Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday 15.4: Row, Run, Burpees, Mu's

Friday. Back squat, up to 3x140kg. Metcon, 5rds of: 300m row, 200m shuttle run, 10 burpees. Time, 14.07. Skills, 5x5 bar mu's.

Late evening workout. My body was definitely very tired due to not having enough recovery the entire week. Don't know if it was the best idea to go to the gym. Afterwards I was pleased though.

  • Back squat 5x90, 3x110, 1x120, 1x130, 3x140, 2x138kg
This was absolutely a disappointment when working out as I didn't hit the numbers I was looking for. On the other hand I feel it's okay that I can hit a triple @ 140kg even on a very crappy day.

Metcon. Time, 14.07
  • 5 rounds of:
  • 300m row
  • 200m shuttle run (10x20m)
  • 10 burpees
This was a good one, and my round times were consistent. The rounds varied in just seconds, it was somewhere at 2:50 per round. Rowing was maybe 1:45 pace, no idea about the run but it took a little more than the row. That turn after every 20 meters caused that. Burpees went smoothly

  • Bar muscle-ups 5x5
It was great to get some skills action also in the books. Got these nicely, some reps were tough on these sets but mostly it was alright

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