Saturday, July 18, 2015

Saturday 18.7: Squats, Pull-ups, Box, Lunges

Saturday. Back squat 5x5 (max 115kg). Emom x 21min. 1st: 10 pull-ups, 2nd: 10 lunges (2x20kg db's), 3rd: 15 box.

Damned it was great to make a comeback! We had our 10 day honeymoon trip in Northern Italy right after the wedding. We had a road trip in such places as Milan, Lake Como, Lake Garda, Venice and the eastern coastline. It could not have been better. We enjoyed it to the fullest, and this time training was on the background. The temperature was constantly at least 35 degrees, at max the digits showed a sick 44 degree heat. That's the toughest climate I've ever been even though I have traveled all my life a lot. During the trip I went running for a long one twice, then did couple of metcons, bar muscle-ups, and of course a lot of swimming. Not for once did I touch a bar so it was about time to get my hands on one today!


  • Back squat 5x5 (90, 100, 105, 110, 115kg)

It is still clearly in my memories when we came back from California last year and I went heavy pause squatting, deadlifting and pistol squatting, that my hip flexors got inflamed. That was not cool so I decided to take it easy on the weights. It will definitely hurt in lower body in the following days because there's been almost 2 week break from barbell work. It's always a different thing to work with bodyweight and weights.

These squats felt good in every single set. I believe it was a smart decision to stay light. I'm having a week off of work still next week and I'm planning to hit it seriously on the upcoming week. Didn't wanna kill my legs and make them out of order for days.

Recap of the training day


  • Every minute on the minute x 21min
  • 1st min: 10 pull-ups
  • 2nd min: 10 walking lunges, 2x20kg dumbbells
  • 3rd min: 15 box jump

This got tough. It really felt like I haven't done metcons in the same severity during the trip. But it sure felt great to get my heart beating big time. Pull-ups were tingling my thoughts beforehand. For the three first rounds those didn't feel good in my palms but I changed the pull-up bar to a thicker one (=normal thickness) and those rocked very well after that.

I was about to do lunges with a barbell but my wife did lunges with dumbbells too and the place is not wide enough so we both worked with dumbbells. That was a good variety. I held the db's in front rack position, one dumbbell in each hand, 20 kilos each. These are probably gonna hurt in my butt tomorrow.

It was great to have the entire body activated. Box jumps are in my wheelhouse. Those took about 30 seconds so during the course of action the recovery started to feel short after box jumps. In the first rounds it's always good in these long emoms but towards the end it's gonna get mental. This was a good start to getting back in to the training routines! Here are couple of pictures from Italy.


  1. Welcome back! Good to hear, that your honeymoon road trip was everything you expected and even more. I think you made a very good and wise decision to take it easier at the gym after the honeymoon. Good to have you both safely back! Looking forward in seeing you next Saturday!

  2. Yeah, it definitely was! And it seems like it didn't ease the path at all to stay light. My legs are killing me =) -Don