Saturday, May 7, 2016

Saturday 7.5: Squat clean ladder, Bar mu's

Saturday. Squat clean ladder 10-8-6-4-2, climbing weights up to 100kg. Time, 5.48. Skills, 6x5 bar mu's.

The weather is ridiculously beautiful! We went for a morning walk with my baby around Töölönlahti. No wonder there a lot of people doing the same thing. Afterwards I hit the gym for a quicker session. Got the inspiration from the upcoming Regionals.

Ladder. Time, 5.48

  • Squat clean ladder
  • 10 cleans @ 60kg
  • 8 cleans @ 70kg
  • 6 cleans @ 80kg
  • 4 cleans @ 90kg
  • 2 cleans @ 100kg

The first event at the CF Regionals is similar ladder with squat snatches and heavier weights obviously. It starts with 80kg snatches. I've never seen that kind of weight on my snatch barbell =)

This was a good metcon completed with bar only. I went singles from the very beginning at each weight. Listened to my legs and body and worked through that. First load went nicely. On the second one it got spicy in towards the end. On the 80kg's I guess it was a triple, then singles. At 90kg it got tricky. It's a weight I can manhandle but at this point the previous work had its effect so I needed to focus on every single lift. Two singles at 100kg were cool. The latter burned lower body nicely!


  • Bar muscle-ups 6x5 reps

My body is kinda smashed right now. Especially upper body. Meathead Thursday got my back on the deadlifts. It's been ages since pulling from the ground. Also bench has been missing from my program lately. Doing bench and then 100 ring dips yesterday made my chest and shoulders tight for sure. Still, these muscle-ups rolled well today. This was a definitely a positive thing!

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