Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wednesday 16.3: Snatches, Cleans, Dips, Pull-ups, Burpees

Wednesday. Emom x 15min: Snatches (up to 60kg). Metcon, 4rds of: 3 squat clean @ 90kg, 12 ring dips, 15 pull-ups. Right into 20 burpees cashout. Time, 11.54

Back at OPC for a regular training session. Got to say my legs were smashed when I woke up from yesterday's squats. Huh, it kinda feels good to have pain in the entire lower body. Today I focused on snatches and then a different stimulus on the metcon.

  • 1-5min. Every 30 seconds: 1 snatch @ 50kg
  • 5-10min. Every minute on the minute: 1 snatch @ 55kg
  • 10-15min. Every minute on the minute: 1 snatch @ 60kg
I went on totally by feeling. Started at 50kg. The weight is not heavy but I still wanted to focus on singles and "perfecting" my technique. That's why it was one rep every 30 seconds. After 10 reps it changed to 55kg singles, and at the same time the time frame turned to 60 seconds. Third part was the last 5 reps that I took with 60kg.

I'm happy on these lifts. They were pretty similar. I was able to bring the bar rather high on the hips, extend the hips and shrug the shoulders. What I'm still lacking is the catch position. It tends to stay forward instead of the barbell locating right above the heels when looked the vertical line from the side. Considering the last lifts were at 60kg there's no other option but to be happy as those looked pretty much the same as all the previous ones.

Metcon. Time, 11.54
  • 4 rounds of:
  • 3 squat clean @ 90kg
  • 12 ring dips
  • 15 pull-ups
  • After 4 rounds right into 20 burpees for cashout
This was a variety as the barbell was kind of heavy. Definitely heavy for a metcon. And it also felt like it. Completed these in three quick singles. At some point I started to feel the burden in my legs on the cleans. Quads were usually on fire on the last rep.

Ring dips have been ignored without any good reason. They are a weakness anyway so this was definitely a good choice. Got the first round unbroken, then there was no chance anymore. I cut them to pieces, they changed from round to round. Second was 7-3-2, third was 5 reps in the beginning and then triples and doubles. Last round was 4 reps to begin and then doubles and singles to finish it. Once the ring dips are gone, it's not easy to recover.

Pull-ups. First round unbroken. Then two rounds were 10-5 reps, and the last one was probably 9-3-3 reps. This is my best recall of those sets. The point was that right after the fourth round was completed I needed to drop down for 20 burpees as cashout. Must admit those were some of the heaviest burpees I have ever completed. Yes, at this point my lungs were breathing quite heavy but I mean they burned my shoulders a lot. It almost felt like I was doing some barbell movement, and it was challenging to push myself up from the floor. Kept telling myself there's only couple of reps left.

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