Thursday, August 10, 2017


June. We went to Croatia for a week in the beginning of June. Took that as a rest period and only worked out once. Then back to reality.

Sunday 4.6 (Hotel wod)

Lunges for days. Did lots of them to get a good burn on lower body. Finished the session with 4x15 handstand push-ups. Wife and kiddo were at the gym too. Momma did her thing, and our little girl wandered around the gym to keep herself entertained :) #dadlife

Thursday 8.6

  • Hang squat clean 3-3-3 (80, 85, 90kg)
  • Front squat 3-3-3 (100, 105, 110kg)
  • Push jerk 3-3-3 (70, 75, 80kg)

It was nice to get back home as I was missing my barbells and weights a lot. The purpose of the workout was just to get used to the barbell back again.

Workout. Time, 6.58
  • 4 rounds of:
  • 10 hang power clean @ 50kg
  • 20 push-ups
  • 30 air squats
Getting that breath up with light stuff that you can smash unbroken.

Friday 9.6

  • Push jerk 5's (70, 75, 80, 80, 80kg)
Good success considering I hadn't done barbell work in a while.

Workout. Time, 17.02
  • 5 rounds of:
  • 9 overhead squats @ 50kg
  • 12 burpees
  • 15 pull-ups
Uuh, what a workout. Ohs is not my favorite nor strong elements. Doing those combined with these two other movements is tough for me.

Saturday 10.6

Hero workout Coe. Time, 13.59 (PR)
  • 10 rounds of:
  • 10 thrusters @ 40kg
  • 10 ring push-ups
I've done Coe once again. That time it was for some reason thrusters and ring dips. I had read the description quickly and thought dips are the thing. Anyway, I got this done pretty well in my opinion. Went unbroken with both ones, and a steady pace from first to tenth round. Very satisfied, or even slightly proud of my performance on this one.

Sunday 11.6
  • 4 rounds of:
  • 1.000m row
  • 25 toes-to-bar's
Yes, it hurts in my triceps and shoulders after Coe :) Just got the work one as I felt like I was hit by a truck after yesterday's hero workout.

Wednesday 14.6
  • 7 sets of:
  • 3 hang squat clean @ 70kg
  • 3 push jerk @ 70kg
Barbell complex, nothing fancy.

  • 5 rounds of:
  • Run in the park
  • 6 hang power clean @ 70kg
  • 14 (7/7) snatch @ 25kg dumbbell
Run in the park is about 400m long. It was good to have that 70kg bar moving nicely on the hang cleans. That's not the smoothest move with a little heavier weight. Okay, 70kg is not heavy but it's not my strong suit even if I have to move the bar in touch'n'go fashion. Snatches made sure breathing was heavy throughout the wod.

  • 4 sets of:
  • 7 romanian deadlifts @ 110kg (don't touch the floor with barbell)
  • 7 strict press @ 5kg dumbbell, right hand
  • 7 strict press @ 5kg dumbbell, left hand
Posterior chain and shoulder strength.

Friday 16.6

  • Deadlift singles (160, 170, 175, 180, 185kg)
Great! Haven't pulled anything heavy in ages. Took couple of singles before hitting some squats.

  • Back squat 5x5 @ 120kg

Workout. Time, 15.27
  • 4 rounds of:
  • Run around the block
  • 15 burpees
  • Wear a weight vest
It sure makes things interesting when you throw a weight vest on and hit kind of a basic conditioning workout. For some sick reason the burpees felt better on this one compared to running. How twisted is that?

Saturday 17.6

  • Every minute on the minute x 12 minutes
  • 5 thrusters @ 60kg
Barbell cycling. Liked it!

  • 500m row
  • 10 handstand push-ups
  • 10 lunges, back rack @ 60kg
I remember going pretty fast on this one, and heart beat was high all the way. Round times were steady throughout.

  • 5 rounds of:
  • 15 ring dips
  • 15 toes-to-bar
Did this later in the day. Just worked through unbroken sets of dips and t2b's without the time stress.

Sunday 18.6

  • Every 0:45, for 15 minutes:
  • 1 power clean @ 85kg
85kg for a power clean is rather heavy for me. As squat clean it would be a different thing. Good to work on this one.

  • 30-25-20-15
  • Unbroken sets of:
  • Pull-ups and wall ball shots
Oh man. I'm proud of this. Had no idea how my stamina would hold on with the pull-ups considering the volume of the repetitions. I've done quite a bunch of 15-20 rep sets lately but this was a mystery. I felt super about being able to do this as written. Not for time. Rest as needed in order to finish the sets unbroken. 25 & 20 rep sets on the pull-ups were the worst for grip strength.

  • Run 4.5km
Those pull-ups killed me. My arms were out of order for couple of days. Had to take active recovery on Tuesday.

Wednesday 21.6

Active recovery.

Felt alright but my forearms were still banged from last session because of big volume of pull-ups. I was supposed to train normally with Antti who dropped by but I just couldn't. Forearms cramped right away as I took couple of lighter cleans. So I ended up just running, doing air squats and pistol squats. Antti did benchrmark workout Helen for first time ever.

