Saturday, August 6, 2016

Friday 5.8: Squat clean amrap

Friday. Metcon, 12min amrap of squat cleans (80-90kg). Result, 43 reps

It was a tight schedule at the gym on Friday so there was time for only one piece of work. It turned out to be quite a workout. Amrap of cleans, barbell work that got me breathing and muscles hurting in a short period of time.

Metcon. Result, 43 reps
  • 12min amrap: squat cleans
  • 1-4min: 80kg (20 reps)
  • 4-8min: 85kg (12 reps)
  • 8-12min: 90kg (11 reps)
Haven't done much of this type of workout where you complete only one barbell movement for a period of time in amrap mode. For sure there's been workouts where you attack 30 reps of clean & jerk, snatches or thrusters for time or some sort of ladder of the similar movements but a pure amrap is probably unheard of.

It was a great workout, no doubt! First 4 minutes were at 80kg, following 4 minutes were 5kg heavier and the last 4 minutes @ 90kg. On the first piece I kept my pace of completing 5 reps per minute and followed the timer on that one pretty closely.

Second piece was probably the toughest mentally. Legs and back started to hurt, and breathing got heavy. Reps were 3 per minute. Ideally there could have been 4 reps per each minute but my back was killing me. On the last minute I decided to stop bitching and cycled the barbell at about the same pace as on the middle piece. I ripped my right hand and had to fetch some tape in the middle of the set as the barbell got bloody. Missed some time there but was able to step up towards the end. Very good workout!

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