Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Wednesday 13.4: Run & Pull-ups

Wednesday. Run and pull-ups outdoors.

This is a busy week for sure. The first two days I was in Tallinn, and had a chance to workout only on Monday. Yesterday was rest day. Today we were busy with Pauliina all day but I still went outdoors at 9p.m. Needed to get some fresh air and break a sweat. There's a pull-up bar maybe 1.2km away from our house so I ran there for some bodyweight training.

  • 1.2km run, then
  • 3rds of:
  • 20 unbroken pull-ups
  • Run a loop, then
  • 1.2km run back home
Once I arrived to the destination, I took 20 unbroken pull-ups, ran a loop in the forest and repeated the same for 3 rounds. Then ran back home. So it was 3 sets of unbroken pull-ups for 20 reps. I'm happy those felt good. Last round's last reps were tough. Other than that I felt good on the pull-ups. Those were somewhat uncomfortable at times but still doable.

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