Sunday, July 5, 2015

Saturday 4.7: Mr. & Mrs. Lamppu

Saturday. The big day!

Huh, this was freaking awesome!!! I proposed to Pauliina on our trip to California last summer (2014), and right after we came home she started planning our wedding day. She had the church nailed already before I even knew it, probably even before I knew her haha =) And the day turned out to be Fourth of July, USA's independence day. That felt legit as it is our favorite travel destination in the world.


We've been going through the day step by step several times at this stage and browsed through the pictures, talked to people at the party, and peeked all social media stuff, and it honestly feels it was the best party I have ever attended. I guess I'm a little biased here but at least we had that feeling all the way.

My main man!

Pauliina with the help of her parents had made detailed plans in the past year, and a lot of things have really happened in that time. I'm lucky these guys took this seriously and wanted to have the party of our life. My best man Toni and Pauliina's four bridesmaids took care that the plan was carried out as it was supposed to and we didn't have to think about anything during the big day. I can't thank enough of this crew, they rocked it!

It was emotional as Pauliina's father took a lengthy speech of the importance of this day to him. Couldn't help but bring up a tear in my eye. Same emotional feelings became as Toni took the stage. I have probably never been spoken that individually. Both Toni's and Pauliina's maid of honor Katri gave us goosebumps through their speeches. 

All in all, this was nothing short of spectacular day. Enjoyed every second of it, and we were both able to absorb it all the way. Relaxed even more after I was able to give the microphone back to Toni after my own last words =)

Thanks for every single person that was with us to celebrate this important step in our life. No matter if you were with us physically or mentally, appreciate it any case!



  1. Congrats to both of You! What a great wedding day! I wish you all the best!

  2. Onnea Tommi! Itellä vähän ollut treenit vähillä, sä oot jaksanut hienosti painaa (edelleen). Tsemppiä Smoloviin!

  3. Moro Juha! Meni jätkän kommentti näköjään vähän ohi aikanaan, huomasin vasta nyt :) Mutta kiitos! Smolov oli kovaa peliä, mutta tulostakin sillä saatiin onneksi