Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday 17.11: HC Triplet II, In to the woods

Saturday. HC Triplet II. Three workouts. Time 23.56 & 171 reps. Toni 38.31 min & 104 reps.

Check out previous HC Triplet to get the idea thoroughly. Three workouts, each one need mental game to be finished with glory. We have both been waiting for this day for two weeks, I've been nervous about it for quite a while and yesterday we both were so anxious it was difficult to go to sleep :) Our preparations were good, we had a video camera, lots of snacks between workouts and recovery drinks. We completed the workouts in turns. Toni started, I followed after he finished. First two events took place outdoors at Pirkkola outdoor sports center and the last one at our box. Our equipment consisted of 20kg kettlebell, 25kg homemade sandbag, jump ropes and Rogue rings. The day was freaking awesome!!!

Toni has given his everything for event 2
Event 1. Time 10.51, Toni's time 15.35.

  • 20 kettlebell swings (american swings)
  • 10x20m shuttle run
  • 30 burpees
  • 10x20m shuttle run
  • 40 squats
  • 10x20m shuttle run
  • 50 double unders
  • 10x20m shuttle run
  • 60m bear crawl
  • 10x20m shuttle run

There were 5 sprints of 10x20m shuttle runs. In between sprints there were mostly bodyweight movements except for kb swings. This time we did kb swings American style compared to Russian style. The difference is that American swings require the kb to go all the way overhead where as Russians go above eye level. The constant turning in the sprints made it more difficult than just running for 200 meters, it brings more stress to legs.

Bear crawl
That kettlebell was like air as we both were swinging it, I guess our strength levels have increased so that this weight is clearly lighter than before. I'd really like to have a heavier one. After completing 30 burpees heart beat naturally got higher and brought issues to respiration for the rest of the workout. I went unbroken all movements but double unders. I stumbled once and I had to take another break voluntarily before finishing it in three parts. That final bear crawl was hard! I thought it would be easier but once I got it going it was difficult indeed. My heart was beating heavily and I was happy it wasn't for longer distance. This event's purpose was to put breathing and overall conditioning to real test and it worked just perfectly for that objective!

Toni, I really need you to unravel what your feelings were during this workout!

Event 2. Time 13.05, Toni's time 22.56

  • 5 rounds of
  • 30m walking lunges with 25kg sandbag
  • 14 kettlebell clean & jerk (20kg), alternating hands
  • 30m sprint with sandbag
  • 10 pull-ups

Kettlebell clean & jerk

I'll have to check Toni's time from the videos afterwards as my timer started messing around.. Our new tool, homemade sandbag received mixed feelings, I believe we both love and hate it now :) Walking lunges with that "Sandy" at my neck got to my hamstrings badly. We calculated the distance of 30 meters, on the other end of it one had to do clean & jerks with kettlebell, alternating hands after each rep, 7 reps with both hands. On the other end there was a pull-up bar where 10 reps had to be done. Do sandbag lunges to reach the kettlebell station and sprint back to pull-ups with the sandbag. Total of 150m sandbag lunges, 150m sandbag sprint, 70 clean & jerks (35 each hand) and 50 pull-ups.

Sandbag lunges

I did this workout unbroken which cheers me up a lot. 50 pull-ups during that workout isn't that easy so this was spectacular! The sandbag lunges were the most difficult move for me during this workout and probably during the whole Triplet, Sandy got nasty on the third round. At some points the jerk felt heavy but once I remembered to use legs as well to push it to the sky, it eased the movement. Pull-ups were heavy but I got a good hip drive throughout the workout so I managed to get it unbroken in all rounds. Three movements which brought at least some burden to legs really hit my hamstrings and groin. My groin cramped, same happened after the workout as we took our gear and headed to our cars.  My left calf cramped a few times. It was easy to drive with my clutch leg cramping, not… :)

Toni, I believe this event 2 was the most difficult for you as well, tell us what happened! The lunges were pure nightmare in the middle of the workout.

Event 3. Result 9 rounds + 9 ring push-ups. Toni's result 5 rounds + 5 box jumps

  • 12 min amrap
  • 9 ring push-ups
  • 6 box jumps
  • 3 wall climbs

Final event! We changed some clothing and headed to the box. The third and final workout was waiting for us. Some arrangements were done, we created a stage for the athletes to perform their last workout of the day. 12 minutes, as many reps as possible. One round consisted of 9 ring push-ups, 6 box jumps (approximately 45-50cm), 3 wall climbs. Toni started again and I followed after he was done with the Triplet.

