Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Sunday 24.7: Sandbad uphill run

Sunday. AM: Yard work for hours. PM: Sandbag run uphill

It was definitely a taxing day. After breakfast we went to the front yard as there were a lot to be done with the yard. I was shoveling dirt and mud all day with Kari. It took us hours to complete. I was sweating like a pig as the weather was hot. Lately it's been the hottest days of this summer in Finland. In the evening I was pretty much done and ready to go to bed and sleep for 12 hours but that hill which can be seen from the front yard had been tempting me for the entire day.

Metcon. Took about 7 minutes in total
  • Run up the hills of Tornikeskus with a sandbag
As I had been warming up already for the entire day doing various physical activities I just picked up a sandbag and went running with it. Destination was on top of the hill. I ran from home, thought about taking a break below the hill and then head up. When I reached my destination I decided to just keep going up the hill.

I'm extremely happy I was able to keep my legs churning all the way to the top. Never had to stop to breath or give my legs some rest. When I climbed up, it felt like I'd like to drop the bag, and take a short recovery. That thought stayed there for the latter half of the uphill run. However, I was able to push that thought aside and keep going. Kari joined me on this journey and came up as well. Thumbs up for this fella!

Thanks Kari for the video =)


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  2. No problem (the video), however the hill was a problem for me ;)