Saturday, May 24, 2014

Saturda 24.5: Cj's, t2b, lunges

Saturday. Metcon, 5rds of: 5 kb c&j's, 10t2b's, 20 lunges. Skills, pull-ups and kb swings.

After having walked enourmous distances yesterday we decided to take it easy this morning and sleep a little longer, then head to the gym together. Got to say this hotel has put a lot of effort in the gym. I jumped on crosstrainer for a while and then did some foam rolling to start with. That is something we have both been missing. We've taken it for granted this far but surely won't in the future. It's a great tool for mobility. My metcon consisted of clean and jerks, t2b's and bodyweight lunges. After getting myself together again I worked on some different styles of pull-ups and also some kb action.

5 rounds of:
5 double kettlebell, clean and jerk, 50lbs
10 toes-to-bar
20 lunges.

This was a good one. I was able to maintain a good speed througout the workout and completed everything unbroken. Clean and jerks are great, no magter if you do them with a barbell or dumbbells. Well I prefer a barbell but db's are a great substitute! Hars to say which element was the toughest. Maybe t2b was the lost challenging on my grip. The bar was a littoe more slippery to what I'm used to and without chalk or tape I had to do more work to stay on that bar. Lunges were the easiest part. I was a little surprised how easily those went by each round.


There are several pull-up bars at the gym with various grip opportunities so I was playing around a little. Not massive amounts, couple of tens, all strict. Also did some L-pull-ups. It's been long time since doing them last time.

100 kettlebell swings, 1-arm, 30lbs
Alternating each rep, unbroken

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