Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Tuesday 19.7: Squats, Sled, Ohs, Row, Ghd, Push-ups

Tuesday. Back squat 6x3 @ 120kg. Wod, 3rds of: sled pull standing @ 80-110kg, ohs @ 50-70kg. Accessory, sled pull standing @ 80kg. Emom x 20min: odd min 15 cal row, even min 15 ghd / 20 push-ups.

On Tuesday I had nowhere to rush. The ladies of my life were seeing a friend in the evening which opened up a time slot for me to hit it big time.


  • Back squat 6x3 @ 120kg
Percentage work at 80%. Simple triples at 120kg. On the video you'll see the first and 5th set. Built up to a 130kg single prior to these working sets.

Recap of training session


  • 15m sled pull, standing @ 110kg
  • 10 overhead squats @ 50kg
  • 15m sled pull, standing @ 110kg
  • 10 overhead squats @ 60kg
  • 15m sled pull, standing @ 80kg
  • 5 overhead squats @ 70kg
Different type of conditioning, and I loved it. Felt great to overhead squat. Got unbroken all the way to the last damned rep which I dropped on the way down @ 70kg. Had to repeat it of course. I did this on the platform so the barbell had to be taken from floor every time. Sled was heavy at 110kg. I have never done it with that load. Tried it. Worked for 2 rounds, and dropped to 80kg for the last round.


  • 5 x 15m sled pull, standing @ 80kg
Then kept working with that same weight for couple of more sets. Rest as needed between sets. Tough one. Forearms and grip were gone =)


  • Every minute on the minute x 20 minutes
  • Odd minutes, 15 cal row
  • Even minutes, 15 ghd sit-ups / 20 push-ups

For the first 10 minutes it was rowing and ghd sit-ups. That is total of 75 calories and 75 ghd sit-ups. After 10 minutes it turned directly to another 10 minutes of 15 calories of rowing and 20 push-ups. Unbroken on everything. The first 10 minutes was a killer for hip flexors.

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