Monday, March 2, 2015

Monday 2.3: Barbell emoms, 4-round metcon

Monday. Power snatch, emom x 7min. Power clean, emom x 7min. Thruster, emom x 7min. Metcon, 4rds of: 12 jerk (50kg), 12 box, 12 clean (50kg), 12 c2b. Time, 14.46

I was waiting eagerly for this training day. It was an easy weekend and I was ready to pump it up. This emom style training with the barbell was a brilliant idea and programming by Ben Bergeron at Three different barbell emoms, then a tough 4-rounder of clean and jerk, box, and pull-ups. Great one!

  • Every minute on the minute x 7, power snatch, climbing
  • Min 1: 7 reps (40kg)
  • Min 2: 6 reps (45kg)
  • Min 3: 5 reps (47.5kg)
  • Min 4: 4 reps (50kg)
  • Min 5: 3 reps (52.5kg)
  • Min 6: 2 reps (55kg)
  • Min 7: 1 rep (60kg)

This was the one that got me a bit off guard beforehand. That's because power snatches are not in my wheelhouse. When the wall hits me in weights it's gone. But those light snatches felt very good. And by light I mean reps up to 55kg. They weren't feather light but the bar was movable. The wall hit me at 60kg. I took a failed rep once, then slapped myself on the face and took it up. On the first rep I simply didn't have enough guts to pull it and to get under the bar. But the gains on this workout was how easily the other reps came up. Very pleased on this one!

  • Every minute on the minute x 7, power clean, climbing
  • Min 1: 7 reps (60kg)
  • Min 2: 6 reps (65kg)
  • Min 3: 5 reps (70kg)
  • Min 4: 4 reps (75kg)
  • Min 5: 3 reps (80kg)
  • Min 6: 2 reps (85kg)
  • Min 7: 1 rep (90kg, plus one additional single at 95kg for a record lift)
Damned, these power cleans were solid. Each set felt great and these could have been heavier. It was freaking awesome to get these weights on my front rack with such ease. I thought the first minutes could make my heart beat rise but that wasn't the case. It was calm (but sweaty) all the time =) Hook grip kept on fine and none of the reps put too much burden on my grip. I tore my palm yesterday with the ring muscle-ups big time so I had to tape up a lot before touching the bar today.

I could have counted the weights more optimistically and load it up heavier. Yesterday the bar was heavy as hell so I kept it safe. On the other hand, I don't know what would have happened with let's say double at 90kg. 2xsingles okay, but touch'n'go double would probably have been tough. Anyway, this was an awesome emom. I've taken 90kg for a power clean but 95kg is something I probably have never power cleaned. So after the actual emom was over after 7 minutes, I decided to take one extra for 95kg. Feeling was that 100kg could have been made too.

  • Every minute on the minute x 7, thruster, climbing
  • Min 1: 7 reps (40kg)
  • Min 2: 6 reps (50kg)
  • Min 3: 5 reps (55kg)
  • Min 4: 4 reps (60kg)
  • Min 5: 3 reps (65kg)
  • Min 6: 2 reps (70kg)
  • Min 7: 1 rep (80kg)
Thrusters felt bad in my elbows for some unknown reason. It brought some pressure in the bottom position as the elbows are in extreme flexion. My left elbow is more flexible than the right one, I've realized it lately. It can be clearly shown in back squats and also slightly in cleans. Thrusters traditionally put the breathing on a test but not on this one. It stayed under control well all the way even though the weights climbed up every round.

It was mostly 5kg jumps except in the beginning and then the last one. Double at 70kg was very much tolerable stuff, no biggie, so I decided to jump 10kg to get 80kg in the books. I've once taken 805kg thruster from a rack. This is a movement I don't usually do with heavy weights. Thruster emoms are super fun stuff.

Metcon. Time, 14.46
  • 4 rounds of:
  • 12 jerk, 50kg
  • 12 box
  • 12 clean, 50kg
  • 12 chest-to-bar pull-ups
This was no surprise that it's gonna hurt. Some workouts look easy on paper but they are deceptive. This one I knew it's not gonna be fun. That means it's a great workout. This was originally 60kg as rx'd on competitorstraining's site but I wanted to keep the intensity better, and as I know my body and its limits, I dropped it to 50kg so I could keep the bar and man moving faster.

That resulted in getting the jerks unbroken, same with the boxes. Last reps of jerks were tough on all sets but the first one. Box were easy, not that many reps and legs were not the ones getting the biggest damage so it was basically just knocking them through.

The real work was everything else. Weight on the cleans was light but I was not attempting to go through in one set. I dropped the bar after 7 reps on the first set, and then finished the remaining 5 reps to get all 12 reps done. Then continued with the same logic on all 4 sets.

Uuh, those c2b's… Not cool at all. It was frightening to jump on the pull-up bar with this torn palm but the tapes worked well and it was no issue. Can't have that as an excuse =) I broke the sets already on the first round. These were tough. Pumping chest to the pull-up bar made it of course harder than normally, and started to burn my grip strength.

This took me more time than I wanted. Or it was more like I didn't like the fact the round times grew longer in the rounds 2-3. Last round was faster as it usually tends to do because there's no need to save any energy. This was one good butt kicker for sure!

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