and back from the rack but once I dropped down to a full squat it was okay load to handle. It was awesome to see this weight was by no means intimidating. I went almost like t'n'g on all sets. Just a short pause on top to catch a breath, then continued the path back down.

Front squats

Looking forward to smashing some more heavier weights in the near future. Last night's sleep was not the best because we were celebrating Katri's graduation late at night. That's the reason why I dropped metcon from today's program. I had written down a combination of rowing, thrusters and toes-to-bar. That would have been a killer!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday 13.12: Cj emom and DT

Saturday. Clean and jerk emom x 5min: 2 reps @ 80kg. Benchmark wod DT, time 11.30.

Tonight we are heading to celebrate one of Pauliina's best friend's graduation. It was also great to sleep for a good 10h last night. For the entire week I got only something like 6-7h of sleep, and that's okay, I'll manage with that but I'd take 1-2h more every night with great pleasure. So it's classic that on Saturday we sleep late and load the batteries. In the early afternoon I hit the gym for a benchmark workout DT, tough stuff.

Clean and jerk.

  • Every minute on the minute for 5 minutes:
  • 2 reps @ 80kg

I concentrated in my technique prior to this emom workout with lighter weights, in my warm-up section. Focus was on bringing the bar higher on my thighs in the power clean and then speed on the push jerk or split jerk. I don't have that much time to analyze so I'll let you be the judge on the videos below.

Warming up

This emom workout was great. 80kg is rather heavy for me, especially on multiple reps. It starts to get uncomfortable. However, I felt like the reps looked pretty solid and similar which is always a positive sign in my eye.

Emom x 5min

DT. Time, 11.30

  • 5 rounds of:
  • 12 deadlift, 70kg
  • 9 hang power clean, 70kg
  • 6 push jerk, 70kg

Uuh… I got 4 rounds on video, then someone came to the gym and battery was about to run dead anyway. Took the deadlifts unbroken, they were the easiest part of this one. Used clean grip / hook grip on them all the way.

Got hang power cleans unbroken for 2 rounds, then divided them into two parts. Those started to get nasty, very nasty. I could have maybe smashed them unbroken too but that would have had huge impact on my push jerks and that was not gonna happen.

4 rounds of DT

Push jerks were the most challenging part of the workout. My only goal in this workout was to get them unbroken so I did some strategic work with cleans in order to save energy for the jerks. And I finally got every round ub on the jerks, good job.

Great workout to say the least. Very challenging for muscles, shoulders especially. Breathing was also heavy most of the times. Grip strength was also a bit of an issue even though I used hook grip. Good one!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Friday 12.12: Front squat, Push jerk

Friday. Front squat, 7x5 (105kg). Technique, push jerk, light weight.

Friday was not dedicated to hardcore crossfit action. I focused on strengthening lower body through front squats and then played around with the barbell a little more. Just kept it light and aimed to look for explosiveness. This was enough for me for today. Then some mobility in the end for hips and back.

  • Front squat 7x5 (105kg)
It's awesome to get that barbell on front rack position and squat. This used to be my favorite move, and still I get the vibes of it. I'm using some sort of Smolov programming for front squat currently. Not that disciplined but somehow following that system.

This weight is something I need to concentrate on when I squat but still it's a weight that I can manhandle pretty well. It feels heavier when it's being lifted off the rack but once I get down, it's more comfortable. That's a little awkward =)

Anyway, it was 7 sets of 5 reps this Friday. All sets at 105kg. Last time it was 5x7 @ 100kg so now it was more sets, more weight but less reps. Felt good about the weights. Take a look at the 5th set below.

5th set at 105kg

  • Push jerk, 3x40, 40, 50, 50, 60, 70, 50, 50kg
This was not heavy at all. Basically light weight and the main goal here was to be explosive and fast on every single lift, no matter the weight. I started with very light load at 40kg, and took triples pretty much all the way. Actually the last 2 sets were 5 reps but who's counting. I believe I was very fast compared to my normal speed under the bar. That's still not quick but for me it was.

This was good practice for this specific purpose. Weights felt like feathers and that was the point all the way. It was cool to get the bar moving as it should. Jerks should not be presses by all means. This time I felt like I was able to lock out instantly and drop under the bar at the same time. Good good

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thursday 11.12: Mainsite workout from 6.12

Thursday. Metcon, 20min amrap of: 10 c2b, 20 squat (42.5kg), 30 du. Result, 425 reps.

