Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Tuesday 14.10: Clean and Jerk, Pull-ups

Tuesday. Strength, clean and jerk complex: 1 power clean + 3 split jerk (max 90kg). Metcon, 5rds of: 7 push jerk (60kg), 15 pull-ups. Time 7.09.

Another day of training with Jouni, c'mon! He's taken it up a notch and is focusing on deads, squats and presses currently. Plus naturally metcons to finish it every training day. For me, between squat days it's natural to go after some overhead strength and / or metcons. I'll try to write the sessions so that my legs wouldn't burn too badly. Today was heavyish jerk action and the metcon was a tough one for upper body strength.

Strength. C&J complex
  • 1 power clean + 3 split jerk
  • Sets at 70, 80, 85, 85, 90kg
My max clean is around 115kg and jerk at 105kg. I haven't been able to jerk from blocks and rack jerks are a rarity so my that 105kg PR is actually a clean and jerk. Anyway, that is a clear indicator that my jerk needs more work than clean. Ideally they would be about the same. Having this kind of complex is created to work on the weaker one of these movements. Plus I took the clean as power clean to work on that technique. That's close to my max power clean from ground if I recall it right. For some reason I've been able to take 4 or 5 reps at 90kg for hang power clean, hmm…

I felt solid on this complex today. Lately the use of chalk was forbidden at our gym (which is insane) so I had to pay a lot of attention to my hook grip to prevent it not to slip. Barbell was "light" up to 80kg, then on the 85kg I wanted to take the same load for another time just to focus o the technique another time. Last set was at 90kg. Had no troubles in getting the reps done. I just did some time ago similar type of session, that time I climbed up to 95kg. Plus couple of days ago it was 1+5 session for up to 85kg. It would be freaking awesome to being able to hit 100kg reps for multiple reps. Maybe I just need to try them out I guess. I would feel more safe if there was a possibility to drop the weights in case it's not under control.

Metcon. Time 7.09
  • 5 rounds of:
  • 7 push jerk, 60kg
  • 15 pull-ups
This got inspired from the workout "2007" if you know what I refer to. In 2013 Crossfit Games we saw a workout called 2007 which was a tribute to the first ever Crossfit Games and actually the very first workout that year. Back then 60kg was considered a heavy weight for men but last year it was like a toothpick. The development of these human weapons is huge. The rx'd version of the workout was 1.000m buy-in, then 5 rounds of 25 pull-ups and 7 push jerks. The number of pull-ups is too much for me, the intensity would go down and the dividends wouldn't yield as well as I'd like to in this kind of metcon.

First round of this one was easy, the barbell was light and pull-ups went unbroken. I intentionally kept a short pause between movements because I've done this type of stuff before, similar couplet, ad I know my body. Took me 0:51. It wouldn't have been a smart decision to go all out from the gates. Second round, still unbroken on both movements. Barbell still okay, pull-ups got tougher. Took me 1:10 for this round. On third round the barbell wasn't that pleasant anymore and pull-ups probably broke after 10 reps. I dropped down and finished the 5 remaining reps. Time on 3rd was 1:35.

Fourth round got naturally tougher. Jerks still ub even though those felt heavy. My legs started to burn too, and shoulders were getting fatigue. Hmm how were the pull-ups? Probably 9, then 2 sets of 3 reps. At this point I tried to keep the recovery as short as possible because there was only one more round to go. It still took me 1:51 because I had to drop down from the pull-up bar.

On last round I was able to speed it up just a little bit (1:41). All jerks during the metcon went touchn'n'go all the way. The last 2 reps were tough on this one but manageable. Legs were on fire at this time, and shoulder of course. Pull-ups were "the thing" in this workout. Last round was 6-4-3-2 but the rest times were as short as possible and they actually were because this was quicker than the 4th round.

This is a challenging workout, at least for me. I like it, it's tough, mentally and physically. Having that row in the beginning would mix it up a lot too. Don't know why but there have been less pull-ups in my training than regularly. Got to keep adding reps on my training for sure. Anyway, I'm very satisfied to this training day!

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