Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thursday 23.6: Push jerks, Burpee box, Wb

Thurday. Push jerks, build up to a heavy triple (max 90kg). Conditioning, every 3:00 x 7min: 10 burpee box jump + 15 wb.

Plan was to do some emom snatches. My back was still sore from Tuesday's deadlifts. It's common that going a bit heavier on the pulls my back definitely feels it the following couple of days. Going to a squat position didn't feel attractive so I changed the plans when I was warming up. Remembered the good streak of overhead strength and body felt receptive for that so I decided to go for push jerk triples.


  • Push jerk triples
  • Build up to a heavy triple (40, 50, 60, 70, 75, 80, 85, PR 90kg)

It was probably about a week ago when I got 5 reps at my 1RM @ 85kg on this movement. Split jerk can carry heavier weights but that doesn't feel so natural in my shoulders so I've worked much more on push jerks lately. Today I thought 85kg should not be an issue (if everything was going good) and possibly a new record on push jerk might be true.

I built up to a heavy triple on 5kg increments after 70kg. It was kind of funny that 50kg and 70kg barbells felt heavier and maybe not that smooth. The other sets felt goof. After completing 80kg set without problems I knew 85kg would be cool too. Got that completed touch'n'go too. At that moment I realized I'm gonna put 90kg over my head at least once. It was huge thing to make it three times. Even on would have been a record.


  • Every 3:00, for 21 minutes
  • 10 burpee box jumps + 15 wall ball shots

These were all-in intervals. Got 10 reps of burpee boxes as soon as possible, then walked couple of meters to the wall ball station to start throwing the ball around. This burned my legs a lot! Especially on the wall balls. Right after I finished the last box jump it hit me in the legs, and throwing ball got them even more fired up already on the first reps. This was a good conditioning piece and got mental at around 3 rounds. I had thought about doing it for 5 sets but took couple of extra ones to dig deeper.

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