Saturday, January 17, 2015

Saturday 17.1: Gymnastics, Cleans, Open 14.1 + Presses and metcon

Saturday. AM: Gymnastics, emom x 14min, odd min: 8 c2b, even min: 8 hspu. Strength, t'n'g squat clean triples (max 100kg). CF Open 14.1, 10min amrap of: 30 du, 15 power snatch (35kg). PM: Push press triples (70-77.5kg). Metcon of running, s2o's and t2b's. Time 19.51.

Rough day. Two-a-day. Pauliina was celebrating one of her friend's bachelorette party so I had my day to pretend I'm a professional athlete =) Ate a good breakfast, went to the gym, did mobility for much more than normally. Then hit it for a good 2 hours before heading home to eat, take a nap and eat more. In the evening it was time to drive back to the gym for another session. I'm telling ya that 1 hour nap did miracles. My body was tired from the first session but I felt great later in the day. Today also included lots and lots of mobility.


  • Every minute on the minute x 14
  • Odd min: 8 chest-to-bar pull-ups
  • Even min: 8 handstand push-ups

My daily dose of pull-ups are in the books. That emom workout I did just yesterday felt like a good idea to practice on this gymnastics movement. It hit me today in the morning that I want more of this fun but let's throw some handstand push-ups in the mix too. This was a good combo, alternating the movement every other minute. I also added reps for c2b's. These took only about 10 seconds on both of the movements and the recovery was abundant to get back in the game for the next minute. This indicates there's still more room to add reps or minutes on the pull-ups.



  • Squat clean triples, touch'n'go
  • Build up to a heavy triple (60, 70, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100kg)

Toni did these one day earlier this week and it inspired me to put this in my calendar as well. The idea was specifically to do touch'n'go style repetitions. That means not resting on the floor at all. I don't know have I ever built these up to a heavy triple. The heaviest reps have always been pretty much singles, I mean at around 90kg and beyond. Or then they have been doubles and triples but there has been a re-grip at the floor.

So it was cool to see how I would be able to fight through these mentally. It was difficult to hold on to the bar on the heaviest weights. When I catch the bar on front rack position, I don't hold it with full grip, it's more like couple of fingers are under the bar in squat clean position. So I have to throw the bar up, catch it again on its way down with a hook grip. With 95 and 100kg this started to come an issue but somehow I got it. On 100kg I had to adjust my fingers on top position before heading down with the barbell.

Clean was heavy but I got under the bar well anyway. My legs took some hit but they were strong all the way. They just got a little fatigue even though they held on well under the barbell.

Clean triples, tng

CF Open 14.1. Result, 260 reps (5 rounds + 30 du + 5 snatch)

  • 10min amrap of:
  • 30 double under
  • 15 power snatch, 35kg
This is a good workout. I did this a while ago solo but the order of the movement was the other way around, by accident, and it was also mistakenly a 12 min amrap. I just didn't remember the specifics correctly so that's why. Plus we did this together with Toni as a pair workout, one athlete working for one round, then high fives and the other one steps up. That time I knocked all snatches unbroken because there was recovery between rounds.

Today those snatches were too much for me to fight through unbroken. I went 10-5 each round, didn't try to go ub on the first round as I anticipated problems by pedaling too much in the beginning. Maybe I still should have gassed more. There were one miss on first and second round on the double unders, other than that they were unbroken. Hook grip stayed on at the snatches but they just wore me down whole-heartedly. Maybe all that work being done had its effect on my endurance on this one. Anyway, this is a great workout, no doubt! Good engine wod.

Start of the wod

  • Push press triples (70, 72.5, 75, 77.5, 70kg)

There were several hours between sessions and a nap that made the difference. It's great to have a sleep during the hour, then hit another training session. Food is also the key to recovery. Today I used a lot of time for mobility at the start of AM session, and kicked off the PM session too with the same ideology, plus ended it with mobility work. I've probably never done this much body maintenance in one day. Felt good.

Push presses were a bit sticky, not the smoothest days of putting weight overhead. Weights were not awesome but I definitely had to do work to get them done.

Metcon. Time, 19.51

  • 1.000m run
  • 10 shoulder-to-overhead, 60kg
  • 20 toes-to-bar
  • 800m run
  • 8 shoulder-to-overhead, 60kg
  • 16 toes-to-bar
  • 600m run
  • 6 shoulder-to-overhead, 60kg
  • 12 toes-to-bar
  • 400m run
  • 4 shoulder-to-overhead
  • 8 toes-to-bar
  • 200m run
  • 2 shoulder-to-overhead
  • 4 toes-to-bar
Goal was to get a good semi-long metcon in the system with lots of running included. This was my answer to the call. Descending distance / reps of all three elements guaranteed that the intensity stayed high. My running pace got faster towards the end as the meter were cut down every round with 200m. That way I was able to run quicker.

Even though push press triples were maybe not the best I've done in my life, this shoulder-to-overhead was good job from me. In real life, this was push jerk with 60kg. I got these 30 reps total whereas running was for a total of 3.000 meters. Because t2b's are obviously easier to complete than jerks, I doubled the amount of them each round so there were a total of 60 reps of those. They felt great all the way. Timer stopped at 19.51 after finishing all the reps. This was exactly what I was looking for! Great way to end the training day. In the evening it basically more eating, sauna and tv time =)

Mobility. I got inspired by Crossfit Reykjavik's youtube channel where Jami Tikkanen and Annie Thorisdottir demonstrated couple of mobility tips for the entire body. They actually have lots of those short videos there, go check them out. I posted one video yesterday. Today I took advantage of those tips, and got loose on my body. Lacrosse ball has been away in my training bag for too long but today it saw the daylight again. Resistance band is a daily tool to activate my body and it was in play earlier in the day of course.

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