Sunday, May 18, 2014

Saturday 17.5: work by the pool

Saturday. Two workouts and skills.

Today I had plenty of time to work on my fitness. After finally finding those Reebok Nano 3.0's and some other crossfit stuff at local sports shops we hung around by the pool where I completed some work.


5 rounds of:
15m lunges
10 burpees
15m lunges
10 box

This was a good one. My legs were smashed on the lunges. Burpees and box felt like rest compared to lunges. It was a bit strange they felt that much in my legs but anyway the burn was rough. Maybe it was the combination of the movements or the fact that it's been a while since hard training. Anyway, burpees felt great, box jumps too. I jumped on a rail, maybe a little higher than regular 61cm box. This box may have been couple of centimeters higher.

30 mu

After this metcon I handstand walked for couple of sets before jumping in to the pool to cool down. While in the pool I decided to give "muscle-ups" a try. At the deep end of the pool I completed kind of strict muscle-ups. It reflects the movement but is naturally much easier.

5rds of:
20 push-ups
20 dips

This was not for time. I was concentrating in gettikg it done unbroken each round. Totalling 100 reps each movement. Those dips had to be modified as I did them in the same place e as box jumps.

Goog training day!


  1. Forgot to mention the first workout was for 5 rounds. One round wouldn't have been that bad ;) -Don

  2. You'll find some videos in Instagram on the work put in yesterday

  3. Well Done. You finally found Your crossfit shoes :)