Tuesday, January 24, 2017

End of January

End of January. Crossfit

Friday 20.1

1. Overhead squat 4x10 @ 50kg

2. Amrap 12
25 double unders
15 wall balls

Decided to start working on that overhead position for snatches / ohs. Longer sets of overhead squats. Later in the week I did singles with long pause in the bottom position. The workout was pure breathing

Saturday 21.1

1. Push press 5x5 @ 73kg

2. Running clock, 15 minutes
40sec work, 20sec rest
1st min, push press @ 2x15kg dumbbells
2nd min, commandos
3rd min, step-up @ 2x15kg dumbbells

I'm feeling good over those push press sets. Usually my overhead sets concern more push jerk style work. This time it was pure pressing. Rather heavy sets. The workout was more like a pair wod with Pauliina. She jumped in to do it with me. Great shoulder killer.

Sunday 22.1

1. Overhead squat singles, with 10sec pause (40, 50, 55, 60, 65kg)

2. Back squat

3. Overhead squat singles, with 10sec pause (50, 60, 65, 70kg)

4. Pair Wod with Antti
75 hang power clean  @ 40kg
75 pistol squats
75 front squat @ 40kg
75 burbees
75 shoulder-to-overhead @ 40kg
75 medball clean @ 9kg wall ball
The other one must row 20cal constantly

This was a great training day. Had some friends visit us for training purposes. First, the ladies got their share of our garage gym. Then it was time the boys to hit it. Lots of squatting took place. I'm very pleased to hit a 140kg single under which I did not get buried. Then long sets @ 120kg took my leg juice.

Finishing with a long metcon with Antti. It took us about 43 minutes in total :) My share was about 2/3 of the reps in each of the movements. This got to me big time. Legs cramped throughout the evening and it was difficult to straighten my legs. They still hurt somewhat. I've been foam rolling my ass off.

Monday 23.1

1. Workout
6 rounds not for time of:
3 power clean @ 80kg
10 handstand push-up

This was an easier session. Not for time. Just go through. Body ached a lot due to Sunday

Tuesday 24.1

1. Push jerk, 4x10 touch'n'go sets @ 70kg

Was in a hurry. Got through 4 sets of long sets of push jerk. Rather heavy sets. Probably haven't done this heavy sets @ 70kg barbell. Felt great!

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