Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday 20.3: Jerk, Ghd, Pull-ups, Push-ups, Run

Sunday. Metcon, 30min amrap of: 7 jerk @ 60kg, 15 ghd, 12 pull-ups, 20 push-ups, 10x20m run. Result, 6rds.

Holy hammies, my lower back and hamstrings are sore, and the general feeling in my body is that some work has been put in the past days. The last couple of sessions have been more intense than normally. I have been able to dig down and put my head in the dark place and still keep going. That have also made my lungs burn more than normally. Today I figured it's necessary to take a longer workout and tomorrow's gonna be a rest day.

Metcon. Result, 6 rounds sharp

  • 30min amrap of:
  • 7 push jerk @ 60kg
  • 15 ghd sit-ups
  • 12 pull-ups
  • 20 push-ups
  • 10x20m shuttle run (200m)

This was a good choice after all. Decided to just throw in some movements in a brainstorming session in my head and see what comes up. Then mix them up and decide on the rep schemes. Consulted my wife as well in order to get an objective view on the game.

I was thinking about whether to do 7x60kg or 10x50kg on the jerks. My body really feels hammered throughout so it was difficult to know how it would adapt. I took couple of jerks at 40kg and 50kg, then decided to just go at it at 60kg without testing it at all. It was good weight for sure.

Ghd's were alright, just made breathing a bit heavy as I have to stay tight in the bottom and keep the breaths inside. I took my time after ghd's before getting on the pull-ups. Went unbroken on those, that was the goal. Push-ups are classic. Haven't done much of those so this was a good call by Pauliina. First 3-4 rounds were unbroken. Then it was broken down to smaller pieces but at least 10-12 reps were done on the first attempt each set.

This thing called running. It would made sense to run more, much more. It's just a little difficult to arrange as there is no easy access outdoors and the gym is located in a place where you can't practically go outside running. When we are in Klaukkala during some weekends I often plan to run in order to get that in the program too.

First jerks of the metcon

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