Thursday, September 8, 2016

Wed-Thu 7-8.9: Cleans, Run, Barbell cycling

Wednesday. Lots of cleans. Thursday, metcon of running and barbell cycling with light weight.


  • Hang power clean 5x5 @ 80kg
  • Emom x 10 min: 2 hang power clean @ 90kg
Purely moving the barbell. This was the first time I went a little heavier with the weights when training in Munkka, outdoors. It's been a blast doing stuff in the nature. Somehow I get a lot of kicks training outdoors. There's definitely a little twist working at an unsteady grass. But it's something I'm gonna get used to in the long run. I will train somewhere else than gym for the most of my times in the future.

Wednesday's clean session


  • 15 thrusters @ 40kg
  • Run around the block
  • 15 hang power clean and jerk @ 40kg
  • Run around the block
  • 15 push press @ 40kg
  • Run around the block
  • 15 front squat @ 40kg
  • Run around the block
  • 15 back squat @ 40kg
  • Run around the block

Practically without no warm-up I started moving that light bar. Every bar set was unbroken of course with such light loading. My shoulders took beating in this one. That was kind of a funny thing as I thought legs would get killed. Breathing was high for sure, from the very beginning. Running around the block meant about 400m lap each round.

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