Sunday, May 11, 2014

Sunday 11.5: Active recovery

Sunday. Active recovery.

I felt like crap as I woke up. It aches in probably every cell I have in my body. Some places hurt more than others. My upper back is sore, hamstrings and butt cheeks are sensitive too. It feels like there's not much strength within me. If I had to do 60kg clean & jerks it would be a nightmare. Yesterday was a great experience and spectacular workouts.

I took it easy today, just wanted to get my blood flow and get the juice moving in my body. Didn't touch the bar at all nor did I do any bodyweight movements. Just used some cardio machines, rowing, treadmill and stuff like that. Easyyyyy.

Active recovery.

  • 1km row
  • 1km crosstrainer
  • 1km cycling
  • 1km running
  • 1km crosstrainer
  • Mobility


Tomorrow morning we are traveling to the States with Pauliina. Destination California! First time ever for me traveling there. I've been to Florida twice and last year we visited New York with Pauliina. I love traveling to USA, it's my kind of place, there's something that suites us both.

We are going to Los Angeles first, then Las Vegas and finally San Francisco, for a total of 2 weeks. It's gonna be spectacular, no doubt! This is a holiday for sure so I'm not gonna stress about sports that much. But even though we are at the other end of the world we are definitely going to take care of our fitness somehow. Stay tuned.

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