Sunday, July 5, 2015

Friday 3.7: Uphill sprints

Friday. Uphill sprints.

We had a lot of last call errands to be taken care of for the wedding on Friday so there was no chance in getting to the gym at all during the day. We wanted to sleep at different locations so Pauliina stayed at our home with her mother in Helsinki, and my father-in-law Kari took me to their place in Klaukkala. We arrived there at around 8-9 pm and I was anxious to put my sneakers on and do something.

Tornimäki @ Klaukkala


  • Run uphill for about 15 seconds
  • Recovery was walk down
  • Repeat for 5 sprints without rest in between
  • Rest 2-3 minutes and repeat for a total of 3 rounds
Every single time when we drive to Klaukkala we go by this good looking hill on our left. During winter, it's used for skiing purposes. In the summertime people use it for outdoor activities, hiking and such. I always look at this place with great respect. It is a killer place, I've been there couple of times doing my thing.

Today was perfect opportunity to hit it right there. I wasn't going to carry wall balls and kettlebells with me but sneakers were easier to hide in my carry-ons so that the future wife wouldn't see that haha. She hoped for me not to work out (at least heavy) so I didn't make a big number of this one. That was kinda cute because she wanted me to be in the best shape of my life on Saturday. That is quite understandable.

I have no idea of the distance and on the video the hill doesn't look that steep but it really felt it, and it has always felt like it in this place. The start is easier but then in the middle there's a sudden change in the game. It becomes heavier and that about 15 second sprint brings lactic acid to my thighs big time. I went continuously up and down for a total of 5 sprints. Recovery was the jog back down. Coming down also puts pressure on quads so it's practically no rest.

First set of sprints

After 5 sprints I recovered for a while, best guess is around 2-3 minutes, and then repeated this cycle for a total of 3 rounds. That means 15 total sprints. Good quick stuff. It took about 5 minutes per round. Warm-up and cool down was the jog from Pauliina's parents house. As I went back Kari had prepared dinner for the two of us, and we spent the night eating and spending quality time with each other, thinking about the upcoming day and what it might look like eventually. Never thought it would become such a dream come true!


  1. The wedding day certainly was a perfect one and everything succeeded even better than expected. Well planned is half done. Once more congratulations to both of you. The soul mates are also officially together 💑 .

  2. Thanks Kari! You were also part of the planning organization so it was definitely going to be a success =)