Today was Pauliina's official graduation party at the university so we put on our best clothes in the afternoon and went to celebrate the occasion with her parents. Lots of festivities and definitely worth dressing up =) I sneaked to the gym earlier for a quick workout. Took short warm-ups because this was mostly bodyweight stuff. Just needed to get joints and muscles ready for the workout. Lately there have been awesome wods in the mainsite I took this one from there, dating back to 6.12.2014.

Metcon. Result, 425 reps (7rds + 5 pull-ups)
  • 20 min amrap of:
  • 10 chest-to-bar pull-ups
  • 20 back squat, 42.5kg
  • 30 double unders
This was a good rival to the other mainsite workout of rowing and dumbbell snatching. For some reason this won. I wanted to get pull-ups done so this was rather easy to pick. My result was 7 full rounds + 5 c2b pull-ups. This was a long metcon and I knew once again there is no reason to start running back and forth in the beginning. That would have only brought fatigue alongside.

On the c2b's I went 6-4 for up to 4-5 rounds. From then on it was 6-2-2, and the 8th round I had time to finish 5 reps in the last seconds of the workout. These were tough but still, I've developed a lot on this move. This brought me no problems even though they burned my upper body.

Have you done 42.5kg (95lbs) back squats? I don't remember ever having done them at this light weight. They caught me by surprise. Okay, I realized beforehand they must be challenging because otherwise they wouldn't exist on workouts. These wods always kick ass, and this was no exception. Each set of back squats was heavy on my legs.

I got them done unbroken without dropping the bar at any point. I took the bar tom ground every round. On the first round I did 10 reps, then caught my breath and completed a set of 5, more breath and another set of 5 reps. From then on it was 5-5-4-3-3 with short pause on top. But never did I drop the bar before 20 reps were done. That would have been a dork move strategically.

Start of the metcon

Double unders would have suited perfectly for me but there's obviously someone who has thought through this workout beforehand and who has wanted that legs are smashed from the squats before you got to move on to double unders. It's not so cool to jump around with stiff legs. But I got them pretty okay because there was only one miss during the workout, it was on the 5th round.

Great workout! I always love the mainsite wods. There's something in those workouts. Entire body is getting crushed each and every time.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wednesday 10.12: Snatch, Snatch press, Ohs, Burpees

Wednesday. Snatch, emom x 8min: 2 hang squat snatch @ 50kg. Snatch grip press 3-3-3 (max 70kg). Metcon, 5rds of: 10 ohs (42.5kg), 10 lateral burpees. Time, 8.12.

Went to work later in the afternoon so I had plenty of time to hit a session in the morning. I stepped at the gym 9.00, and took long warm-up to get ready for this snatch session. I'll continue to focus on snatch to improve on my mobility, and it's paying off. I took some accessory work in the form of snatch press triples. Last element was overhead squat and burpee combo, great one!

  • Every minute on the minute x 8 min
  • 2 hang squat snatch, 50kg
First I did classic Burgener warm-up stuff with pvc pipe and empty barbell. Then added some light weight on the barbell before starting the actual snatch workout. On these days that I don't have to rush anywhere I definitely take advantage of the time window. I'll prepare my body for 30-60 minutes before hitting it seriously. And I'm sure my body will thank me for that.

First set was on the light side. Second was a disaster with a failed rep on the first rep, and the replacing reps weren't beautiful either. Third set was okay effort and the path was much better than before. Fourth set was the best by far. Both lifts were decent and got to a deeper squat. Next minute effort was pretty much like the the 4th set. Actually the rest of the sets were somewhat similar. There was one shaky lift on the last set but the latter one was a good one. And by good ones I mean good ones for me.

I'm gonna continue to smash snatch in the near future, getting more comfortable in overhead squat position. This is a clean weakness and needs to be corrected.

Snatch emom

  • Snatch grip push press behind the neck 3-3-3 (60, 65, 70kg)
When I was doing those sets of snatch press it felt all the time like it's well under control. On the video the first set seems a bit wobbly for some reason. The reason why this was part of today's training session was because I want to get stronger on the overhead position with snatch grip. Eventually this will absolutely transfer into snatch with some level.

Snatch presses

Sets were okay, no problems at all in the presses. Three triples with increasing weight, up to 70kg for max set. I did 85kg press last week when I went to max lift on the overhead squat.


