Saturday, August 6, 2016

Saturday 6.8: Squats, Clean and jerk, Row

Saturday. Back squats 6x4 @ 120kg. Metcon, 3rds of: 10 c&j @ 70kg, 500m row. Time, 11.11.

We were on the move for the entire day so it was late night when I found a good spot to hit the gym. Back squats were on the program and then brutal combination of overhead stuff and rowing.


  • Back squat 6x4 @ 120kg

This part continues to follow the weightlifting101 system. Just another day of grinding. The weights at 80% are something I have used as warm-up sets so this needs some mental game to understand these are useful in the long run. Maybe I have done too heavy sets before? Don't know. Can you do too heavy sets. Somehow it makes sense to me to lift as heavy as possible, and as often as possible. Period.

Last 5 sets

Metcon. Time, 11.11

  • 3 rounds of:
  • 10 clean and jerk @ 70kg
  • 500m row

This was a lot of fun. I had some thoughts. The other one was doing a long version of this one, let's say 20 minute amrap, or then a shorter one. The nature of the workouts would have been totally different between those. Long workout would have been slower on the clean and jerks but this kept the pace good with the barbell, and there were no long breaks between reps.

Rowing was 1:55 for the first 2 rounds, then sub 1:50 on the last one. I used that rowing for recovery. The barbell got me after every set of 10 reps so it was only logical to get heart rate back down before another set of c&j's. Got to say this was one heck of a workout!

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