Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tuesday 6.5: Clean and jerk, floor wipers, thrusters

Tuesday. Clean and jerk (max PR 105kg). Clean pulls 3x5 (110-120kg). Floor wipers 3x10reps (50-60kg). Metcon, 10rds of: 20sec on, 40sec off, thrusters (40kg). Result, 100 reps.

What a day! I was so done as the training session was over and still at home I was feeling sick. I had planned to go to Eltsu for clean and jerk, went to my home gym instead. All I had in mind was clean and jerk. Ended up there with Juuso for some olympic lifts, core work and deceptive workout.

Pauliina's new mobility tool =)

  • Clean and jerk 5x60kg, 5x70kg, 3x80kg, 2x85, 1x90, 1x95, 1x100, 1x105 PR
  • Clean pulls 5-5-5 (110, 120, 120kg)
I warmed up my lower body properly before touching the barbell, then took some more hang cleans, jerks and front squats with lighter barbell. Started off by doing a set of 5 reps with 60kg and a hang squat clean at the end of those reps. Same with 70kg. At 80kg I did one squat clean and 3 split jerks. So that was not actually clean and jerk set but a sort of clean / jerk complex. After that I took only a double @ 85kg and then simply singles.

I've done some jerks with 90kg barbell and it feels comfortable nowadays. I guess that's pretty much the heaviest I've climbed at this gym because it's not possible to drop the weights. So it was a little intimidating trying to jerk the bar up. However, I felt good and confident, the bar wasn't that heavy so I kept pushing it.

Never has 100kg felt so light! I've taken it overhead only couple of times. Not sure but I'll guess maybe 2-3 times? At this point it was only natural to go try that record. The clean stayed a little too forward so my clean wasn't a perfect one. Usually my cleans tend to look similar, at least in my opinion. I either get the clean up and they look alike or then I'm not fast enough to drop under the bar. Anyway the bar was on my front rack and it was time for some real action. Took the dip and drive, hoped for the best and gave it a shot. Bar felt comfortable on the dip part. When I began to drive it up, the bar was like a ton of iron was on my shoulders. I put all my effort in the jerk and got it up. Stayed still for couple of seconds victorious with 105kg bar overhead.

After clean & jerks I took 3 sets of clean pulls. First set @ 110kg, and the last 2 sets @ 120kg. For sets of 5 reps they were heavy. Let's think about it. I've done couple of 100kg+ clean singles in my life so going for 110-120kg clean pulls must be heavy. My grip strength was a little challenging. This was the first times I tried hook grip. That's because my grip strength wan't there after 2 reps. Had to go for hook grip. And I must say it was a totally different thing. Grip was easy but my thumb was smashed. Maybe I gotta try this more. Maybe there's a point why everybody's using it  =)

  • Floor wipers 3x10 (50, 60, 60kg)
This was something Juuso talked me into trying. Some core work. Have you ever tried? I haven't. With these weights it was more like a body control movement, balance, and coordination. We took sets of 10 reps. The idea is you're laying on your back, take the bar from rack just like you would be doing floor press. While holding the bar with straight hands. Then bring your legs to the bumper plates side to side. Start with left side and then right, alternating after each rep.

  • 20sec on, 40sec off, for 10 minutes
  • Thrusters, 40kg
Something that was created on the spot. Turned out to be a sick one! One barbell, two men and a timer. We completed this together even though it was an individual workout. Juuso started at 0:00, worked for 20sec, then rested 40sec and started his second set at 1:00. My turn began at 0:30 and I worked for the same time domain, 20 sec on and 40sec off. I realized it takes about 2sec to complete a thruster.

This started to feel bad in 3-4 minutes. At 6 minutes it was horrible. At 8min I felt rhabdo is on its way. Well that was a joke, luckily it wasn't on its way. At 10min I was so smoked. Hard to describe. Had to knee down, then I tried to walk the pain away but the pain just wanted to stay in my body. It felt bad somewhere deep inside long after I came home.

Now I smile as I look back at the work put in earlier today. Lot of stuff was overhead, supportive core work was there too, and the grande finale was great!

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