Metcon. Time, 8.12
  • 5 rounds of:
  • 10 overhead squat, 42.5kg
  • 10 lateral burpee
I reckoned this might be a fun little shoulder pain. And it was. Combination of ohs and burpees made muscles hurt. Again, ohs position is something that needs to be made better. So you'll probably see these in metcons too in the future. Weight was set at the classic 95lbs which converts to 42.5kg. Better do it this way so for example Nancy is similar weight and not a pound more.

This was no surprise that it hurt in my shoulders and legs. Both elements started to get tougher. I had to pace myself steadily because gassing in the beginning is not my thing. So round times were quite stable and that's the reason I was able to keep the man moving. First and last rounds were the fastest, actually the last one was the fastest. It was kinda like the last sprint to the finish line. There's nothing you have to hold back at that point.


This was a great training day. My confidence on the snatch scene is getting better. Gotta work on that good base before hitting "heavy" weights. Plus a good old metcon always makes a man happy =)

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tuesday 9.12: Front squat, 7min amrap

Tuesday. Strength, front squat 5x7 (100kg). Metcon, 7min amrap, 3-3, 6-6, 9-9… of: front squat (60kg), burpee. Result, 96 reps.

Squats all the way. That equals to a great training day. Front squats for starters and a 7min amrap together with Toni. Nice combo of squats and burpees. No wonder my legs were burning. Toni came to his roots at Haaga gym to refresh memories from 2 years ago. That's always a treat. He took some complex work of front squats and split jerks. We had the same time frame on the metcon but he changed the movements to front squats and kb snatches.

Shane Dorian

  • Front squat 5x7 (across at 100kg)
Continuing to focus on front squats and feeling good about it. Building volume, last time it was 4x9, now it was 5 sets of 7 reps, weight increased 10kg, to a total of 100kg. This weight is around 75% of my 1 rep max. Doing 7 reps was not light but it was something I was able to handle pretty well. I took the first reps of (4-5) each set touch'n'go style without stopping on top to breath.

Then on the last 2-3 reps I had to stop and reset before finishing the sets. There was no doubt in my mind at any point of the strength portion I would hit the sets as written. On the last reps my elbows fell down a bit, and I heard Toni yelling me to lift 'em up. I'm happy with the performance today.


Metcon. Result, 96 reps (6 squats on the round of 18's)
  • 7min amrap
  • 3-3, 6-6, 9-9… of:
  • Front squat, 60kg
  • Burpee
As if I didn't get enough pressure on lower body, I wrote this one on the spot. This style of workout is awesome. That means a couplet where you start at 3 reps, then every round add 3 more reps, and finish as many reps as possible in a certain time frame. For a couplet, 7 minutes is usually pretty good. You can throw pretty much whatever but it's definitely worth a good breathing if you mix barbell and bodyweight stuff. If you want to have a triplet, maybe 12 minutes is more suitable.

Toni hurried me to start quite soon after the strength as he had already finished his barbell work. No prob. At first we were thinking about hitting it with 80kg but the nature of the workout would not have been what I was looking for. Goal was to keep on moving constantly. With 80kg that would have been a different game.

Mobility, mobility

I didn't gas in the beginning. Took my triples with steady pace, same with the sixes. I went unbroken with the squats all the way up to the round of 12 reps. I thought I would do it through the round of 9's (and scared I would have to break that up too to not kill my legs) but didn't see it coming that the bar wouldn't go down for this long. So basically the round of 15's was the only one where I put the bar on the rack for a while after 10 reps, then finished the last 5 reps.

Burpees went ub all the way, and they were not as bad was I was preparing mentally. This was all about front squats. My heart beat skyrocketed on the burpees but my strength was in test on the squats. I was very happy on how my body kept moving even in the pain cave. Got 6 squats on the round of 18's before the time cap rang. It definitely gave a boost that Toni hit his own 7min couplet of front squats and kb snatches at the same time. Good to have that fella at the "box".

Monday, December 8, 2014

Monday 8.12: Cleans, Winter War 1

Monday. Strength, clean 2-2-2-2-1-1-1-1. Metcon, 10min amrap of: 30 power clean (50kg), 10 pull-ups, 30 box, 10 pull-ups, 30 du's, 10 pull-ups. Result, 190 reps.

