Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday 8.8: Helen (video)

Wednesday. Helen. Time 8.29.

Schedule pointed today is time for Helen. I've been preparing myself mentally for this girl for over a week. She was tough but I was tougher :) 400m run + 21 kettlebells + 12 pull-ups, for time. I used the brand new 20kg KB that I received a week ago. I headed to Kauniainen running track because there are ideal circumstances for this workout. The pull-up bar is perfect, at least for me, and its right beside the track so there is no time wasted in any point of the wod. My brother was there to coach me and demand the best of me, which is crucial to dig out the best potential I have.

First Helen ever, I'm pleased with the result. Running was somewhere around 1.25-1.40 between three rounds. Pull-ups were unbroken in the first round, 6-3-3 in the second and something very broken in the last one... Kettlebell was the easiest of the trio, even though it felt heavy at some point. My bro didn't accept some of the swings and I think one pull-up was unaccounted for but that's great. I love it that he didn't accept those lousy performances. Breathing was heavy as was expected but still manageable. Four rounds could have been crushing but she only lasts for three rounds. Total of 1.200m run + 63 KB + 36 pull-ups for today.

My brother did the classic 400m run + 50 squats, 4 rounds, in 10.04 time. Improvement of 10 seconds compared to last time, he is an animal. Still, he wasn't happy with the performance. He ran the first round very fast which caused problems in third and fourth round. Squats started to become imperfect, next time those won't be counted, this time I let them through ;) My previous time was 11.00. 


  1. Aika huikea suoritus! Näytti jo hetken siltä, että on happivajetta :)

  2. Joo snadisti oli ahdasta rintamuksessa =) Kyllä se siitä tasaantui, leuoissa kerkesi vähän rauhottumaan. Tiukka reeni

    It was a tough one, it was hard to breathe when running and swinging the KB but pull-ups kind of eased the respiration