Tuesday, June 20, 2017

HC Triplet Goes Klake (Triplet V)

Saturday 13.5. HC Triplet V. Triplet Goes Klake

Fifth time organising our very own throwdown. This time at Casa de Lamppu, at my house in Klaukkala. We have pretty awesome training possibilities, especially as the spring weather was beautiful and sun was shining. We had arranged me and my friend Toni was one team. Then my brother and his training partner Jake was the other team. We were supposed to compete "against" each other in partner workouts but Jake had a small tweak in his back on the first event so events 2-4 were completed in a 3-man team. Luckily Jake was able to recover himself back to training mood the following week after HC Triplet

Event 1: "Strongman Mindfuck"
  • In a 2-man team
  • 2 rounds of:
  • 400m run with sandbags
  • 10 squat clean @ 80kg
  • 250m sled drag
  • 10 squat clean @ 80kg
  • 100m sled pull, standing
  • 10 squat clean @ 80kg
Damn that sled drag was nasty! Most challenging part for me for sure. It turned slow at some point. On the other hand squat cleans were the easiest piece for me. So we emphasized so that I worked more with the barbell and Toni felt strong on that sled. It was a good strategy this time.

Event 2: "Can U Breathe MoFo"
  • In a 3-man team
  • 18 rounds of
  • 8 hang power snatch @ 30kg
  • 8 lateral burpees
  • 8 pull-ups
  • You go, I go style. One athlete performs one full round
Heavy breathing! All in every round. Then fist bump and next guy is going full throttle. Nasty one.

Event 3: "I Like to Move it Move it"
  • In a 3-man team
  • Amrap 7 minutes
  • Shoulder-to-overhead @ 60kg
  • Result, 151 reps
We took these bad boys in sets of 5 reps pretty much all the way. Maybe couple of 7's in the beginning and end but mostly 5's, every one of us.

Event 4: "Finish'em"
  • In a 3-man team
  • 15 rope climbs
  • 75 thrusters @ 50kg
  • 75 pistol squats
  • 75 handstand push-ups
  • 75 kettlebell swings @ 32kg
  • 75 toes-to-bar's
  • One man rows 250m all the time. Change man after every 250m
That rowing thing was a good one. It forced everybody to move constantly. Loved those thrusters, they moved efficiently on my own behalf. Everything moved quite nicely which was a positive surprise at the end of the training day. There could have been more volume on all movements.

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