Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thursday 1.8: Handstand, split jerks, running metcon

Thursday. Skills, handstand. Strength, 1 squat clean + 3 split jerks @ 70kg for 10min. Metcon, 10 rounds of: 5 power cleans @ 70kg, run 380m. Time 24.03. Evening, cycling for cooling down and 50 pull-ups.

Great day! Skills, then we continued what we started last week with the split jerks and finally a metcon including running and power cleans. That was challenging. I believe we've had pretty awesome workouts this week with my training buddy, Toni, every day!

Skills. Handstand. Gonna keep this in my schedule regularly, trying to squeeze in 1-2 times a week. Can't develop if there's not enough repeats. We tried something different today in the end, a partner drill. Toni held my legs while I was aiming to move forward with my legs. Not a bad drill at all.

Toni concentrated in handstand hold against a wall. Static holds and then also pushing his fingers to the ground and thus making his heels pull away from the wall. He's not practiced this that much so it was definitely a good call for him!


  • Every minute on the minute for 10min
  • 1 squat clean + 3 split jerks @ 70kg
  • Toni did the same @ 50kg
Emom training suited here well. We were sweating like pigs after this one and got the heart rate up nicely. First one squat clean, followed by 3 split jerks. I'm using my left leg as the front leg in each lift. 70kg felt comfortable today, heavyish but manageable. Have to keep on improving my technique with the split jerks, this was the second time doing them. Somehow I enjoy them a lot! Toni did exactly the same workout, we alternated the turns.

Take a look at Toni's performance as well. How did you feel man?

Metcon. Time 24.03 / Toni 24.12

  • 10 rounds of:
  • 5 power cleans @ 70kg / Toni @ 50kg
  • 380m run

Yes, good call. I wanted to get a lot of running because last month it somehow left in the shadows. Compared to June, it felt like I didn't run at all. Today we got 3.800m run and 50 power cleans @ 70kg. We did the workout at the same time. Toni did it with a bit lighter weight (50kg).

Round times: Don / Toni

  1. 2.13 / 2.15
  2. 2.23 / 2.23
  3. 2.22 / 2.24
  4. 2.25 / 2.32
  5. 2.29 / 2.32
  6. 2.29 / 2.40
  7. 2.30 / 2.34
  8. 2.31 / 2.31
  9. 2.30 / 2.25
  10. 2.07 / 1.52

We took it "easy" in the beginning. Even though it was pretty much the fastest round, I believe we didn't run that fast. At least I was afraid to get gassed too soon if I started running faster too early. All in all, the lap times remained quite stable in my opinion, not a big variance there, for neither of us. Both of us smashed the power cleans unbroken each round, and didn't practically rest before grabbing the bar after run, nor after the cleans.

Hard to say afterwards could the run have been faster in the beginning. Somehow it feels like this pace was good as I was able to maintain the pace consistent through all 10 rounds. For the first couple of rounds we ran together, then at some point there was a bit of a difference, a few tens of meters. In the last 3 rounds Toni started to put on his diesel mode and kept pacing up. He managed to fight his best lap on the last round with 1.52. I heard his breathing from far away as he was getting closer like a maniac =)

After crossing the finish line, we were exhausted. It really burnt in the breathing. Those rather heavy power cleans took some tax on the beginning of my each run. Pony said this was one of the best workouts he's ever done. I'm very happy we had the possibility to do this. Not possible at our home gym so we have to think outside the box when we hit these various training places.



  • Cycling
  • 50 pull-ups

Forgot to mention this in the original post. Went cycling after I came home. Found a pull-up bar on my trip and decided to do some pull-ups, felt good! =)

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  1. Todays metcon was perfect! Normally when its time to clean I start running but today I loved them both:)

    Also happy about handstand skill training with Don. I think that yesterdays proper warm up helped a lot.

    Split jerk...or should I say split press with 50 % lunge...Well I just have to keep on training my jerks.