Friday, March 4, 2016

Crossfit Kehä


I'm very proud of my best friend Toni opening his own affiliate in Vantaa next month. We started our crossfit journey pretty much at the same time. I was happy to get a friend alongside to train with me for the first year. We built up the base for our strength and engines at Haaga's cave on a daily basis.

After the first year Toni decided to add the stakes and took On-Ramp course at Crossfit Vantaa and joined that Box where he's been training since then and has become a real crossfitter, and lives to compete in our magnificent sport. Now after less than 4 years of crossfit he is about to open his own Box with another pal of his. I'm wishing all the best on your journey Toni and Miku, and congrats on pursuing your dream!

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