Thursday 22.6

  • 5 squat cleans each weight
  • Barbells 60, 65, 70, 75, 80kg
  • Hands must hold the barbell for all 5 reps
  • No touch'n'go
  • No dropping the bar
  • No re-grip at the bottom
Still recovering from the pull-up / wall ball session. Now I was able to move anyway. Did some squat cleans to get barbell back in the game.

Friday 23.6

  • 6 sets of:
  • 10 overhead squats @ 60kg
  • 10 burpees
  • Rest as needed
Great success on the overhead squats! Definitely not an easy walk in the park to do 10 reps @ 60kg without problems. These were intervals. 10+10 reps ohs / burpees, then rest. Total of 6 sets like this.

Amrap 10. Result, 4 rounds + 14 snatch
  • 7 handstand push-ups
  • 14 (7/7) snatch @ 25kg dumbbell
  • 21 sandbag squats
This was written as an amrap of 10 minutes. I finished the 5th round at 11.07 to close out the last round. I remember my lower back notifying me this isn't cool man. It hurt somewhat in there.

Saturday 24.6

  • Every 4:00, for 20min
  • 400m row + 15 wall ball shots
  • All in pace
I tried interval style workout to start with this weekend, from Friday to Sunday. On Saturday it was rowing and wall balls. My pace on the Concept2 was about 1:35 which is fast for me. Going straight in to wall balls pretty much murdered my legs after the 5 rounds were completed.

  • 4 sets of:
  • 4 bar muscle-ups
  • 5 hang power snatch @ 50kg
Bar muscle-ups have been tingling me as an idea to work on. This time I ripped my hands  on the 4th round. Got to keep practicing these.

  • 5 sets of:
  • 10 lunges, back rack @ 70kg
With just short recovery in between.

Sunday 25.6

  • 5 sets of:
  • 12 thrusters @ 50kg
  • 12 pull-ups
  • Rest as needed
Nasty. Somehow the ditant memory of Fran came knocking in my head as I was doing this one. A bit heavier thruster but anyway, it was a good volume of intense work being done.

  • 4 rounds of:
  • 30m sled pull, standing
  • 20 (10/10) jerk @ 25kg dumbbells
More grip strength stuff with the sled being in action. Good combo of sled pulling and jerks.

  • Front squat
  • 10 x 2 reps @ 110kg
I was supposed to do some basic conditioning stuff in the evening but realized there's some extra time which of course should be used in crossfit. So I got some front squats in the bank before the actual metcon.

Workout. Time, 30.54
  • 7 rounds of:
  • 500m row
  • Run in the park
Run in the park is around 400 meters. Tried to keep moving all the time.

Monday 26.6

Workout. For quality
  •  4 rounds of:
  • 25 kettlebell swings @ 32kg
  • 15 ring dips
  • Just do it, unbroken sets, not for time
Working on ring dips. I have recently added them more in my programming. Also kb swings are great tool to strengthen grip strength and posterior chain.

  • Max effort x 3 attemps of L-sit hold
  • Result, 0:30, 0:20, 0:20 min
  • Max effort x 3 attemps of handstand hold
  • Result, 0:50, 0:50, 0:50 min
Some play time in the end of the evening session. I have small parallettes which I used on the L-sits.

Tuesday 27.6

  • Every 2:00, for 12 minutes (6 sets) of:
  • 1 squat clean
  • 2 hang squat clean
  • 3 front squat
  • Barbell @ 80kg
Barbell cycling stuff, getting that 80kg bar more comfortable with.

Workout. Time, 18.50
  • 4 rounds of:
  • 20 toes-to-bar
  • 10 front squat @ 60kg
  • 500m row
Had the stations in different parts of the house / yard. T2b's were unbroken on the first round, then 14-6 or 15-5 on every round after that. Squats were unbroken every round.

Wednesday 28.6

  • Bench press, build up to a heavy single
  • Result, 95kg (40, 60, 70, 80, 85, 90, 95kg)

"Emma". Result, 500 reps (10 rounds)
  • 28min amrap of:
  • 28 push-ups
  • 6 deadlift @ 120kg
  • 16 box over jumps
I had Antti training with me in the evening. Our daughter turned 1 year today which resulted in a workout called "Emma". Considering the amount and volume of push-ups per round, I'm very positively surprised to see that I was able to maintain the pace all the way, and complete 28 reps per round for a total of 10 rounds. This really had its effects on the following days. I took a rest day the next day because of Järvenpään PuistoBlues, city festival in the town I lived for 20 years.

Friday 30.6

Recreational day @ Seikkailupuisto Korkee in Paloheinä, Helsinki. This was a lot of fun. Hanging in the trees doing tricks. Got to experience this with a bunch of work colleagues. My shoulders were shot still in here. Still we managed to get a decent workout with Benjamin, another crossfit dude at our work place. In the summer we hit together couple of times for early morning cf sessions in downtown Helsinki.

  • 5 rounds of:
  • 20 box jumps
  • 30 lunges
  • 15 shoulder press with a log

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