Saturday, April 16, 2016

HC Triplet is just around the corner

The day is about to take place. This is tough stuff! We have scheduled another HC Triplet to our calendars with Toni. If you have stuck around for some time in my blog you probably know what this is all about but in case this term sounds strange you can check below what the heck I am talking about =)

HC Triplet
HC Triplet II: In to the woods
HC Triplet III
HC Triplet IV: Kettlebell Fiesta

Basically this all started in 2012 when we took our first steps as crossfitters with my best friend Toni. One day we got an idea of hitting 3 workouts in one day. That time it was a mind blowing suggestion as we were used to take it one per day.

On 8.9.2012 it all changed and we went to Malminkartano's recreational area. Since then, we arranged the next Triplets at Pirkkola's sports center. Fourth time was the first time we had more athletes and it turned out to be a team competition. Next time is probably individual but the venue will change. Stay tuned!

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