Thursday, February 20, 2014

Thursday 20.2: Back squats, Diane

Thursday. Back squats, 4x2 across (135kg). Benchmark workout Diane, 21-15-9, deadlift (102.5kg), hspu. Time 7.34 (PR).

I got to replace yesterday's plans today with heavy back squat doubles and Diane. It was time to step up the game on the squats and Diane was pure fun. I also worked with the rings in the beginning of the session. I had lack of concentration or something but I failed to get any ring muscle-ups. That was a bugger. Need to get better.

Strength. Squats
  • Back squats 4x2 across (135kg)
Getting stronger and more confident on the squats. It seems to be finally paying off by squatting every third days. My cycle has been to do squats, then train something else for about 2 days, and hit it back with the squats.Only lately have I taken some plans on my squats and it seems to have been a good decision.

I PR'd my back squat at 142.5kg three weeks ago and since then I've done lots of sets with 130kg. I'm feeling good about the weight and it's not intimidating at all anymore. It used to be a weight that was psychologically heavy-ish. Now I'm able to move it pretty nicely.

Today it was time to add 5kg on the bar and complete doubles. I took a total of 4 sets. There was some time schedule pressure so I had to leave it there. I'm very happy to being able to squat this weight without any misses or hesitation.

Diane. Time 7.34. Compare to 7.10.2013
  • 21-15-9
  • Deadlift, 102.5kg
  • Handstand push-ups

Sometime in the end of last year I made a conscious decision to decrease the amount of deadlifting drastically because it felt like it's too much burden on lower back if I squat and deadlift a lot at the same time. Even though I dropped deads from my training, my legs have become stronger and thus my PR in deadlift has increased with 15kg (190kg -> 205kg). I genuinely didn't do heavy deadlifts practically at all in months.

I've been thinking about this for a while and understood that it's true what "they say". Everything depends on your legs. You wanna make your lifts bigger, concentrate in squatting, making your legs stronger. I find it difficult to squat for example today and next time on Sunday, while adding deadlift training at some slot. Where to find a good time to do both as I don't want to compromise my squats. It's too much of a pressure on lower back if I'd go for either of these pretty much every other day.

So I think I'll take a deadlift metcon every now and then after having done squat strength. Like today. Okay, the weight on Diane is not heavy at all but it's still good to do deads. It's no problem for me to do them on the same day but on consecutive days it's more difficult.

I felt good on Diane. Improved my PR from 9.47 to 7.34, over 2min. This was my 4th time with her. Time has improved from almost 18 minutes, then to 16min, third one was little less than 10min and today seven and a half. I'm very happy with the way my hspu's have developed. I increased the level of training last summer and the result can be seen on this type of benchmark workouts.

I completed deadlifts unbroken, not bad, light weight. Did the hspu's in 3 sets on the first round, 12 on first try, then maybe 5+4. On the second round it was 6 + something, don't quite remember, I think it was in 3 sets as well (6+5+4…). Las round was tough on the shoulders. It was two triples, then a double and a single. Had only a short break before the last rep.

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