Friday, April 1, 2016

Thursday 31.3: Tallinn workout

Thursday 31.3: Tallinn workout

We traveled to Tallinn, Estonia, early in the morning. Had to wake up at 5.00. That's 2 hours earlier than normally so there was some yawns in the game. After work day was over we headed to a local "globo gym" for a crossfit session with Ville.

1. Emom x 10
10 thruster @ 2x16kg db's

After quick warm-up I found dumbbells and started moving them. In the beginning I thought is the weight okay but towards the end it definitely got spicy in the shoulders.

2. Emom x 10
4 hang power clean @ 60kg
4 front squat @ 60kg

It was a positive surprise to find a barbell with free loading possible. There was exactly 5min break between the emoms. Had no idea what to do. This was basically created during the first set :)

3. E2mom x 10
6-7-8-9-10 Push jerk @ 50kg
12-12-12-12-12 lunges @ 50kg

Two elements. Started with 6 jerks @ 50kg and 12 lunges. Then on the next round it was 7 jerks / 12 lunges. Added one more overhead after every set. This got to my legs efficiently.

4. Wod, 5rds of:
1min SkiEg
1min Row

In the end we fooled around with pure cardio. I realized the existence of SkiErg only at this time. Otherwise it would have most likely been utilized more.
We took turns on the rower and skierg with Ville. I started on the ski machine and Ville on the rower. After exactly one minute we switched on the fly. Got faster towards the end. Perfect ending to this session

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