Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday 12.6: Push jerks, Pull-ups

Sunday. AM. 5 hours of gardening. PM. Push jerk 5's, build up (up to 85kg). E2mom x 10min: 10 push jerk @ 60kg. Accessory, 40 strict pull-ups.

After breakfast we went outdoors to take care of the yard. There was quite a lot work to be done, and we actually spent 5 hours doing different kinds of things. It was a blast though, I liked it! Especially in good company. Sun was shining and the weather was beautiful. In the evening I needed my doze of crossfit so I drove to the gym to move the barbell.


  • Push jerk 5's, build up (50, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85kg)

Luckily I have been free of elbow pain lately so it's been a blessing to put the barbell overhead. I have enjoyed it tremendously. Today I built up for that same objective, getting stronger overhead. Push jerks from the rack, all 5's. Started light, and went up little by little. Focusing on getting fast and utilizing my hips properly.

Got to say these weights were ridiculous. My one rep max on push jerk is 85kg. Some time ago I did huge record of making that 3RM. And today I was able to make that identical weight for 5RM. Got to be pleased big time for this opportunity!

Barbell cycling.

  • Every 2:00, for 10 minutes
  • 10 push jerks @ 60kg
After doing strength work I dropped down to 60 kilos and decided to add reps for sets. Every 2 minutes I completed one set of 10 push jerks @ 60kg. Total of 5 sets (for 10 minutes). This got spicy surprisingly soon. Maybe it was the third set where I realized it's gonna be tough to finish this. The last reps of every set were challenging. My shoulders held on and got through this piece.

  • 40 strict pull-ups
Upper body was quite tense after the first two pieces so these pull-ups were nasty from the very beginning. Went unbroken on the first two rounds but then it got miserable. Nothing to be told to future generations about this one.

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