Saturday, March 26, 2016

Friday 25.3: Block snatches and bar mu's

Friday. Snatch from the blocks (up to 3x55kg). Skills, bar mu's.

On Friday we were on our way to Klaukkala to spend the Easter with Pauliina's parents. Toni invited us to hit it at his Box. We worked on our snatch technique and then some bar muscle-ups in the end. This was rather quick session.

  • Snatch from blocks
  • 5x30, 40, 45kg
  • 4x50kg
  • 3x55kg

The height of the blocks was about just below knees. This is probably very beneficial to me especially as the tendency is I'm not pulling the bar high enough with patience. By focusing on pulling at this level it was easier to go after this deficiency. I'm pretty happy on the snatches on Friday. Not quite sure how many sets I took but at least the above mentioned were done. Probably some more.

  • Bar muscle-ups

This just came on my mind for a cashout. Some fooling around. Tried different versions on this skills. Basically I was trying to learn how to kip because my mu's are more or less "strict". I don't mean that in a positive sense. I have troubles in utilizing a proper back swing. I just drop down and pull myself back again. The below video was my first set. After that I took some more and tried to force a better back swing.

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