Sunday, July 19, 2015

Sunday 19.7: Clean and jerk, 20min amrap

Sunday. Emom x 20: clean and jerk (up to 85kg). Metcon, 20min amrap of: 5 power clean (80kg), 10 hspu, 15 ghd. Result, 189 reps.

Even though the easy start back to barbell work yesterday, my legs are still smashed. With a break from weights it doesn't matter what kilos you put on the bar, it's gonna make you hurt. I knew it's gonna be okay when I get warmed up properly but the walking has been quite an effort today, and it probably didn't get any easier towards the evening. But it surely was fun to throw down! In the evening we went for a recovery walk in the woods and picked up some blueberries on our way.


  • Every minute on the minute x 20 minutes
  • 1 clean and jerk
  • 1-5min: 70kg
  • 6-10min: 75kg
  • 11-15min: 80kg
  • 16-20min: 85kg
This was much better than expected. It's some time since doing this technical movement but I believe this went even better than normally. Maybe that break did some good? Go figure but this was great. I wanted to focus on every lift so I took singles, one rep every minute. Okay, in the beginning there might have been a little more action with the 70kg bar but after that it was all singles.

Had no nagging pains that I've sometimes had with the jerks. That made a very positive impact mentally. And it was no big deal to throw 85kg bar overhead. For some reason I thought it would be an issue maybe. My focus in the clean was to bring the bar as high as possible up to the hips before getting explosive. Another point of self cueing was to let my butt drop as low as possible without braking on the way down.

In the jerk part thoughts were on keeping the knees out. I just talked to my bro about this thing on his jerks, and understood that's also something I need to put more effort. If you don't keep 'em out, the dip is gonna be a little bit towards front and the bar might also go front.


Metcon. Result, 189 reps (6 rounds + 4 hspu)
  • 20min amrap of:
  • 5 power clean, 80kg
  • 10 handstand push-up
  • 15 ghd sit-up
I wanted to have couple of longer metcons right after the holiday to familiar my body in this working rhythm. This was good, really good. I'm very happy I was able to do these elements well. Power cleans were singles from the very first round. I kept a solid pace each round, took a rep, dropped the bar, and grabbed the barbell again for the next rep. Round by round these got more challenging. Or actually the reps were completed in a similar way for the entire 20 minutes but the feeling after the last rep forced me to shake the pain off before getting on the hspu's.

Hspu's were unbroken for the first 5 rounds. That was freaking awesome. It's been some time since last handstand push-ups so it was a mystery how they would turn out to be like. I kept a "Froning" pace, not rushing at all on them. Just focusing on the next rep, one by one. Short pause on top, then right back up from the bottom. The 6th round was poisonous. I took 6 reps, then two doubles to finish it. That round also was the slowest one because of those breaks in vain.

Ghd's were tougher than traditionally, and my core was cramping in the evening. That's a rarity but it feels kind of nice to feel the abs. Went unbroken on them every round. On the first round I did t2b's but then changed it on the fly to ghd's. I believe that was a good decision. My hands are not used to being in contact with any kind of bars so I wanted to give them some rest, and have only cleans with some sort of grip.

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