Box jumps

I had no strategy for this third event before it started but quite soon realized what to do. For two rounds I went unbroken, then I figured out that ring push-ups would turn out to a problem if I tried hitting them unbroken all rounds. That's why I broke it in 5+4 push-ups. From the video I noticed my form looks kind of odd. My bottom is too low and makes my back arch too much. My upper torso goes up and down as it should and elbows / shoulders hit 90 degree angle in line with each other. They are definitely counted but I'll pay attention to my form and keep my booty higher and core straight next time I do push-ups / ring push-ups.

Box jumps were pretty much the rest period for me in this workout. We have been waiting for that official Rogue plyobox of 24 inches (64cm). Wall climbs were naturally the most difficult one. It brings such a huge load to shoulders and triceps. And right after that doing ring push-ups was cruel. My triceps were in flames during the workout. That was that hindered me for going after higher amount of reps. But hey, I'm very happy for completing 90 ring push-ups, 54 box jumps and 27 wall climbs in 12 minutes.

Wall climbs

Toni, you got total of 5 rounds, 9 ring push-ups and 5 box jumps. How do you feel about this workout. Tell us how it went on your behalf.

This day was definitely hard, throughout the body. First of all, metabolic conditioning, secondly hamstrings and legs in general, finally shoulders and triceps also got their share. Heavy breathing throughout the day. I noticed same effects on Toni, he fought bravely through the day. The name of the day was not HC Triplet in vain. It really deserved the hard core extra name. My body needs to get rest this evening. Tomorrow it's game day and I will be ready for it!

I will be playing with the videos for some time before adding them in to the Youtube channel and some of them in this blog as well. I'll keep you informed


  1. Wow. Day was amazing. I feel like i've been hit by a train. In a good way. In the morning I felt very good after good breakfast and well slept night. When we run the warmup I felt that this is going to be a succes. Event one was a tough one. Those 20m sprints were killers. And what about the bear walk? It was a nasty one. My du's were awful today. I was jumping like it was my first time. After that last bear walk it was really hard to do the last sprints but I made it.

    Event two was todays toughest event. For me 50 pull-ups is a crazy amount. Never done that much. Walking lunges with 25kg sandbag (bag was named Sandy) was absolute pain. Clean and Jerks were nice ones. They went well but not unbroken.

    Event three and wall climbs...15 wall climbs after two maniac workouts really made my shoulders cry. I'm very happy about my ring push ups today. 54 nice reps is something that I'm proud of. Overall the day was a big succes and can't wait for the next triplet :-)

  2. This was something beyond words. It's difficult to explain the feelings after those workouts. This was pure dedication to crossfit, I'm proud of you Toni for participating and completing the wods with glory. On my own behalf I'm very satisfied to the results of the day. I was able to go unbroken pretty much throughout the Triplet. That was one of my mental goals for the day.

    Now you will find more videos from Youtube, not all of them still

  3. I updated Toni's time for Event 2. This specific event as inspired by Mikko Salo's similar type of workout.

    He did 15min amrap of
    5 kb clean & jerk (double 32kg kb)
    20m sandbag lunges
    sandbag sprint
    10 pull-ups

    He did 10+ rounds in 15 minutes, beast!

  4. I congratulate both of you of completing the extremely hard workout successfully. I just wonder, how much time is required for recovering...I assume, you will recover quite soon, but still I have this question in my mind, how soon can this kind of workout be repeated again? I assume you will repeat after some weeks?

    How did you manage to move the data from the video camera to the YouTube? It looks like you managed to do it?

    Will you take it easier today?

    Have a good Sunday!

    Best regards,

    Kari and Maija :)

  5. Well, we had a floorball game today at 2.00 p.m. =) Just got home after a victorious away game, result 5-3. We strengthened our lead in the standings. My joints were a bit stiff in the morning but once I got my muscles warm it was no issue.

    Actually I have some problems with the video camera. Those clips that are now in this blog and in youtube were taken with my own camera. The three first workouts were shot with that video camera (then the battery ran out) and I don't have proper cables to transfer them to my Mac. This computer seems to accept only usb-type cords and the video camera had different type of cord ends.

  6. Congrats of the floorball game win!

    I have to check, if there is a usb type of cord for the video camera.

  7. I updated the event 3's reps for myself. Toni had counted 10+ rounds for me. In reality there were 9+ rounds, checked it from the video which is now available in Youtube. My events 2 & 3 are there and Toni's event 3 as well. The first three workouts are still to come...