Monday, July 11, 2016

Sunday 10.7: Pull-ups, Lunges, Front squat, Hspu

Sunday. Metcon, 10min amrap: 10 pull-ups, 30 lunges. Result, 8rds. Emom x 10min: odd min 8 hspu, even min 6 front squat @ 60kg.

Sunday evening action. It has been quite a task to find a good spot to go and hit a training session. They have also been quite short so I'll jump quite soon to work without that much warm-up. That's why the first part was pure bodyweight stuff, and finally some barbell work too.

Metcon. Result, 320 reps
  • 10min amrap of:
  • 10 pull-ups
  • 30 walking lunges
Went unbroken on the pull-ups each round. Lunges were bodyweight only, 15 meters down and 15 meters back the grass matt. It was a good starter. I can tell I've been carrying a little baby around all the time. Didn't realize it before this session but when I jumped on the pull-up bar my forearms felt a bit funny. Like they were a little inflamed or something =)

Even though the little girl weighs like 3+ kilos it's a static hold which brings some burden on the arms. Doesn't matter though, I'd carry this little gal wherever she wants to. Anyway, this workout got to my forearms nicely, and the lunges burned my legs and butt.

  • Every minute on the minute x 10 minutes
  • Odd minutes, 6 front squats @ 60kg
  • Even minutes, 8 handstand push-ups
My body has felt more tired lately. Maybe it's because of not working out properly or the lack of sleep and recovery. I feel it only when I put the timer on and start working. I can still push through the dark waters but I feel it taxing my body a notch more. Went unbroken on both elements.

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