Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Saturday 23.7: Pair wod with Antti

Saturday. Pair wod, 15min amrap of sandbag run, s2o and pistols. Result, 7 rounds.

It was one and done on that day. My pal Antti who also lives in Klaukkala joined me for a metcon so it turned out to be a pair workout. Sandbag, barbell and bodyweight.

Metcon. Result, 7 full rounds
  • 15min amrap of:
  • One athlete runs with a sandbag for 200m
  • In the meanwhile the other does 15 s2o @ 30kg, and amrap of pistols
This was a great workout for sure! Thanks Antti for throwing down with me. The point was that I started with the run portion. Took the sandbag on my back and went down and back the park. During that time Antti did push presses for 10 reps and the rest of my run time he went for pistol squats. Once I came back from the run I did 15 s2o's and pistols for as many reps as possible during his sandbag sprint.

The sandbag started to feel nasty on back and put a lot of pressure on breathing. Barbell was light but that's why there were quite a bunch of reps per round. Got those unbroken and then finished each round with pistol squats. It was awesome when my training partner suggested we'd do these. It's not self-evident that people can smash them, and Antti had perfect mobility and leg strength to work it up and down just like that. I got 10 reps per round.

Below you'll see a short recap made by Kari.


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  1. Thanks for the training session, it was awesome. My shoulders were killing me for a couple of days but nothing beats the feeling afterwards. :)