Saturday, June 18, 2016

Saturday 18.6: Bradshaw

Saturday. Hero workout Bradshaw. Time, 21.06 (PR).

We went to the gym with Pauliina at noon. Ate a good breakfast and went after a hero workout that I've done twice before. It's been ages since doing it before so it was about time to take a gut check.

Bradshaw. Time, 21.06 (PR). Compare to 25.11.2013

  • 10 rounds of:
  • 3 handstand push-ups
  • 6 deadlifts @ 103kg
  • 12 pull-ups
  • 24 double unders
Had the same feelings as before prior to the workout. Looks a lot easier on paper than in real life. Pull-ups were the only thing I was concerned about. Hspu's were small number, deadlifts were light, and I hoped my shins would feel fine on the du's. I was ready to quite after 3 rounds though =)

Handstand push-ups were the clerkly the easiest piece of these 4 elements. Could have continued them forever. Deadlifts were light theoretically yes. But in real life those started to burn my hamstrings efficiently, and at some point of the workout I needed to take a break before getting on the pull-up bar as those deads hurt so much.

Pull-ups were the toughest of them all by a long mile. Went unbroken on the first 3-4 rounds. From then on I divided them into 8-4 till the end. Those hurt big time. Double unders went well. I foam rolled my shins properly. I've noticed that's the key to success. Without that operation my shins and ankles feel weird, tight and there's some sort of nagging pain in the shins. Today those felt great. Had some misses on couple of sets but majority of them were unbroken. On the last round my shoe laces opened up and the jump rope hit those laces. Couldn't move on like that so I got rid of my other shoe and finished the workout. Must have been an awkward sight, guy jumping rope with only one shoe =)

Strategy in the big picture was to head straight to the wall on the hspu's as they were easy. From there I walked to the barbell, rolled it from the rack to my lifting station and completed the required 6 reps. After deads I needed my break. In the beginning I went straight at the pull-up bar but little by little this transition as well as the completion of pull-ups got longer. After pull-ups I grabbed by jump rope, inhaled and exhaled, then started moving for the double unders. This is how it looked like in my head. It would have been cool to see a video but today there is none available.