Friday, May 30, 2014

Friday 30.5: C&J emom, cleans and du's

Friday. Strength, emom x 10: 5 clean and jerk, 60kg. Metcon, 5 rds of: 5 clean (60kg), 30 du.

It hurts a lot in my lower body, as anticipated =) My hip flexors are on fire, it feels like the left one is almost inflamed. Hopefully not. I've tried to mobilize these hips and used lacrosse ball and foam roll to get back in the game. It helped as I went to the gym after work and worked a little to get joints warm again. Then it was game time. Clean and jerks as emom training, finishing the session with power cleans and double unders.

  • Clean and jerk
  • Every minute on the minute, for 10 minutes
  • 5 clean & jerks, 60kg
I had planned to do 'em for 6 minutes, totaling 30 reps. I started to feel the heat at about 3 minutes. After 5 minutes it didn't feel good anymore (no one thought of that anyway) but I wasn't done with them. I figured doing 2 extra sets so I talked to myself complete 3 more sets. It's not bad, just suck it up. I followed the game plan and after 7 sets repeated the same uptalk in my head. "Just 3 more sets, you can do it". So climbed up to total of 10 sets, reaching 50 reps total.

The big picture is that on a regular day these wouldn't be amazing numbers but today it felt like a huge victory. My body's a bit of a wreck and I thought can I do clean and jerks at all today because my lower body is kinda smashed. But it went great and I went touch'n'go all the way each set and jerked the bar right away up in the sky as it landed in front rack position. No pauses there.

It was pretty awesome actually to do clean & jerks after a while. It's a spectacular movement, entire body has to be tuned up and ready for action. I'm very happy that 60kg is a weight I can manhandle whenever I need to. Fresh or tired, the bar moves.

Metcon. Not for time
  • 5 rounds of:
  • 5 power clean, 60kg
  • 30 double unders
Can't get enough of cleaning the bar. Took the first set as hang power cleans just to try it out. The rest of the pack I took from ground. Cleans went nicely, had no issues there. I tried my new Nano's for the first time in double unders and I got to say there were pretty smooth. The touch in the ground was good in both box jumps yesterday and double unders today. The sole is quite flat which makes it suitable for squat purposes. Juuso has identical shoes - different color though - and he's been talking only good things about these on front squats and back squats.

Double unders were near perfect. On one set I messed it up at 28 reps… Other sets unbroken. And it felt great! My form was great. Upright torso, effortless completion of jumping around and making that rope do some work.

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