Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wednesday 22.7: Squat, Row, Squat clean + Pirkkola training

Wednesday. Back squat 7x3 (across 120kg). Metcon, with a running clock for 15min, 5x3min amrap. 300m row, then amrap of squat clean (70kg) for remaining time. Result, total of 44 cleans. PM: Metcon, 5rds of: 15 t2b, 200m sandbag run, 30 air squat. Skills, bar mu's. Metcon, 3k run.

What a great training day! Woke up, and wanted to go swimming but it was raining so I ate breakfast and got ready for a gym session. First time after the vacation my legs were feeling good. Originally I had planned to squat today but I thought my lower body wouldn't agree on that plan. Luckily it was a good day, so I smashed my legs. In the evening I went outdoors with a sandbag.


  • 4 rounds of:
  • 3 bar muscle-ups
  • 10 overhead squat with a narrower grip

This week I've done different types of warm-ups, changing from the routines. It's been kb's and du's, turkish get-ups, muscle-ups and overhead squats. Something I feel like needs to be worked on. So in this portion I'll do those with quality, and trying to modify technique a bit. Muscle-ups felt great, and it was a positive surprise to be able to do ohs with narrower grip than normally. This might be the thing to better shoulder mobility.


  • Back squat 7x3 (across, 120kg)

I took only light squats last Saturday but those ones murdered my lower body for days. It really felt I haven't done work with weights in about 2 weeks. That was the longest break of training in my crossfit history, probably in my life. It was just light work during the trip.

Now I've had the possibility to sleep and recover well as I'm returning to work only next week. This week is dedicated to training. Today's agenda was triples for a total of seven sets, and I kept the weight at the same load, 120kg each set. Felt a bit stiff for some reason, even though overhead squats felt super good and I was able to sit very comfortable in the bottom. Towards the end hips got better.

Squat recap


  • With a 15min running clock:
  • Every 3 minutes complete:
  • 300m row + amrap squat clean (70kg)

This was a nightmare. I was very anxious before putting the clock running. It was obvious it's gonna hurt. This is basically five 3-min amraps with no rest between sets. Every amrap begins with 300m row, and then you have that about 2 min time to work on the cleans. Do them as squat cleans to make it hurt more. I got the inspiration from Ben Bergeron's site When I came home I noticed it was supposed to be 200m row instead of 300m but that didn't matter. It was tough.

On the first round I did 10 reps, and realized if I'm gonna keep this pace on the cleans I'm gonna be in big trouble. On the following rounds I completed 8 reps for the next 3 rounds. Last round it was 10 reps again. There was enough time to do 10 reps each round but the feeling was disgusting. I had something like half a minute extra time after those 8 reps but I used the time to give my legs a bit of rest and adjusted the plates / collars back to the barbell. I did singles and the collars were bouncing back and forth. This was one of the worst workouts in a while. It took a while to get back to this planet earth. Afterwards I foam rolled a lot to massage the entire body.

Stage for the metcon, Concept2 and barbell


  • 5 rounds of:
  • 15 toes-to-bar
  • 200m sandbag run, 25kg
  • 30 air squat

In the evening I went to Pirkkola. It was devastating that they had torn the place up. I had wall ball and Sandy with me as I thought about doing a combination of wb's, sandbag run and something with the pull-up bar. My mind was blown as I saw there was no wb station anymore and the place was totally under construction. I gathered my thoughts and came up with this metcon. It was a very good breather!

I've never done any kind of runs with a sandbag. It was a 200m run with a 25kg "Sandy". I tried different styles of carrying it. On some rounds it was on my back, and on some rounds it was on either my left or right shoulder. Don't know which one felt better so I kept changing it. This one really brought the heart rate up better than I expected.

T2b's were ub for the first round, then I broke it into 10-5 for the remaining rounds. It mostly got to my grip. Air squats are always surprisingly burning on the legs when you throw a good bunch of them. They were intentionally right after the sandbag run which definitely had an effect on the squats. Good metcon!

Evening recap


  • Bar musle-ups

The pull-up bar that I found there was high enough so it was a good place to hone on the bar mu skills. I took couple of sets so that today's total figure climbed to somewhere about 20 reps. I tried to swing my legs behind the vertical line on the pull-up bar.


  • Run 3.000 meters

At first this was supposed to be a recovery run but after the first round I paced up and ended up having cramps on both of my quads so it definitely got to a good workout in the end. Normally I really don't like running, especially as a unilateral element. As one part of a metcon it's a great one. But just running, that's a bit boring. Today it felt very good. My body was feeling fresh despite all the work begin done in the past days.

Towards the end it took its toll and brought the cramps. I had trouble to walk to the water station about 200m away from the track. Had to stop 3 times and go to squat as it released the tension in the quads. Once I got my recovery shake, it eased immediately. I drank one liter right away. Recovery back home was a lot of food, sauna and cold treatment for the legs in shower.

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