Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Tuesday 26.4: Clean and jerk complex

Tuesday. Clean and jerk complex. Start at 40kg, add 5kg, till failure.

It was great to get my hands on the barbell again. I missed that little guy. I bought elbow sleeves from Tallinn and hoped that might ease the pain I sometimes (read: most often) get in my elbows when having heavy barbell overhead. At least this first time those were perfect! Don't remember when I had a 85kg bar overhead without pain.

  • 2 power clean
  • 2 front squat
  • 2 jerk
  • Start at 40kg, add 5kg after each set, go till failure, then start over
  • Result: 1st round 1 jerk @ 90kg. 2nd round 2 jerk @ 85kg
This is something I've named Chris Spealler workout. Once saw this wod being done by him and fell in love with it. It was originally so that you start with 50% of your one rep max clean and jerk, then add 5kg per minute and go all the way up to failure. Then start again from the 50% load. I have done this earlier and started at 40kg so I figured doing the same thing this time too.

It was cool to jerk heavier weights than I have done in a very long time, and without no pain which made it even more phenomenal!

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