Monday, May 26, 2014

Monday 26.5: getting back home

Monday. Travelling home.

It's Monday and time to get back home. It's been remarkably awesome 2 weeks with Pauliina checking out what California and the western side of the states have to offer. We spent one week in L.A, then drove to Vegas for couple of nights, flew to Frisco for couple more nights before hopping on SUV again to drive back to Los Angeles, with a 1-night stopover in Santa Barbara. The places we were able to see were great and we both keep on loving travelling to the west.

The road from Frisco to Santa Barbara via the coast line was something incredible. To describe it is beyond words for me. Below you'll see couple of pictures. In addition to the awesome scenes we happened to see whales while having lunch in a seafront cafe plus there was one beach where sea elephants were relaxing, hundreds of them. Those guys are hilarious!

Training-wise I probably worked every other day on average which is not much. This has been a huge deload fortnight and hopefully it's made good to my body. I've trained a lot with minimum rest so it was kind of difficult not to hit crossfit that often. On the othet hand I knew this beforehand and there was loads of things to see and do so we've been busy all the time with Pauliina. We're back home Wednesday (finnish time), let's see how jet lag affects when we land. I'm hoping to get in touch with barbells soon.

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