Back at home! And back to crossfit! We arrived in the early afternoon, went home, made food and relaxed. By the way, it was freaking awesome to get back to clean food. That is something we both appreciate tremendously and even a short break of that can be felt in the body. Today as we got to our kitchen, magic happened both in the afternoon and in the evening.


  • Clean 2-2-2-2-2 (90, 92.5, 95, 97.5, 100kg)
  • Clean 1-1-1-1-1 (102.5, 105, 107.5, failed 110, failed 110kg)

This was such a short journey abroad that I only had couple of rest days. That probably wasn't that bad at all in the long run. After 1-2 week holidays barbell usually feels heavy but today that was not the case. It was great to get back to lifting stuff from the floor. There's something magical that brings comfort to my mind.

I took doubles, starting from 90kg and ascending 2.5kg after each set. I didn't want to recover that much so it was something like 90sec rest between sets. Emom would have been too much to handle but short recovery is something I prefer in workouts like these.

I'm happy on the weights being moved. I took doubles up to 100kg, and then decided to switch it to singles and go by feeling. Did the same thing and added 2.5kg on the barbell after each lift. It felt great to 107.5kg. The next lift after that was at 110kg. I was able to rack the bar in a good manner but for some reason I fell a bit forward and felt that my heels came up a little bit. It was too difficult to save the mistake so I had to drop the bar in front of me. That was a simple technical flaw so I decided to correct it on the next lift. However, that missed lift got under my skin and the next attempt was just an awkward deadlit without a proper "pull under" at all.

Recap of cleans

Metcon. Result, 190 reps. Compare to 20.12.2013

  • 10min amrap of:
  • 30 power clean, 50kg
  • 10 pull-ups
  • 30 box
  • 10 pull-ups
  • 30 double unders
  • 10 pull-ups

This is part of the qualification to Finland's "Crossfit Games", the throwdown where Finland's fittest man and woman will be crowned in February 2015. I'm not participating there but I'm hitting these workouts just for fun if they are easy to complete at our gym. This was part of the qualification last year as well so I did it back then too.

This workout is all about grip strength. The most difficult thing for me is not the breathing even though this definitely gets the heart beat up. Last year my result was 185 and I didn't know how to use hook grip. This time that saved forearms a bit but still it was an issue. Result was 190 reps. That means I finished box jumps on the second round. It would have made a huge leap in the standings if double unders would have gone in the books.


On the first round of cleans I did 5x6 reps, purely aiming to save my forearms. On the second round it was triples all the way. These were both good calls in my situation. Pull-ups were mostly 6-4 all the way. In the end there were some more cutting to pieces. Consciously I didn't go unbroken in the beginning because I thought it would kill my forearms. Box jumps got to breathing, no doubt, but they were still manageable.

I have controversial feelings on this one. I hoped to improve my result a bit more but on the other hand I kept moving on a good pace so I'm not regretting anything. 10 more pull-ups and double unders and the result would have hit way over 200 reps. There are some sick results in the leaderboard. Big names are hitting something around 250 reps which means they have taken a number of cleans on the third round. I believe former Games athlete Mikko Aronpää did like 269 reps and is on the top end of the leaderboard.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday 7.12: Rest day

Sunday. Rest day

Another day of long distance walking. It's our last full day here in Prague, and we decided to take the most out of it. We walked practically everywhere to see some statues and monuments. This place is old and beautiful. After every corner there's a new building worth stopping and amaze the view.

Yesterday's Tabata workouts were light and my body is very fresh right now. I'd like to see a barbell, I'm missing one after couple of days of silent mode. Another thing I'm missing is healthy food. There's no limit to the healthiness of our diet so it's been a shocker to my body :) One more Hard Rock Cafe evening and we're back to normal eating.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Saturday 6.12: Tabata

Saturday. Tabata air squat, Tabata push-ups, Tabata lunges.

After yesterday's day off I was looking for an opportunity to hit a workout. Didn't matter what, I just needed to get this body moving. We've been wandering around the city a lot but I need classic stuff for improving my fitness. I contacted one of the local affiliates beforehand and they were very friendly in welcoming me to throw down with them. Appreciate it a lot! However, it was hard to match the schedules so today I hit a short one while my travel company were resting.

