Sunday, May 1, 2016

Sunday 1.5: Sled, Run, Jerk

Sunday. Metcon, 5rds of: 2x100m sled pull, 2x100m run, 2x10 db jerk @ 25kg. Time, 28.22.

After breakfast and croissants I changed clothes and went outdoors to enjoy my time in the sun. The summer is really knocking on the door! Almost clear blue sky and the backyard was empty and ready for sled action!

Metcon. Time, 28.22
  • 5 rounds of:
  • 2x100m sled pull
  • 2x100m run
  • 2x10 jerk @ 25kg dumbbell
Those sled pulls are hella rough. The park has a slight incline / decline which makes it more painful on the lower body. I went 100 meters back and 100 meters back with the sled, then ran the same distance more for recovery purposes, then grabbed the same 25kg dumbbell I used yesterday and completed 20 one-handed push jerks with it.

Sled was alright downhill all but the last maybe 20-30 meters, there was much more friction between the sled and the ground for some unknown reason. Then as I turned around and headed back it was incline and made my calves cry as I had to walk on the balls of my feet. I was a bit anxious about how the dumbbell jerks might feel like at 25 kilos as it's a load I'm not used to. That moved overhead well though.

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