Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday 6.7: Mu/Row intervals, Squat, Team metcon

Monday. Intervals, every 3:00, perform 3 mu's + 300m row. Back squat (max 135kg). Metcon in a team of 3: sled push (80kg + sled), 100 hspu, 500 du, 100 s2o (60kg), 150 burpee box. Time, 40min.

Got a huge chance to train with my bro and Jasper together. First time ever, freaking awesome! We did intervals in the beginning with Sipa meanwhile Jazz PR'd his deadlift to quite manly numbers, 190kg. And he did a double while he was at it! Sounds like he's about to enter the two hundred digits, c'mon! Squats for strength according to Sipa's plan, and then a brutal workout together as a team of three.

Toni rocked the show on Saturday!


  • Every 3:00, perform:
  • 3 ring muscle-ups + 300m row
  • "All in pace"

Give it all you got on the rower. We went 1.30+ each round. Those muscle-ups were difficult after the first round. This was the first time we both tried something like this with muscle-ups. Not the easiest workout. The purpose was more like a warm-up workout.



  • Back squat
  • 1st set: 5 reps @ 75% (110kg)
  • 2nd set: 3 reps @ 85% (125kg)
  • 3rd set: 1 reps @ 90% (135kg)
  • 4-6th set: 2 reps @ 87% (130kg)

Cool work. Not the heaviest squats. We hurried these over pretty quickly. Just short recovery between sets. Jasper had already smashed his strength and we had a good workout waiting for us. Felt good on the squats. Great to have my hands on the barbell!


Metcon. Time, 40min

  • In a team of 3 athletes
  • One athlete pushes sled constantly, 2x20m at a time, then slap hands and change the athlete
  • 100 handstand push-ups
  • 500 double unders
  • 100 shoulder-to-overhead, 60kg
  • 150 burpee box jumps, 61cm
One pushes sled all the time. This was carried out in a similar way as the workout we did in Copenhagen couple of weeks ago with Sipa and Toni, when we were on my bachelor party trip watching the Crossfit Meridian Regionals. That means one is working with the sled all the time. The other two are chipping away the rest of the work. That is first 100 hspu's. You can't do any other element before those 100 reps are in the books.

Once hspu's were done it was time to move on to double unders. Total of 500 du's. Those sucked. Our shoulders were murdered after the hspu / sled push combo. That was much worse than any of us had imagined! I never got to a smooth rhythm on the jump rope. Hspu's were my thing. Felt great on those all the way.


Third element was basically jerks at 60kg. We went mostly on 5's throughout the 100 reps. In the end I took closer to 10 reps on the last set as I felt the energy flowing. Technique was right on spot and these felt good even though shoulders had already been smashed for 15 minutes before touching the barbell in this workout.

Last station burpee boxes. Huh, those kept the heart beat up. Combine that with the sled work, and this last element felt like it took an eternity. The crew was shot after this session. Very good one and we definitely got what we deserved =) Tomorrow we're heading to Italy with Pauliina for our honeymoon, waiting eagerly for that one!

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