Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday 24.1: Snatches, Row

Saturday. Emom snatches, 5reps @ 30kg, 4reps @ 35, 3reps @ 40, 2reps @ 45, 1rep @ 50kg, each for 3min. Row intervals, 10rds of: 250m row, 60sec rest.

Main focus today was supposed to be squats. Previous deadlift session still feels in my back so I had to drop them. Dammit. Instead, snatches were a lot of fun, and rowing made my legs burn anyway so no biggie I got what I deserved.

Holy quads, need to squat some more


  • Every minute on the minute, for a total of 15min
  • Squat snatch
  • 3min: 5 reps @ 30kg
  • 3min: 4 reps @ 35kg
  • 3min: 3 reps @ 40kg
  • 3min: 2 reps @ 45kg
  • 3min: 1 rep @ 50kg

I needed to get my snatches done. Maybe technique wasn't right there (like it was sometimes hehe…) but it was great to have those squat snatches and this time I was pulling from the ground. Loads were light each time for sure. I just wanted to practice on pulling from the ground with rather lots of amounts of repetitions. My lower back started to remind itself at mid-workout and prevented me to squat after these guys.


  • 10 rounds of:
  • 250m row
  • 60 second rest

It kind of blew my mind when I read an article of Julie Foucher rowing over 1 million kilometers last year. She had huge amount of rowing sessions which was on average about every other day. And as I follow crossfitmayhem - Rich Froning's site - it seems they also have row intervals on a steady basis. Actually this 10 rounder of 250m rowing appears there every now and then.

My times for each interval were as follows:

  • 1st round: 47.5sec
  • 2nd round: 48.7sec
  • 3rd round: 48.5sec
  • 4th round: 48.8sec
  • 5th round: 48.7sec
  • 6th round: 48.9sec
  • 7th round: 49.0sec
  • 8th round: 48.4sec
  • 9th round: 48.6sec
  • 10th round: 47.7sec

The first and last were done with a damper setting of about 9-10, the rest were at 8 which is pretty much what I always use. The "boat" moved a bit faster with a higher setting. It was around 1.34-1.39 all the time. Maybe an occasional 1.32 pull in some set. I basically tried to catch up every round with the previous round's result. It ended up being quite steady pacing all 10 rounds. Good interval training!

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