Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Monday 25.7: DT for 20min

Monday. Pair workout, 20min amrap of DT @ 60kg, You go, I go style. Result, 16 rounds + 3 clean.

Toni asked me to hit a morning's bro session with him on Monday. I'm still on holiday this week so it suited well for my plans. After the session I headed back to Klaukkala where we stayed for couple of days with the family. It was another long day of doing work at the house. They are moving so we got rid of a lot of stuff at the house. We started right after I came back from the training session and I got home after 10pm. Okay we had lunch and coffee during the day but other than that it was action all the way. It wasn't difficult to get sleep for the night =)

Metcon. Result, 16 rounds + 3 clean
  • Pair workout
  • 20min amrap of:
  • DT, You go, I go (12 deadlift, 9 hang power clean, 6 push jerk)
  • Barbell @ 60kg
Tough. Very tough. Body felt tired in the morning. The sandbag run had destroyed my legs nicely so luckily this was more focusing on upper body, grip strength and lungs. It was great to have a training partner to share the suffer. This was lighter than the regular DT but we added some stakes by making it a 20min amrap. I started, completed one full round, then Toni did one round. We alternated after every round.

We held on to one minute per round for about 8 minutes. Then we started slowing down. I call this a great session with my main man Toni.

DT, part one

DT, part 2

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