Sunday, May 22, 2016

Saturday 21.5: Gymnastics, Row, Du's, Push-ups

Saturday. Gymnastics, 5 sets of strict hspu's. Metcon, 15min amrap of: 300m row, 30 du, 15 push-ups. Result, 6rds + 199m row.

We headed to breakfast early in the morning on Saturday as the weather was as beautiful as it gets. Found a nice café in Kumpula and got a chance to eat outdoors in the sunshine. Then some fitness needed to be improved just a little bit more this time too.


  • Every 3:00, for 5 sets
  • Set of strict handstand push-ups
  • Result, 10, 8, 5, 5, 5 reps
This is something I have neglected for too long. It would definitely be beneficial to attack this weakness more often. Strict gymnastics movements. Whether it's handstand push-ups, pull-ups or muscle-ups. Ideally in a metcon it's naturally assisted with a kipping movement in order to utilize the entire body. But for strength purposes strict would be a good tool too.

It was one set every 3 minutes. Started with 10 reps, then 8 and the last sets were 5 reps per set. These tax my shoulders pretty good but also back and hammies are activated as I felt those muscles contract a lot and almost cramp at one set =)

Metcon. Result, 6 rounds + 199m row

  • 15min amrap of:
  • 300m row
  • 30 double unders
  • 15 push-ups
My plan was to take it rather easy this time. My body felt beaten up big time so I figured moving around a bit would be a good thing. It turned out pretty soon that it's not gonna be a walk in the park though. Somehow I turned the buttons on and went after it with a good mentality. I'm very happy I was able to dig deep and find the appropriate mental state.

It's been ages since doing double unders so I had no idea how they would turn out to. I foam rolled my shins good as I have found that's a good way to avoid the shin pain on the jumps. That was a good decision and maybe that's the reason why my du's rolled very nice. Had zero misses on those boom!

Push-ups were unbroken too. The round times also stayed consistent throughout the workout and I was able to keep the transitions rather quick as well. At least it felt like it. It's another thing what it looked like from outside hehe

Recap of handstand push-ups

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