Tabata air squat. Result, 19 reps per round

Tabata, push-ups. Result, 9-12 reps per round

Tabata, lunges. Result, 15 reps per round

Our room is tiny so there's not much room to hassle. Tabata suited perfectly for these bodyweight elements. Squats burned my legs a lot after 5 rounds. I was still able to maintain a solid pace. Push-ups were tough. In the beginning I did only 12 reps, to save some energy for the later rounds. Those took only about 10 seconds. Little by little it got tougher and in the end I was able to get only 9 reps in the time frame. Lunges were the easiest of these movements. I kept a steady pace between 15-16 reps

Saturday 6.12: Tabata

Saturday. Tabata air squat, Tabata push-ups, Tabata lunges.

After yesterday's day off I was looking for an opportunity to hit a workout. Didn't matter what, I just needed to get this body moving. We've been wandering around the city a lot but I need classic stuff for improving my fitness. I contacted one of the local affiliates beforehand and they were very friendly in welcoming me to throw down with them. Appreciate it a lot! However, it was hard to match the schedules so today I hit a short one while my travel company were resting.

Tabata air squat. Result, 19 reps per round

Tabata, push-ups. Result, 9-12 reps per round

Tabata, lunges. Result, 15 reps per round

Our room is tiny so there's not much room to hassle. Tabata suited perfectly for these bodyweight elements. Squats burned my legs a lot after 5 rounds. I was still able to maintain a solid pace. Push-ups were tough. In the beginning I did only 12 reps, to save some energy for the later rounds. Those took only about 10 seconds. Little by little it got tougher and in the end I was able to get only 9 reps in the time frame. Lunges were the easiest of these movements. I kept a steady pace between 15-16 reps

Friday, December 5, 2014

Friday 5.12: Rest day

Friday. Rest day.

We arrived in Prague yesterday evening after about 2h flight from Helsinki, Finland. Our hotel is as close to downtown as it could possibly be, perfect location. We spent tve evening at Hard Rock Cafe which is a must visit place all around the world. The atmosphere is great and the music rocks our world. This one is the largest HRC in Europe, it had several floors and great interior.

Today we took a trip to the Saint Vitus Cathedral and the surrounding President's office area. Views from the top were cool and finally we hopped on a boat to finish the views from the river that divides the town separate.

There's a lot happening in the city. Lots of people and the Christmas is very much visible in the town appearance. It's beautiful.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Thursday 4.12: Deadlifts, Front squats, Ring dips

Thursday. Deadlift 3x5 (max 150kg). Front squat 4x9 (across 90kg). Cashout, 50 ring dips.

Today I was working for only about 2 hours. Then hit the gym for a workout. In the middle of my session I heard Rogue had delivered some stuff for me at workplace. I stopped working out immediately, just cleaned the place up, changed clothes and went to pick 'em up. I was enthusiastic like a little kiddo. Drove home, unpacked the stuff and took my gymnastics rings into use. They were magnificent!!!

  • Deadlift 5-5-5 (100, 130, 150kg)
  • Front squat 9-9-9-9 (all sets 90kg)
I had planned on hitting 5x5 on deadlift at around 160-170kg. Instead, it turned out to be a lightweight session. Body felt fine, no prob there but my right thumb felt very weird. I looked at it and it seems there's some sort of bruise inside the thumb. That caused too much pain to handle. I used clean grip and hook grip to hold the bar. Maybe without hook grip that would have been okay but that didn't even cross my mind. So I stayed light weight and moved on to front squats.

On the front squats I decided to go for 4x9 sets, at 90kg. My 1RM is 66% of my max. The weight was light for couple of reps but after 5-6 reps they started to burn. Especially as my focus was to go touch'n'go on the squats. Not stay up to breath but just keep going on a steady pace. That was a game changer. Really felt the burn on my legs in the last 2-3 reps, and towards the end those were heavier.

  • 50 ring dips
Getting my hands on those rings was something beyond words. I left the gym immediately after hearing  my gear had arrived. After getting home I took the rings right away and went outdoors. There's a kids swing at the back yard which suits perfectly for ring dip practice.

I took 50 reps, sets of 5-10-10-10-10-5. Not rushing at all, just getting familiar with my new best friends. I loved them right away and I hope to see myself hanging there quite often. To get comfortable with them and strengthen upper body. Hopefully I will also find a place where to hang then high for some real muscle-up practice.

In the afternoon we are heading to the airport. Pauliina just graduated and she's up for a treat, a present from me and the in-laws. A trip to Prague, capital of Czech. Coming back on Monday, let's see what the training possibilities turn out to be =)