Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wednesday 31.7: Squats, burpees, du

Wednesday. Back squats, emom, 4 reps @ 100kg, for 10min. Metcon, 10min amrap of 10 burpees, 25 double unders.

It was time to squat. I'm changing the way I think about traditional strength training. Doing 5x5 or 5x3 type of training was what brought me to a certain point and there's nothing bad in that structure. But I need some change and some action in the strength training as well. I've adopted a lot of emom (every minute on the minute) type of training. Today it was time to try it out with back squats. Then a metcon that was on the main site in late June, a lot of heavy breathing.

Back squats.
  • 4 reps @ 100kg for 10 minutes
This adopts to back squats very well too. I've done it once over a month ago with 3 reps x 100kg. Today I added the fourth one and wanted to know what it feels like. You've got one minute to finish those four reps. It takes only 15-20 seconds and there's plenty of time to recover. We did this together with Toni so that Toni started, took 3 reps, and I started 30 seconds after he had taken his first set up. This way either of us was squatting pretty much all the time. The rhythm was perfect, when you're doing work, the other one checks your form, depth and talks you up to nail those reps. Then switch turns. We both liked this style. Plus, there's a lot more weight being brought up compared to for example 5x5 with 120kg. That would lead up to 3k, now I got 4k.

The weight was good today, had no problems with it whatsoever. Might go up a little next time I'll do this.

Metcon. Result 294 reps.
  • 10 min amrap of:
  • 10 burpees
  • 25 double unders
Huh, heavy breathing was ahead of me. When you have a couplet of burpees and double unders, there's no doubt you're gonna be totally fatigued in the end. This was as nasty as it sounds. At the end of the workout I was drained and my heart rate was as high as it possible could be. I got 8 full rounds + 10 burpees + 4 double unders. That equals to 90 burpees and 204 du's. Total of 294 reps.

I got those burpees rolling pretty well from the beginning to the end, with pace slowing towards the end, little by little. Double unders were near perfect as I tripped on only one set. 7 rounds of them went unbroken. Had to take a little break after burpees before entering du's because I definitely wanted to do them unbroken. It's mentally so much easier when you don't have to start over with the double unders. On the only set I stumbled, I got 17 reps and then had to finish it to 25 reps.

Don't know how I could have been faster with this one. The only part is the transitions. Don't think too much, go down on the burpees and once you're finished, start circling the jump rope. Lots more cardio work so I wouldn't have to stop to catch a breath. Lots of crossfit =)

Toni's workouts.
  • Back squats, emom, 3 reps @ 100kg, for 10min.
  • Metcon, time 10.54
  • Rack dips, 10 to 1, down by 1's
  • Between dip sets, 20 air squats

Toni did the same workouts. That's been this week's main goal that we get some more drive from each other by doing exactly the same workouts. We did the squats simultaneously. Toni had forgotten his shoes home (who does that? :)) so it was impossible to do double unders. It hurts like hell when you stumble and don't have shoes on. Been there, done that… So he had to be creative and do a metcon of dips and squats. 20 squats between every set of dips. He started with 10 dips, then 9, down by 1 rep until there's only 1 left.


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